A sparkling day is on the way

Hello and welcome to April! Spring is most certainly in the air now isn’t it? On the day of writing this I have taken my little girl to try out the playground swings for the first time and it felt lovely to do that in some sunshine and fresh air that wasn’t too cold. It’s also nice that we can take the dog on a walk and not have to completely hose him down when we get back! Ha!

So I hope you’re well and enjoying the outdoors if you can too and perhaps tentatively looking forward to some things coming up during spring and summer. As always with QVC, a new month means lots of new things to look forward to but I want to focus on one day that I am particularly excited about…. DIAMONIQUE DAY!

Now, you know I love my jewellery and I really feel that an outfit isn’t complete without it and my favourite thing about Diamonique is that it is proper, precious metal jewellery because, let’s face it, a lot of simulated gems don’t come in precious metal and suddenly you find they’ve turned you green! It makes sense though because we are simulating the very finest grade of diamonds and coloured gems.

The day itself is on 16th April and will be full of our different styles and ranges of Diamonique jewellery which is great because we have so many diverse designs that we couldn’t possibly squeeze into our one or two hour shows so it’s a chance to have a good browse of everything.

One of our ranges that will be featured during the day is that designed by Melissa Odabash. Here’s a little sneak peak of one of her pieces that you’ll see on the 16th. My favourite is this one with the beautiful simulated emeralds interspersed with the traditional Diamonique stones but look out for it on the day because there are a few options. I just adore this style and think it’s a really wearable piece that will look great styled in a more boho way or dressed up for a party.

I’m really looking forward to bringing you a show of Dannii Minogue’s new range on the day too. I have been loving wearing my letter pendant that she has designed and I can sneakily say that if you love star signs then make sure you’re tuning in.

Dannii’s range will obviously work really well for petite ladies but if you like your jewellery big and bold then make sure you tune in for Michelle Mone at 7pm. I think this bracelet will be really popular because it is so wearable. I’d wear this daily and think it would look lovely stacked with a watch too.

Tova will be joining us on the day too and I am really excited to be presenting a show of our Diamonique Loves Colour range because it all about just that…colour! I have a serious soft spot for coloured gems and love that Diamonique means I can wear the colours of some of the rarest and most expensive gems that would only be a dream otherwise.

I wonder, what is your favourite coloured gem? I think sapphire might be my all-time favourite, although it changes all the time. Here I am wearing some simulated tanzanite pieces from Tova’s range and feeling like a princess in them!


Oh and speaking of which, let me reveal our stunning Diamonique Design of the Month!

Isn’t it gorgeous? A lovely set that looks so classy and is bigger but still believable. Cushion cut is my favourite in most gems as it has that real antique feel but sparkles beautifully. A fact that I love (sorry, gem geek over here) is that it used to be called the candlelight cut because it was the way in which diamonds were cut to make the most of the light before electricity…it’s the predecessor of today’s round brilliant cut.

You might be able to tell but I really am so excited for the day and really happy that I get to join you for a couple of hours at 11am and midday. It’s going to be a day packed with sparkle and beauty. Jewellery, for me, is something that we can attach huge importance and emotion to…it makes the perfect forever gift and can make someone you love, or yourself, feel really special and it looks beautiful too…I always say it is, in essence, wearable art.

I would love to hear about your favourite pieces so please leave a comment below or you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I always love hearing from you and try my best to reply when the baby is asleep!

I’m also trying to share lots more of my jewellery picks every month on social media so if you’re reading this because you love your jewellery as much as me then make sure you hit that follow button to keep up to date.

I’m hoping you all have a wonderful weekend ahead and I’ll see you back here in a couple of weeks.

Kathryn x

4 Responses

    1. Hello!
      Yes I believe that that particular style will come with just Diamonique stones as an option. It’s a Melissa Odabash piece so check the website or watch that show on the day and hopefully you’ll see it.
      Kathryn 🙂

  1. Katherine in the main picture you had some small huggie type earrings in can you tell me if these are available as I am looking or some small earrings just like that, and I have booked the day off from work for Diamonique day love your blogs about your beautiful baby and gorgeous dog, take care and stay safe.

    1. Hi Lola,
      They are indeed available. The item number you need is 346203.of you search for that on the website/app they should come right up. They are on the small side for huggie earrings so perfect if that’s what you’ve been looking for. I’ve worn them a lot this month. Oooh good idea to book the day off…hope you manage to treat yourself to some lovely new sparklies!
      Thank you for you kind words about my blogs. You take care too.
      Kathryn 🙂

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