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Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all well and have had a great couple of weeks since the last blog. Firstly, I will apologise that this one is a teeny bit late – it was my birthday on Wednesday you see and I booked time off to celebrate.

At the weekend, my friends Jo and George visited and we had a wonderful but quite chilled out time which was nice. Jo came a little earlier and helped with some painting and we also went to a Cat Café. I can safely say it was quite underwhelming as the cats were proving quite elusive but we only went on a whim so no real disappointment there. Here’s a photo of Jo with one of the cats that was up for a cuddle.

On my actual birthday, Lawrence and I took Monty and went for a walk in the Malverns – we used to go there all the time when we lived closer but have never taken the dog so it was nice to go there as the views are always lovely. Monty loved it – I imagine he could smell a lot of dogs about, even though we didn’t actually come across many. The photo at the top of this blog was my reaction to being licked in the ear when trying to take a selfie with him, but here he is, enjoying the view with the wind in his ears!

We visited a few antiques shops on the way and way back which I greatly enjoyed. Don’t you just love antique/vintage places? I like to go and look at all the huge bits of old furniture that won’t fit in my house. There was lots of dark wood, which I love but it seems to be out of fashion now. I’m hoping to find a nice antique drinks cabinet for my dining room when it’s done, so was keeping my eyes peeled. I didn’t buy anything this time but have planned to go back to one of the bigger ones with my family next week as they will love it, so I might come back with something then!

We went out for dinner with the family too, which was lovely and my parents gave me a gorgeous Joules coat which I am very much looking forward to wearing. That’s two more Joules coats added to my collection after the Today’s Special Value last Monday too! Not bad!

Now, I mentioned that I got some more fashion lately in my last blog and a few of you wanted me to share, so I’ve picked three pieces to share on this one. Two of them are totally me and from two brands you know I usually love, but this first one is a bit of a curve ball for me. It’s from Live Unlimited and it’s this Tie Detail Printed Tunic. As you can see, it calls itself a tunic but for me it is plenty long enough to wear as a dress (comes just above my knee) and that’s how I have been wearing it.

I also like to roll the sleeves back and I have cinched it in with a skinny black belt at times too. I think it is really versatile and can be transformed lots because of this. Here I just popped some black tights on and would add ankle or knee high black boots, but you could choose tan tights and heels or leggings and biker boots – it would all work. I think I’ll be wearing this piece loads. I like that the outer layer is light and floaty but the slip underneath is more figure-hugging. The brand starts at size 12 and that’s the one I am wearing. Monty clearly likes it too!

The second one is Joules – of course! As soon as I saw this Allie dress on the website I ordered it – a winter fashion staple if ever I saw one. Straight away I knew I’d get loads of wear out of it with black tights and boots. It’s also 100% cotton, which I like because it is thick enough for autumn/winter, but still breathable because I’m always so hot as soon as I get anywhere! Also, once I got this, I sent a photo to my mum showing her because I liked it so much and, guess what… she’s got one now too! Mum and I keep buying the same/similar clothes lately – we’ll have to start checking before we go anywhere together that we aren’t wearing the same thing! Anyway, Mum has worn it loads already. She wore it to my birthday meal with tan tights, black ballet flats and a red cardy. I meant to get a photo of us both wearing it together in time for this blog but didn’t manage. Maybe I’ll try to get it on Instagram soon.

Lastly, I’ve got a really cute top from Phase Eight. It’s definitely a party season number but I feel it can be dressed down as I have done here by wearing it with high-waisted jeans and a bigger buckled belt. I wore it on air with my Phase Eight Lenka culottes and heels the other day and it looked very dressy that way. The vest underneath is separate but you can popper the straps in place and, what can I say, I love a polka dot and this oversized, textured version hits the spot for me!

Just before I go, I want to remind you that each week we have some great Big Deals running, which you can find on the website.

The Beauty Big Deal is from M. Assam and it includes their Magic Finish Make-up Mousse, which gives a lovely smooth finish and is almost mousse-y to apply – great if you like a matte finish to your face. You also get two other fab products included.

The Style Big Deal is a pair of Marc Fisher boots, which I think you’d get a lot of wear out of this winter. I’m particularly impressed with the range of colours there.

We also have a selection of Wilfred’s Pies and a supersize hot water bottle available at Big Deal prices too. They will expire Sunday midnight though, so go and have a look quickly if you can.

That’s it from me for this week. Not back on air for a few days because we are having a little break. Not going too far, but we just needed some time off and if we stayed at home we’d have just done some painting or DIY. So a chilled weekend for Lawrence, Monty and I it is. I hope you can find some moments of calm too.

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Enjoy the rest of your week,
Kathryn x

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  1. Hello Catherine, thank you for your lovely blog. Great reading, Happy belated birthday. Enjoy your weekend with your husband and Monty. Best wishes Antoinette
    Thank you for sharing your fashion with us. Love them

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