House Developments and Doggy Sleepovers

Hello everyone and welcome to another blog. This one is a bit of everything really, fashion, food, dogs, renovation – lots going on!

I’ll start by explaining the cute photo at the top here. Monty’s best mate Ruger came for a sleepover! Mum and Dad were going to be out for the day and, whilst the older dogs are fine and can be let out by a neighbour any time, Ruger is still young enough to need a meal at lunch. So, to save Mum and Dad’s lovely neighbour having to come at a certain time, I took Ruger home with me and Monty for a couple of nights. I think Monty really enjoyed having him to stay although got a bit jealous that he wasn’t always centre of attention. I loved it and kept saying to Lawrence “see, two dogs isn’t any harder than one.” Ha! Don’t think I have him convinced yet. I took the photo to send to Mum to show that Ruger was all happy. It makes me laugh because it really looks like when children have sleepovers and get their beds all set up together!

Other than that, it’s all go at our house as we are set to have the workmen in from Thursday. As much as it can be a bit stressful it is exciting because, after nearly two years of work, our kitchen might actually be finished in a couple of weeks. Yay! The electrician is coming to do the lighting and install the underfloor heating and then the tiles are going on the floor. The tiles which we’ve had for aaages and I have been using them as a make shift bar as they’ve been piled up in the dining room! I guess I’ll have to find a nice drinks cabinet instead now! The electrics are also being done in the dining room so hopefully we can book a plasterer soon and get that sorted too. As I say, all very exciting but just have to get past the bit where the house is turned upside down and we have no cooker for the next two weeks. It’ll be worth it.

QVC-wise, I wore another Phase Eight cracker the other day on air and thought I’d share it with you. It’s this beautiful starry jumpsuit. It is so comfortable and I got a lot of compliments. I paired it with a pair of pink Mitarondtonda stilettos and a bright pink lip, which I think lifted the look nicely. You can button it all the way up or have a more relaxed neckline and the tie belt means that you can position the waist in just the right place. Jewellery wise, I like this look with very delicate silver jewellery but you can see here I’ve paired it with some Lola Rose. I kept to blue to create a lovely tonal look, leaving my lips and shoes to make the statement. The necklace includes glittery blue sandstone so it adds to the cosmic looks from the starry jumpsuit.

We have a Today’s Special Value form The Real Pie Company on Friday 20th – it’ll be a selection of twelve meat pies and Lawrence and I were very pleased to sample some for dinner the other night! We had ours with mash and home-grown runner beans – yum!

Lawrence added lots of gravy but I liked my Steak and Cheese option all on its own. If you haven’t tried these pies yet then I really suggest you do – they are so, so tasty and make dinner or lunch much easier.

Now, let’s talk Big Deals. If you’re new to QVC, our Big Deals launch at midnight on Sunday and run for one week only. The QVC Style big deal this week is one that I am really excited about because it’s from one of my favourite ever brands and a style from them that I really love. It’s the Joules Beth dress and whilst the prints are classically Joules, you won’t find these on this style of dress anywhere other than QVC. I love the dark purple option with its softer florals but the Gold and bright pink are gorgeous too. If you’ve tried the Beth dress before and found it a bit short for your liking, this one seems to have been made a little longer so you might want to try again. I live in dresses, so this is the perfect item for me – breathable material, plenty of stretch and comfortable. I’d get a lot of wear out of this – it’s a true day dress that you can easily run your errands in.

We also have skincare from Prai, pillows and a clever mop on our Big Deals this week. Have a look at the website where we have a special place for them all – worth checking back every week!

Right – I’ve got to go and remove a door frame, prime some woodwork and re-paint some of the kitchen. Busy busy!

Thanks for reading and have a great couple of weeks,
Kathryn x

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  1. Good luck with the house, we’ve been through that a couple of years ago
    Worth it in the end. Can i just say that you are the best natural and professional presenter on Qvc.

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