A new favourite and some old ones too

Hello and welcome to another little blog from me.

Now I’m actually on another week of leave from QVC this week but I thought I’d just hop on and quickly let you know about a couple of things I’ve been loving. I’m hoping by the end of this week my new wardrobes will actually be in situ and we’ll FINALLY have room for all our clothes that isn’t just a rail.

Mind you, putting them up might be a little challenging as baby Beatrice has begun crawling properly now and in earnest so there’s no more putting her down and expecting her to stay there! Not sure how we’re going to handle that one…we will see.

Before I tell you about a couple of things I’ve been loving lately, I just want to give you a little heads-up about the Today’s Special Value for tomorrow, Thursday 18th March. It is a really lovely top from Monsoon and I wore it on air at the weekend to see how comfortable it was and I can say it gets top marks!

I love the loose shape and fluttery sleeves and it also has shirring on the shoulders so it moves beautifully with you. You can see here how I styled it on Saturday; with my Joules Hepworth trousers (sooo stretchy and comfy) and Sam Edelman loafers as well as some delicate Diamonique Jewellery.

One of our lovely floor managers took the photo for me and our producer for the show made a joke about Zoolander as we took it so I couldn’t resist a silly one too!

Still with my trusty hand on hip stance though…I always feel a little awkward having my photo taken and that is my go-to pose. Must try and get more creative! Anyway, if you don’t fancy the blue colour that I went for then there are four more including a navy one with polka dots which I am tempted to get myself. I think my Mum would love this too though so perhaps I should be nice and get it for her? Hmm, we’ll see…

So that’s tomorrow’s deal from Monsoon covered and now I just wanted to share a couple of things I’ve really loved lately. Have you ever seen beauty influencers do “empties” videos? Where they basically share all their empty products and their thoughts on them? Well, I ran out of two things this week that I have been using religiously and loving so I thought I’d share.

The first might actually be my favourite shower gel of all time. Well, shower Gellee if we are to give it it’s proper name…from Gatineau of course and in the Energisante aroma. I just cannot get enough of it.

Now, the official notes are scents of bergamot, geranium and lavender but I would describe it as beautifully fresh, vibrant and, of course, energising. It also doesn’t dry my skin out at all. I’ve been begrudgingly sharing it with my husband but a little goes a long way so it’s lasted us a long time, I’m not sure how long exactly but definitely over a month and I would say it’s one both ladies and gents would love so if you want just one bottle in the shower then it’s a good option.

The other thing I’ve just finished that I’ve already re-ordered are the Dynamic Resurfacing pads from Elemis. These have helped smooth my skin and clear up any marks from blemishes etc. I’ve really noticed a difference using these alongside the face wash. They are not age specific and I think they are a good one to have in the bathroom cabinet. I have been using them twice a day.

That’s it from me for now. If you love jewellery and want to add a bit more sparkle to your life then keep your eyes peeled for my next blog which will be published around 1st April….something exciting happening soon!

Have a great week,

Kathryn x

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