My top ten picks ahead of our Festival of Diamonique


It’s July, it’s sunny and it’s Diamonique month! We’re over half way through the month, with the Festival of Diamonique next week, so I thought I’d share with you my top picks, some of which are still yet to launch and some really exciting new designs.

Diamonique is such an amazing brand here at QVC, giving you simulated diamonds and coloured stones in gorgeous styles. We have everything from very traditional and simple to really cool new innovative designs.

Let’s start with the latter then, shall we? I’ve been really looking forward to sharing this style with you, as it’s quite different. These are thread-through earrings, not only with a sparkling Diamonique stone but a faux pearl too. The post inserts into the pearl, so you thread them through and then the Pearl pops on the end… so clever! They also have a little upside down U in silver that helps the threaders stay perfectly in place. I like these with my hair down as they really stand out, but they are the perfect hair-up earrings because there’s no traditional “back” to them. I’m going to wear these so much!

Next up, a piece from Michelle Mone’s range of Diamonique, and it’s this Toi et Moi ring. That’s a name used to talk about a ring with two feature stones and this one’s a corker! You can have this just in white stones or add that beautiful blue simulated tanzanite too. It’s really substantial and a chance to show off some sparkle. I chose it because I think it’s quite a different design for us but I’m seeing these two stone rings rise in popularity everywhere in the jewellery world. Also, I can’t resist a few big carat pieces!

Now, put your thinking caps on… what could be better that a tennis bracelet…? Apart from two tennis bracelets, that is? A tennis necklace! Oh, as soon as our lovely jewellery buyers showed me this one on the list of what was coming up for this month, I just knew I had to try it. A beautifully luxurious piece to own, this sits so perfectly at the neckline and curves to your shape. I think sometimes quantity wins over size and this is the case here. The finishing is such high quality with every stone bezel set (where the stone is surrounded by the metal which is rubbed slightly over its edges to keep it in place) and even the clasp is set with Diamonique stones. For me, this is a bit of a show-off piece that could become your real signiature, as it will work with so many outfits.

Let’s look at a couple of bracelets next… totally different in style. The first is a friendship bracelet with a little motif. For me, this is a real winner for stacking and would make a great gift, especially if the little motif means something to someone you know. For example, I’ve chosen the little bee here… my daughter is called Beatrice and we shorten it to Bea… even though it’s spelled differently, I have become a little obsessed with all things bee so this is a nice little memento to carry round.

Friendship bracelets are great for so many reasons and I really like that the “tails” add an extra dimension to an arm stack. The other motif is a daisy and we have matching earrings and a necklace too if you wanted a full suite.

The next bracelet is actually a bangle. I’m a big fan of a bangle and they are included in some of my most worn pieces in my personal collection. This one is lovely and has a real premium feel, as it has a lovely secure fastening as well as an oval shape that can make it much more practical for daily wear. You’ve got the choice of rhodium or yellow gold plating but the Diamonique stones across the top of them sparkle all the same in both.

Time to get back to earrings and this time it’s studs. These little floral numbers are so pretty and have a touch of something vintage about them. You’ve a choice of stones here, so pick what you’d wear most… whichever you go for, they are going to look fabulous and be so much more noticeable than single stone studs in your ears.

Now, I am a sucker for vintage style jewellery but this next ring is a little more modern in style and boy, does it pack a punch. Big, bold, colourful stones available in emerald or tanzanite simulations, embellished with round and baguette cut stones in chunky shoulders make this a wow piece that feels very “21st century celeb engagement ring”. I know first hand the price something like this would be if all the stones were real and top quality, so it’s lovely to be able to wear this look so affordably and, for me, it’s a nice way to change up my look.

This next pair is a style I think everyone should own, as they work casually or dressed up and are useful as well as being really pretty. Lever back earrings with a sizeable drop stone… simplicity at its best! What’s fun about these is they are all simulations of different rare colours of diamonds, as well as your usual D flawless simulation. You can choose from pink, canary yellow, blue and even lavender, which are colours that most of us could only dream about in this quality and size. Why not try something different and go for a colour you wouldn’t normally pick? In that spirit, I tried on the lavender pair. What do you think?

Another piece that I think is great for every day is this pretty little knot ring, which you can get in platinum plate or with a yellow gold accent plating over the knot design. If big solitaires aren’t for you, or aren’t practical for your everyday life then this is a nice alternative to a simple band ring without adding any bulk to your finger. Again, this one’s a nice piece to give as a gift because knots can symbolise so much in love and friendship too.

So, last but not least, a pretty little vintage style number (true to form from me!). There’s so much to love about this pendant but I love that it looks a bit like you might have found it lurking in your granny’s jewellery collection. You can get it in a lovely deep simulated sapphire option or emerald and we have matching earrings and a ring, so you can get the full vintage look. I think this is a piece you’d probably wear even more than you’d initially think. I love pendants like this for adding another dimension to plain tops or dresses and I like layering them over high neck tops.

So, that’s my top picks for this month… some are still yet to be launched, but make sure you are watching the Festival of Diamonique, which will be a two day event from the 30th July, with 2 hour shows on each day at 2pm, and you’ll be able to see these and so many more styles. Which would be your top pick out of my choices?

Our Diamonique range is just getting better and better as it expands and we have so many exciting things to come. Stay tuned and make sure you follow me on Instagram (Kathryn _Goldsmith) to keep up to date with all things jewellery here at QVC.

Have a sparkling day!
Kathryn x

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