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Hello again,

I hope you’re having a lovely week. I know it’s an unpopular opinion but I am glad for a little break in the hot weather, it’s all been a bit too hot for me! Also, the gardens and farms need a little rain too!

Last week in my blog I promised another one this week, talking about a Today’s Special Value, so that is what is on the agenda for this. It’s going to launch at 9 p.m. this Sunday 7th and run through into Monday 8th.

I am particularly happy to be involved with this one because it involves one of a pregnant woman’s best friends… PILLOWS! I currently sleep with about five at the moment and use them when sitting during the day too.

This is going to be a fab opportunity to treat yourself to some new pillows as QVC have teamed up with Silentnight to bring this Ultimate Luxury Cotton Down Like Pillow Pair. And they certainly do what they say on the tin, or rather, the bag.

They have a lovely, soft cotton outer with nice piped edging, which makes them look and feel great even without a pillowcase on and of course the cotton is lovely and breathable. The inside isf ball fibre filling and this really does make them feel like luxurious down pillows. So if you can’t or don’t normally opt for down pillows for whatever reason, you don’t need to sacrifice the beautiful comfort they can give you.

There are three options to choose from too: soft, medium or firm. I’m normally a soft pillow kind of girl, as I used to sleep on my front but a rather large bump has ruled that out for the time being, so I’ve chosen the medium. I really love it because it gives me enough support if I want to prop myself up a bit but still has enough give so it doesn’t feel a million miles away from the soft pillows I am used to.

The price we are going to be offering these at for a pair of such sumptuous pillows is incredible, so if your own pillows are a little old or perhaps you’ve noticed the ones in the spare bedroom are looking a bit sad, then I’d definitely recommend tuning in to see how great this Today’s Special Value is. You’ll get so much more information about them than I can tell you here too.

The other exciting thing is that both Miceal and I will be joining in via video link throughout the day to share our thoughts on these. Just like me, Miceal has been isolating at home and not been able to come into the studios for the last couple of months, obviously for different reasons though! Ha!

I’ll be on air for the showings of these pillows on Monday at 9 a.m., 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., so I really hope you can join me and whoever is presenting in the studio… I’m so looking forward to it and it might actually be my last time on air before my maternity leave starts later in the month – not 100% sure yet but I definitely won’t be back in the studio before baby.

I hope you can watch and maybe get yourself a pair of these fab pillows, but for now I think it’s time I had a nap… all for research and prep purposes for the show, of course!!

Take care and I’ll see you back here soon,
Kathryn x

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  1. Hello Kathryn, Hope your keeping well.You look great. Love your bedroom wall paper it looks fab. Look forward to seeing you back on QVC. Take care.

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