Ups, downs and brand new launch


How are you doing? Well, I hope. I’m very much starting to get excited about autumn over here. I know lots of people feel that way about summer and quite the opposite about the coming season, but I love it and can’t wait to cosy up!

Although, saying that, we had a lovely summer day out the other week. It was my Mum’s birthday and my brother and I arranged a trip for us all to go to David Austen Roses as a birthday treat. We had a lovely lunch there and then wandered round the gardens. They may have been a bit past their best in August but they were still lovely and I lost count of how many sweetly frangranced roses I sniffed! Beatrice enjoyed a run round, especially in the big courtyard where all the roses to buy were. It was surrounded by gravel, which she is strangely fascinated by! Ha! It was nice to get get out as a family and I came home with two new roses. They really are my favourite flower and with our clay soil they are one of the only plants I can truly rely on.

Unfortunately, not long after then, we all came down with a horrid cold and have all been suffering with that and various other ailments since. Poor little Beatrice has ended up with a chest infection whilst mine has turned into sinusitis and wow I was not prepared for how hard it is being ill whilst looking after a child who is also poorly! I’m hoping it’s all looking up a bit now because it’s been weeks and we are all a bit fed up and I have to say that’s why there’s not a bursting lot of photos for this blog… I’ve mostly been looking very pasty and make-up free!

Luckily, the weekend before last, we had a period of feeling a little better because we FINALLY had Beatrice christened, which was lovely. She looked so cute in her white dress and even danced in the church aisles to the first hymn. She really loves being the centre of attention… no idea where she gets it from! After such a long time it was so lovely to have friends and family gathered in our garden to celebrate our little girl and we were blessed with nice sunny weather too. I indulged a little and booked our friend who photographed our wedding and I can’t wait to see the photos. What do you think of the cake I made? I kept it very simple because there was enough to worry about, but had to make my girl a christening cake! I went a bit wobbly on the icing as I was too busy chatting at the same time, but hey ho.

Oh, we also managed to get the hallway tiled just before the big event too. What do you think to the pattern I chose? It’s a very small space so I went for it! That’s all the downstairs flooring done… woohoo!

Now, let’s chat QVC because I’m really excited to tell you about a couple of things that are coming up. Firstly, this Sunday 19th September, I will be bringing you the launch show of Hourglass cosmetics. Eeeek! They are a hugely popular make-up brand and I’m so excited that they’ll be joining us at QVC.

The Make-Up Junkies girls who do our faces at the Q are all very excited whenever I mention the brand to them. I have to say, just having a little play with the products I have been given to try and wear ahead of the show, I am seriously impressed! I am most excited to share the glitter eyeshadow pots with you… they are A-MAZ-ING! The pigment is beautiful and they are really creamy so don’t drop into your eyes and make them itchy as you wear them. You need so little that I think each pot would do you so, so many gorgeous eye looks. I won’t give any more away here but I’ll let our guest Heidi explain more to you during the show, which is this Sunday (Beauty Day) at 5pm.

September is also Luxury Jewellery month here at QVC and we have some SERIOUSLY amazing pieces on offer. Firstly, some great sapphires, as it’s this month’s birthstone and not all traditional blues either… keep an eye out for some gorgeous pink ones too. We have a HUGE collectors piece diamond necklace being launched this month too, which I am yet to see in real life, but I hope to very soon as the photos look great as it is. We are also bringing you some of our biggest EVER AAAA Tanzanite… I’m talking beautiful stones at 7 and 11 (yes, ELEVEN) carats. At that quality and size, it’s very hard for me not to jump up and down with excitement. So, you see, for my jewellery fans out there, you need to make sure you’re keeping an eye on things this month. I also have a Firelight Diamonds show on Friday night so if you want to learn more about lab-grown diamonds, then that’s a great one to tune in to.

And let’s not forget Diamonique because you’ve probably already seen this month’s Design of the Month, which features a brand new colour for our Diamonique range. The vivid fancy pink hue is the kind of colour that in a real diamond would mean a heck of a lot of zeros on the end of the price! It’s not for the subtle amongst us, but if you love a bit of a colour pop then make sure you check it out! I couldn’t resist popping it in one of my new roses because the colours are almost identical.

Right, that’s it from me for this time. Please send your healing vibes my way and hopefully we can kick all our bugs to the kerb! I hope you’re all embracing the September vibes as much as me and we can look forward to some killer winter fashion to come too.

Oh, and before I go… keep your eyes peeled for something cool and a little out of my comfort zone that the amazing Stine and I have been working on soon.

See you soon,
Kathryn x

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