Christmas is coming

Hi there,

Christmas time is really all about making memories with our loved ones. Although I know, for most people, this year cannot be the same as usual and will be a much quieter time, I hope we can all find a way to still create something worth putting in the memory bank and labelling ‘happy time’.

I think some of us are finding that the prospect of a simpler festive season has some appealing qualities. Less time, energy and money spent on the trimmings and more focus on some together time with those you can be with.

I usually provide a feast for at least ten people – one year it was twenty two! It is always fun but usually exhausting too.
This year, for the first time ever, it will just be Olley and me. Last year, we had all three children and their partners with us, and this year they will each be with their partners’ parents. We were planning a big pre-Christmas do with them all together but sadly, due to Covid rules, that can’t happen. I’ll be rushing home after work on the 23rd as Bex and Dan are bringing our granddaughters to see us that day on the way to Dan’s parents and I’m hoping Billy and Mel can join us too, if their work allows. Charlie and Maddie are self-isolating to protect Maddie’s family before they join them for a few days.
So a slightly empty Christmas for me, but I’m lucky that I will have a few hours to enjoy watching little Zoe sparkle with delight. She’ll be three in March, so she’s old enough to be excited about Christmas. She loved meeting Father Christmas last week at a Winter Wonderland that Bex and Dan took the girls to. It would have been quite normal for her to be shy, or even slightly scared of him. But she was straight in there with a conversation. And when he asked what she’d like for Christmas, she suggested he might fix the radiator in her bedroom as it makes noises when it warms up in the morning. Aren’t children hilarious?

Santa said he’d have a look at it for her when he swings by on Christmas Eve, so I think Dan has some DIY to do!
I’m looking forward to showing Zoe our Christmas tree – like many people, I’ve collected lots of different decorations over the years and many have a story to tell. So rather than having a stylish colour theme fit for a magazine article, my tree is full of memories that I enjoy being reminded of, and will share with my inquisitive granddaughter.

Wooden stars, a straw reindeer and a slice of tree painted with Santa’s face all came from a trip to Lapland when OK Magazine sent me there when the children were little for a photoshoot – and the photographer was my husband Olley, so we had a magical family weekend. So lucky!

Also, a glass Christmas tree bought on a trip to Bruges Christmas market years ago and a pretty little angel given to me by an Australian friend. And several lovely fabric creations made by my clever Mum – this will be my third Christmas without her and although time softens the loss, I’ll never stop missing her.

But of course, we all carry on as best we can, and that means heading into QVC to bring you the best we have to offer. We always feature the Today’s Special Value towards the end of the 9am Morning Show (providing it hasn’t sold out overnight) and Simon Biagi and I will be bringing it to you on Wednesday and Thursday this week. We have the first Mally cosmetics collection as a Today’s Special Value for over a year, item number 242904. It’s a great opportunity to replenish your make-up bag or grab the perfect gift for a friend or relative.

And if you’re planning lots of video party calls over Christmas, we have the perfect styling tool for your hair on Thursday (launching at 9pm on Wednesday). From Revamp, it’s the Progloss Volume and Wave Hot Ceramic Styling Brush and gives gorgeous waves and enhanced volume. A very special feature is an easy release system – you can retract the bristles for snag-free styling. The brush combines ceramic and ionic technology to give a smooth and shiny finish to your hair, with added gloss provided from the infusion of Progloss super smooth oils, including Keratin, Argan Oil and Coconut Oil. The cool tip, lightweight design and 3m salon swivel cable make it really easy to use, and the adjustable temperature settings, ranging from 150ºC to 210ºC with ultra-fast digital heat, means it it ready to use in seconds.

My hair is really too long at the moment – I had a haircut booked for the day after Lockdown 2 and the earliest I was able to rearrange it for was the end of this week.

I’ve been struggling with it lately – the longer my hair gets the flatter and lanker it looks, and it has a slight wave but usually in the wrong direction! I’m not very good with styling tools, but this is how I got on the first time I used the Revamp – it’s certainly going to help me look presentable until I can get my unruly locks cut!

Wishing you all the best in the run up to Christmas – I hope you feel calm, peaceful and loved. And I really hope that you will be able to create some new happy memories to store away as a source of warmth inside you.

Take care and stay well,
Love Kathy x

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  1. Hi Kathy, I think many of us will be having a quieter Christmas than usual, like you are. Love your tree – mine is the same, full of memories. I also have a decoration from Bruges (wonderful Christmas shop there) as well as glass blown ones from Malta and many others … lovely memories which I so enjoy every year. I hope you have the best Christmas possible and look forward to a happy and healthy new year for all of us. Stay safe xxx

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