Climbing mountains and shopping the Big Deals!

Hi there!

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to have the chance to stand on the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town towards the end of an amazing holiday in Namibia and South Africa. On Saturday last weekend, on what I think must have been the last day of summer for this year, I climbed to the top of another Table Mountain, this time the one overlooking Crickhowell in the Brecon Beacons in Wales.

Olley and I were enjoying another motor home trip and my word, we picked the right week to go weather wise! Standing on the flat top of Table Mountain (strictly speaking at only 451 metres high, it’s really only a hill) soaking in the glorious sunshine as I enjoyed the 360 degree stunning views, I felt happy simply to be alive!

It was a feeling I enjoyed a number of times during our week away – it usually happens when I’m outside and active in lovely surroundings. My heart swells and lifts in my chest and I’m suddenly aware of how little you need to feel content. Good health, the love of a good man and three thriving children just about sums it up!

We split our time between the mountains and the coast, with a few days in the Gower as well. The sea was warm enough to swim in, and our campsite was right on the cliffs overlooking a beautiful beach. I found the perfect spot on the cliff top to lay down my yoga mat and greet the morning with some ‘sun salutations’!

When you have the weather, there is nowhere else in the world to beat the UK. We’ve enjoyed Scotland, Wales and Cornwall in our motorhome this year, hopefully we might get to Ireland next year…

But, of course, the weather never stays the same for long and autumn has definitely arrived. I’m writing this in the passenger seat while Olley drives us to Peterborough through driving rain and horrendous conditions for our regular Tuesday treat of looking after our granddaughter Zoe. It’s hard to believe that we were basking in tropical temperatures only days ago.

It’s back to work for me tomorrow – I’m going to notice the darker mornings now. But there’s lots to brighten our days with some of the fabulous deals we have coming up at QVC. Nowadays, it isn’t only the Today’s Special Value to check out, but all the Big Deals that last for a week, from midnight Sunday (providing we have enough stock to last the week, of course.)

I’ve just had a look on our website and made two orders! One for me, and one to split between my daughter and my two sons’ girlfriends at Christmas time. They all love fragranced candles, and you can’t get better than the gorgeous Neom offerings. We have a three-piece Luxury Candle collection at a much reduced price, but just for this week. Check out the five star reviews!

I’ve treated myself to the five-piece Ultimate Full Volume collection from my favourite haircare range, Living Proof. It’s brilliant for my fine hair and, again, over £20 saving – even more compared to buying direct from Living Proof.

We’ve almost arrived to look after Zoe rather late after a very wet, slow journey, so I’ll leave you to enjoy your day. Plus, it’s probably best I stop browsing on the QVCUK website before I spend any more money!!

Have a good week, and take care.

Love Kathy x

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  1. You are not alone Kathy, I have been to SA and many parts of Africa, its a beautiful continent. and the view from Table Top Mountain is second to none.

  2. Which campsite did you stay at in Gower on the cliffs? Also would you recommend any place in Scotland when we tour it next year in a caravan! Lovely to see your soul enjoy excercise outdoors x

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