Festive gifting galore from Skinsense, Cozee Paws and more!

I’m writing this on the final evening of November. Christmas is well and truly close now, and once the first door on the advent calendar is open, time always seems to rush at double speed.

Of course, lockdown 2.0 has meant that I’ve been at home more than usual and, although husband Olley and I haven’t put the decorations up yet (that’s planned for this weekend), I’m well ahead with my online gift buying. Working at QVC makes it easy and I’ve just looked through my recent orders to let you know what I’ve chosen. There might be some ideas that could help you tick a few off your list of presents to buy.

I’m really happy with this Joules Nordic Fairisle Jumper that I got for someone who shall be nameless just in case she reads this! When Olley saw it, he said he thought I should get another for me! It comes in navy as well, so I might treat myself – it will be cosy and stylish to wear when it turns chilly and perfect for a Boxing Day walk.

I’ve allowed one of the gifts I bought to be opened early because I can never resist puppy dog eyes… especially not if they belong to my son Billy’s dog, Jasper. It’s a Cozee Paws Pet Bed, which has Odourology technology to reduce any ‘wet dog’ smells that may result from winter walkies. I think you’ll agree he looks very cute in it.

One of my nieces, a young teenager, has recently become interested in crafting and I think the Wool Couture knit-your-own-scarf kit will be a great choice for her. It’s suitable for first time knitters and comes with everything you need including lovely soft wool, chunky bamboo knitting needles (which help the scarf to grow quickly), plus instructions and a tote bag to keep it all in.

Even though I’m at the QVC studios several times a week and get to see most of what we sell on air, I still find the reviews that QVC customers leave on our website helpful and often inspiring.

I bought a couple of presents after seeing some top-rated items on our website. Check out the reviews for the duo of Luxenoa Ice Shard Candle Holders – out of 50 ratings, 46 are five star! The candle holders are stunning, even without candles in them, as they catch the light beautifully.

Luxuriously packaged, they would make such a special gift – for Christmas or as a wedding, anniversary or housewarming present. I’ve ordered two – I know who one box of two will go to but the other is a reserve and I’m hoping I won’t need to gift it, so I can keep it for myself! I put them in front of a window for one of the photos and they catch and split the winter sunshine in a rather spectacular fashion!

Another popular and well-reviewed item is the Lola Rose jewellery box with 39 out of 42 reviews giving it top marks. They are weighty, lined with soft fabric and look so expensive, classy and stylish.

If you’d prefer a smaller trinket box (three out of three five stars) take a look at this one, or for matching small and large boxes (average score 4.6 from 61 reviews) try this duo. They’re all beautiful.

Finally, this is something I haven’t actually bought as I’ve been lucky enough to be given a sample to try. It’s appearing at a special TSV price from 9pm this Thursday and through Friday if stocks last.

It’s a five-piece collection of skincare from Skinsense and includes the Double Strength Retinol Night Serum, which sells on the SkinSense website for £46, whereas the total price for all five pieces is just under £44. You will also receive the Anti-Ageing Day and Eye Creams, the Overnight Leave-On Mask (I love this!) and the Nourishing Facial Oil (my favourite…)

Skinsense is a range developed by Abi Cleeve of Ultrasun fame and uses the same innovative lamellar technology designed to lock active ingredients into the skin. It’s a no-frills range, which focusses on results, combining highly effective ingredients with a great price.

It’s is a brand that I return to time and time again. I think it’s one of the best value ranges on QVC. When you have a TSV price, along with a 60-day money back guarantee, I reckon you really can’t go wrong.

I’d better go. The doorbell has just rung, and I think my local Hermes courier has left another QVC parcel for me… I must go and give him a friendly wave!

Stay well and positive and do take care. Best wishes to you.

Kathy x

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  1. Hi Kathy,
    Hope you’re all well. How are the babies? I love all your presents. Lucky ladies and dog! Hope you have a nice Christmas x

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