Happy New Year to you

Hello there,

We are still needing to be patient but I’m sure 2021 will prove to be easier for most of us than the one we’ve just left behind. I know many people are reeling from losing a loved one in the past year, and my heart goes out to you and I pray you find a way through the quagmire of grief. Many more are also suffering anxiety, depression or loneliness, but we all have to try to find the small positive things in our lives and feel hope for the future.

As I write this, I’m awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test that I had yesterday. I’m feeling very viral, with a temperature, a hacking cough and soreness of skin with body aches all over.

We’ll see what the results bring, but a positive or negative result probably won’t change the fact that I’m unlikely to be with you for the re-launch of Morning Style with Kathy. Sadly (for me) it will be with another presenter this Wednesday.

But it’s great news that my favourite show is back so early in the New Year. We’ll be bringing you suggestions of how to put outfits together to suit your own personal style and maybe you’ll also find something to bring a change to your normal look.

I was planning to post some pictures here of a few of my favourite pieces from the first show, but they’re sitting waiting for me in my dressing room while I’m at home in bed! Although, I can give you a heads up to not forget that we have a special page that’s updated just before the show, which features all the on air items including the accessories.

It’s a great way to check out what you missed if you can’t watch the show at 10am on Wednesday. I hope you like the new photo of me that we now have at the top of the page!

The outfit I was planning to wear this week has a couple of my real favourites: a Ruth Langsford jacket and a pair of Clark’s ankle boots. I’d have gone for the cappuccino colour for the jacket and the boots in tan and teamed them with a Together shirt in mustard and some Mr Max trousers in taupe to keep the whole look tonal.

I also have my eye on a Phase Eight jumper, which is knitted in 100% cotton and would be great to wear with a vest or T-shirt underneath now but would certainly take me well into spring and has no post and packing charge to add.

I do hope you can tune in to the show this week, which will be guested by the wonderful Ashling McCloy and I hope even harder that I will be well enough to be there for the second show on the 13th.

We’ll be with you pretty much every Wednesday after that, and I’m excited to bring you the best of what our new season’s fashion has to offer. A small thing, maybe, but something to look forward to. We must make the most of the small things while we wait for the bigger things to sort themselves out.

Wishing you all the best for the first weeks of this New Year. Hang on in there, stay positive and most of all, stay safe and healthy if you possibly can.

Best wishes to you

Love Kathy x

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  1. Oh Kathy I am so sorry to hear that you are unwell, I do hope it isn’t Covid, especially as you have been doing all the right things up until now. I think you were ill with something similar this time last year so maybe it’s a repeat of that. I hope you enjoyed your quiet Xmas. I ordered the Marc Fisher boots you modelled in your last blog. I have a few problems with my feet and was nervous that I would have to send them back but no they are wonderful! I am currently looking after my 8year old grand daughter (in part of a childcare bubble) as the schools are closed again. Her parents both work in schools so am hoping she will get a key worker place. I don’t mind having her but I think it’s better that she has the company of other children. I am sorry you won’t be on Morning Style on Wednesday, I have been looking forward to it but I will still watch and no doubt enjoy and your health is the most important thing! Take care and I hope you will be better soon. Love and best wishes Debbie. Xx

  2. I’m hoping that you’re feeling much better, & that the COVID test is negative!
    Take it easy & be kind to yourself, we need you back on our QVC screen soon.
    We miss you!
    Kind regards to you & your family

  3. Hi Kathy,
    So sorry to hear you are unwell, at the moment.I to hope that it is not Covid. Hope the results are good. I read all of your blogs and find them very inspiring and lovely to read. I must say you always give a positive vibe and like you I love the outdoor’s. I started running nearly 3 years ago after having some difficult years with high levels of stress. I am 66 now so run for 3 hours 3 times a week and I must say that does help. I try to be positive and grateful for all the good I have in my life. My husband being no 1.

    Hope to see you back at QVC very soon.

    Best Wishes

  4. Hi Kathy,

    Can you tell me where your lovely comfy looking trainers you are wearing in your new photo are made by please?
    Are they from QVC. In the photo they look white but are they actually soft grey?
    They are just what I’ve been looking for for the spring!

    Kind regards

  5. Aw Kathy
    Just wanted to send lots of love and hugs as you’re feeling poorly with a virus.. Rest is the key, you’re looking so great in your photos and you’re far too lovely to be sick.!!

    So take care and I pray the covid test is clear.. Like you, I’ve been shielding as being in the extreme vulnerable category. Feel like a tortoise trying to come out of my shell or hibernation, then boom, were back in lockdown again.

    Ah well, if getting back out means staying in, that’s what we must do..

    Been thankful of qvc for all Christmas presents and my beauty essentials and the banter of all you lovely presenters. Definitely been a great support.

    Know that you’re being thought of, I thank you for your Kind words to all of us who ‘ve lost loved ones, it means a lot..Day at a time..

    Sending lots of love Kathy and hugs, get well soon, keeping you in prayers..

    Christine xxx

  6. Hope you are feeling a little better this week Kathy and are soon on the road to recovery. There is a void on Morning Style when you are not on air, although it is still a lovely program.
    Take care and hope to see you soon.

  7. Get well soon Kathy, looking forward to ‘your’ morning show again, I wondered where you were, you’re missed

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