Hello again, for one final time

I’m working through all the wonderful comments that have been left for me on this blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the podcast Will recorded with me. You’ve all been so kind with your lovely words, and I’m hoping to thank you all individually. But just in case I miss anyone, I thought I’d post one last blog to say a massive thank you to you all, not only for taking the trouble to wish me farewell, but also for watching me over the many years I’ve been working on television. Without you, there’d be no job for me.

I must say, it makes me happy when anyone remembers me as an athlete (a career from which I had my first retirement in 1983!) and also on BBC Holiday and TVam. But it has been QVC that I’ve enjoyed the longest of times with and it’s sad to leave – although I know I’ve made the right decision and I have so much to look forward to.

You may have seen my final Morning Show, with my regular on screen partner Simon, and also my dressing room mate for 21 years (and close friend for ever) Ali K, who turned up to present me with the most wonderful leaving present – a kayak. You might think it’s a strange gift but it was exactly what I wanted – I’m not really a gold watch sort of person!

I’ve already taken it out on the River Thames near where I live, and I loved being on the water in it. It was beautifully quiet and peaceful, and I was able to float past a pair of geese out swimming with their many goslings without disturbing them. I already enjoy rowing, walking and outdoor swimming and now I have another form of exercise to keep me happy! A huge thank you to all my amazing QVC friends who clubbed together to buy me a dream.

My husband Olley and I have something we love to do together and that’s travelling in our motorhome. Next year, hopefully, we’ll be able to travel to Europe again, but there are so many wonderful places to explore in the UK. East Anglia, Yorkshire, Northumberland and Scotland are on our bucket list, but our first trip has been to Devon, where I’m writing this in our cosy van while it’s pouring with rain and blowing a gale outside!

That’s the beauty of travelling with our home on our backs, so to speak – the weather really doesn’t spoil things. I’ve dodged the showers and enjoyed a couple of glorious cliff path walks (although I had to be careful not to get blown off the top!) and we’ve devoured crab sandwiches on the beach. If this is retirement, I think I could get used to it…

Although I’m not really thinking of it as retirement – more just ‘stopping work’. I don’t feel old enough to retire, and I don’t feel like slowing down, just doing different things – the things I choose to do. That makes me feel very lucky, and I plan to appreciate and make the most of my good fortune and try to maintain good health for as long as I can.

But now it’s over and out from me, so I’d like to wish you all good fortune and good health for the future. And THANK YOU one last time for watching QVC and reading this, it’s been great!

All the best to you all,

Take good care
Kathy x

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  1. Hi Kathy,

    good luck for the future I will really miss my Wednesday morning rendez vous with you. Enjoy all your exciting new adventures!

  2. On Kathy good luck to you and your husband enjoy your free time together miss seeing you on qvc best wishes Loraine xxx

  3. Kathy all the very best to you.

    May you enjoy “not working” as much as you enjoyed working.

    You and Olley as well as your other family members have much to look forward to.

  4. Kathy, will you be keeping up on twitter/instagram? Will you have a new twitter address or keep the qvc one? I am just hoping to keep up with your adventures! All the best and have fun!!!

  5. It’s time to do what you like and not what you need to do!
    Carpe Diem!
    Hope the future is all you wish for with your husband and family.
    Happy forever tomorrows Kathy. It’s been a privilege to have followed your career. You’ve made a difference. Enjoy your adventure.
    God bless
    Angela x

  6. All the best to you and your family ! Thank you for sharing part of your life with me. You will be missed ! Love to all Yvonne.

  7. Hope that you are enjoying your retirement, you deserve a good, relaxing rest. I can remember when you used to be an Athlete and watching you all the time on TVam.
    I certainly miss your cheery smile on The Morning Show on QVC!
    I wish you all the best for the future.
    Take care & look after yourself. Xxxx

  8. Hi Kathy
    It was very nice to see Lorraine Kelly sending you a video message wishing you good luck, i hope one day Lorraine Kelly can interview you about your time at TV-AM on her show on ITV it was a surprise that Lorraine Kelly found out that you was leaving QVC because its almost 30 years since you 2 last work together. all the best whatever you do next

  9. Hi Kathy, wishing you good luck and all the best in all you have planned for the future.🌝

  10. Have a wonderful “retirement” Kathy, I shall miss your smiley face on the Morning Show. How you and Ollie enjoy your motorhome travelling around our great British countryside.

  11. Kathy, enjoy every moment of your new adventures with Olly and spending more time with your family and your beautiful granddaughters and of course your son Billys wedding, I retired 2 years in June at 68 and even though my plan’s got changed last year I still got to do my walking outdoors, you will be missed but the time is now yours, so enjoy every moment x

  12. Will miss you Kathy on a Wednesday, as well as at other times. But wish you and your husband many wonderful travels and adventures. Lyn

  13. Kathy, you look fantastic! I hope I’m as happy as you are when I ‘stop working’ in July. Wishing you all the very best – enjoy the great outdoors, your sporting activities and travels in your camper van. New adventures and lots of fun! Very much love xxx

  14. Hi Kathy

    I believe my uncle was your swimming coach in Reading in your early years of sport. He followed your career with interest and spoke often of you and your mother.
    It is through him in his later years that I became a QVC viewer and shopper by insisting that I watched you while you were appearing on QVC when I visited him!
    I wish you a long, happy and fulfilled retirement.

    Sue Mitchell

  15. Good luck Kathy. Its been a joy to watch you on QVC. Hope you and your loved ones stay happy and safe xx

  16. Good luck Kathy! I admire you so much for doing this and hope you have wonderful adventures.

  17. I wish you all the happiness in your new chapter of your life, I have loved seeing you on QVC, you always were honest about the things you were presenting and that is very reassuring, Thank You

  18. Hope to see you in Northumberland one day, enjoy your retirement you deserve it, I do remember you as an athlete and the holiday programme 💖 Congratulations to Billy on his wedding in June. Love to you and your family xxx

  19. Aww, enjoy every minute. It sounds very exciting and love the sound of your motor home pottering round all the lovely places we have here in England. Shall miss seeing you and reading your blogs. Take care. Karen xx

  20. Good luck enjoy your retirement which I think will be more full on than your work life guess your family and friends will have to make appointments to see you ,you will be miss by QVC viewer. Have fun best wishes for you future

  21. Awww, Kathy it’s lovely to here from you again. Still miss your Wednesday programme, so glad you are enjoying your roving retirement take care and stay safe.
    Sending much love.x

  22. I remember you as an athlete too Kathy some time ago now looks like you are still quite active and I wish you well for you’re retirement and enjoy time with you’re husband and family

  23. I only buy items from QVC where possible because I find shopping program and I still got the receipts from the first item I bought hundreds of the, If there’s a problem they put it right straight away no quibbles.

  24. Good luck Kathy enjoy every minute of your new chapter you deserve it..an end of an era will so miss your company on the TV..

  25. Enjoy your retirement. Will miss your smiling face on the Morning Show.
    Take Care stay safe. xx

  26. Enjoy every minute of your ‘retirement’ cos life is short. I lost my husband in February very suddenly after many happy years, you just don’t know what is round the corner. I was pleased to hear you were leaving QVC after 20 odd years so that you could enjoy your husband and family more. Take good care, enjoy Billy’s wedding, was wondering what you will be wearing this time, have a lovely day.

  27. Missing you on QVC already.Keep posting on Instagram so we can follow you enjoying your new adventures.Wishing you and your family all the best. Xx

  28. Hi Kath
    Thank you for all the joy, that you brought to QVC. You always have a smile and a cheery word for qvc followers.
    You will be very much missed.I wish you and Olly all the very best, and that your retirement, will be filled with adventure and happiness.
    We yo have a motor home, and like you we love travelling. Hoping to travel around the highlands very soon.

    Keep Safe and Well.

    Best Wishes

  29. I suppose it’s hello and goodbye at the same time Kathy, but the future is looking wonderful for you so off you go and enjoy. Only wonderful things wished for you and the family and I just know you are making the right choice.

    Glad I got the chance to send you my best wishes for a very happy, long and healthy retirement x.


  30. Good Luck Kathy I hope you have great times with Ollie and your family. Stay healthy and happy and the very best to you all. You will be missed. Xx

  31. Hi Kathy,
    So very, very sad that you are leaving but I wish you good luck and good health in your ‘retirement’. Both myself and my husband are ‘retiring’ in September and there is so much that we want to do while we are still in good health.
    Good health and keep safe
    Kindes regards

  32. All the very best Kathy, I hope you and your husband tick off a lot of things on your bucket list, take care , stay safe lovely Lady you are already missed.
    Love Linda

  33. Hi Kathy
    Enjoy your retirement you will be missed, I remember when you joined QVC 21 years ago.
    Now it’s your time to enjoy your family and grandkids.

    Best Wishes
    Sue Wilson

  34. Well,Kathy,i wish you all the luck and best wishes in the world,to you and yours,in your “stop working” phase in your life …i will miss your cheery self on qvc,but you have to know when its time for you to go… and you have realised its time…well, bab,keep safe and enjoy your family time too,love Jillian x

  35. Kathy
    So sad you are leaving I had cancer and you sustained me through it as you were like a ray of sunshine. Now in remission.

  36. Hi Kathy, you look amazing, the outdoor life definitely suits you. I was really sorry to see you go, apart from you presenting, I used to love hearing you talk about your family with so much love and caring. Family means the world to me as well, hope all goes well with your sons wedding in June. Wishing you and Olly a wonderful life together, take care, keep safe.
    Best wishes
    Lois xx

  37. Good luck with your awaited stopping work . Life has many things to offer do embrace that . All the very best ,

  38. Lovely to hear from you one last time Kathy. You look like you’ve settled into your new way of life very quickly, which is fabulous. All the very best to you, Ollie and all the family.

    Here’s to many years of health and happiness ahead.

    Bev x

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