Hello and Happy New Year from me to you

Hi there!

Just a quick note right now to say hello after a bit of a ‘blog gap’.

First thing’s first, let me wish you all a Happy New Year! I hope 2020 brings you a year of fulfilled hopes and dreams and one that is packed with people you love, memorable experiences and, perhaps most importantly, peace and good health.

I’m writing this while I’m full of medications to soften the symptoms of a chest infection and currently listening to news of America’s arguments in the Middle East, so those last two points seem particularly relevant today.

Hopefully you’re feeling happy and virus-free today, but in case you could do with a smile, here is a photo of Jasper, my son Billy’s gorgeous one-year-old cockapoo, playing ‘spot the real dog’ among the soft toys…

… and one of my other son Charlie about to carve the best turkey I’ve ever cooked – all 9 moist, tasty kilograms of it!

I was hoping to tell you that I will be hosting the first of a new series of ‘Morning Style with Kathy’ on Wednesday at 10am. I’m afraid it will be ‘Morning Style in the safe hands of Katy’ instead.

There is a fantastic line up of outfits put together by our wonderful back stage stylist Stine, with much of what’s on the show being new, so I hope you can join Katy and her guest Aisling McCloy.

I am asthmatic and type 2 diabetic (so much for my supposed ‘fit and healthy former athlete’ image…!!) and both of these can complicate how I react to certain bugs and the way they can be treated. Judging by how other QVC presenters have been felled by this particular lurgy, it’s a nasty one, but I really hope to be back with you next week.

We will have a MarlaWynne Flatter Fit trousers available in regular, petite and tall sizes as Today’s Special Value on Wednesday 15th (181872/181871/181873) with Morning Style at 10am that day, too.

On the following Sunday I will be spending a couple of hours in Michael Perry’s garden (9am) and also the mid-day hour with Richard Jackson in HIS garden! A lovely way to anticipate the arrival of spring… bring it on!

Love Kathy x

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  1. Happy new year Kathy! So sorry you’re under par! I’m sure it’s all your entertaining! That turkey looks amazing!!! You’ve got a great culinary skill! I just love jasper too…oh how cute is he?! How are all your lovely family? Hope you enjoyed Christmas and new year. Take care x

  2. Happy new year Kathy

    I hope you feel better soon. Looking forward to my morning style fix – a firm favourite show.

    Take care & get well soon. Big hugs

    Joanna xx

  3. Hi Kathy lovely to hear from you,sorry that you are unwell at the moment hope you feel better soon. I am sure I saw you on a clip from Question of Sport at 50,you must have been quite young then! Jasper is gorgeous. X

  4. Good morning Kathy, Best wishes and a happy new year. Hope you are feeling better soon. Love Antoinette x

  5. sorry to hear that you have been so poorly, wishing you all the best for 2020, hope to see you soon back on the tv screen.

  6. Hi Susan, my family are all well, thanks, and the good news is that Bex is pregnant again so Zoe will have a little brother or sister to welcome in June. We’re really delighted!
    Jasper is such a lovely dog and Zoe adores him – they were great playing together at Christmas time, which was busy but wonderful. The last two Christmases haven’t been much fun after losing Dad and then Mum, so it was good that I felt happy to enjoy it with the family. Just a shame that I went down with this bug. I saw in New Year dozing in bed propped up on four pillows trying not to cough too much!
    I hope you had a great time and start the New Year feeling happy and healthy.
    Take care
    Kathy x

  7. Hi Joanna, thanks for your message! I hope you enjoyed Morning Style with Katy and I hope to be back with you for next week! Happy New Year to you too!
    Take care
    Kathy x

  8. Hi Debbie. Well spotted – you must have eagle eyes! Yes, it was a nineteen year old me looking adoringly at Emlyn Hughes while we recorded the first of the two Question of Sport shows I appeared in. That was in 1979!!
    Best wishes to you for a great 2020…
    Take care
    Kathy x

  9. Thanks Antoinette, I’m sure I’ll get over it soon. I hope you manage to avoid any of these bugs that are circulating – have a great 2020!
    Take care
    Kathy x

  10. Hi Jackie, thanks for your message. Best wishes to you for 2020 too, and I’m sure I’ll be back at QVC before you know it!
    Take care
    Kathy x

  11. Sorry to heard your unwell I have had asthma my whole life would definitely recommend looking into a Salin Plus Salt Therapy machine

  12. Hi Kathy Happy New Year to You and Yours , sorry to hear you are poorly and hope you are soon feeling better . I always think of the day my Husband Brian and I met you at Salon Prive when it was at Syon Park, you we’re with Ali K , Her Lovely Son , and the two Debs , you were all Very nice and we had a great day . Love the photos , ps I love the Morning Show , Get Well Soon Heather x

  13. Hi Kathy; Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope you are soon feeling much better. im an asthma sufferer also. Love gorgeous Jasper. I have a cockapoo called Heidi she is nearly 2 and the same colour as Jasper altho no white patches. Look forward to seeing you on QVC. lots of love Penny xx

  14. Hi Kathy,
    I am so delighted for you! That is wonderful news about Bex! Another little bundle for you to love! I’m so glad you all had a lovely Christmas given your two previous losses. Just take care now and get better x

  15. Happy new year to you and yours bab and congrats for the news of the baby…im going to be a great nan for the second time in march,its wonderful isnt it bab…so sorry youve not been well,missed your cheery self on qvc,look forward to seeing you soon bab, take care, Jillian x

  16. Hi Kathy, my name is Suzi Byrd (Wiehn) and we used to compete together in pentathlon. Would love to catch up some time.

  17. Jillian here again…sorry but i must correct me comment i posted to you kathy…i meant to say im going to become a great grand nan for the 2nd time but on reading it again jus now it seemed like i was saying i was a great nan(well i hope i am)but looked like i was being big headed…apologies…still miss your cheery self bab,ive come down with the lurgy now and its me birthday today but too poorly to celebrate at the moment…ner mind…it’ll keep…much love, Jillian x

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