Good news!

After suffering since Christmas with a horrible virus that has laid me very low in a variety of ways, I’ve been given the all-clear to return to work this week. I don’t have much to report about my activities away from work, as there hasn’t been any!

Except – brilliant news! – my daughter Bex has announced that, if everything goes safely to plan, her toddler Zoe will have a little sister to love in the summer!!

But there’s also plenty going on at QVC.

My first hour on air will be sharing the Morning Show with Simon, closely followed by taking back the helm of Morning Style with Kathy Tayler – it’s about time it was actually with me and it will be good to be back.

A suitable moment, I think, to thank my fellow presenters who have held the fort for me while I’ve been off. They’ve hosted some great Wednesday 10am shows so far this year, featuring tempting outfits to suit all styles.

QVC fashion steps up a gear at the end of this week with Fashion Week starting on Friday. Alongside lots of brand new looks from different designers, we’ll have three fantastic fashion Today’s Special Values on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday…

First, a gorgeous jersey shirt by Ruth Langford (182711), then some stunning sling-back shoes from Moda in Pelle (182789) on Monday, followed by a luxe crepe shirt from MarlaWynne (182841) on Tuesday.

I’ll be at QVC on Sunday, not to bring you fashion but another of my favourite themes – gardening. With two hours of Love Gardening at 9am on Sunday and an hour in the company of George Clowes and his de Jager bulbs and plants, I shall be in my element. I find it hard not to buy everything!

While I’ve been convalescing at home, my fingers have been busy on the gardening section of the QVC website – I enjoy the anticipation of spring arriving.

I’m particularly looking forward to receiving my Gardening Pick of the Month – it’s a collection of beautiful, brightly coloured Ranunculus known as Persian Buttercup in red, orange, yellow and two pinks, which Richard Jackson has found for us.

Richard’s plants always seem to do well for me… I’m loving the woodland primroses that I bought from him towards the end of last year (see picture below) – they’ve brought a welcome touch of natural colour to my patio over the winter.

I’ve ordered two sets of the Garden POM (as we call it) and also the Auto Delivery which is a collection of beautiful Peacock Orchids to be delivered about 75 days later. The right time for putting them straight into the garden. All with no charge for delivery. I can’t wait to get planting!

The TSV for Sunday is a collection of day and night products from the Elemis Peptide4 range and it represents incredible value. If you were to buy everything individually from QVC, you’d pay £178.50, plus P&P. Our TSV price of just £54.96, plus P&P, which means you’re saving over £123! You’d have to pay £56 plus P&P just to buy the Peptide4 Overnight Peel alone!

You don’t have to wait until Sunday, as it’s already available on our website. I definitely think it’s worth a try if your skin is looking less than it’s best at the moment, especially considering you can give it a go to see how it suits your skin before deciding whether to keep it. Where else would you get that service?!

There’s one other Today’s Special Value is like to mention here, and it’s the one we’ll bring you on Wednesday.

It’s something that has really helped my son Billy, who had a problematic skin when he was little and it has re-surfaced recently, perhaps down to a bit of stress in his adult life. Creams the doctor had prescribed didn’t seem to work for any length of time, and he wasn’t keen on overusing a steroid treatment.I’d like to mention here, and it’s the one we’ll bring you on Wednesday.

But holistic therapist and SBC guest Adele O’Donoghue suggested I get him to try the SBC Propolis Skincare Gel, which he did with rapid, soothing-looking results.

The TSV launching on Wednesday (240990) is an SBC four-piece collection, which includes a full litre of the gel, which usually costs £29.50 on its own. The TSV is just £5 more and includes THREE other items, one of which is a brand new Propolis body butter. There’s a chance to try something else completely new as well, in the form of a litre of a Manuka and Quince Body Wash.

The collection is completed with the Propolis Hand and Foot cream, perfect for compromised or sensitive skin.

The entire SBC range is enriched with nature’s finest ingredients, including plant extracts and vitamins. They are perfect for the whole family and the innovative gel formulas are light, easily absorbed and suitable for all skin types.

So, that’s some of what we have lined up for you during a busy week at QVC. I hope you’ll be able to join me when I’m back on air on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. See you then, and let’s hope I can remember what to do!

Take care,

Kathy x

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  1. Hi Kathy glad to hear that you are back in good health, I have missed you. What wonderful news about your daughter and her pregnancy,nothing better than a new baby in the family!! I do hope all goes well. Qvc is definitely parting me from my money at the moment, i’ve already ordered some Elemis and plants on advanced order and now the fashion to look forward to. Will be watching Morning Style on Wednesday. Take care. Debbie. X

  2. Hi Kathy
    Looking forward to seeing you back on screen, I’ve missed you as I’m sure so many others have too. I caught a similar virus to you the week before Xmas, it’s taken me 7 weeks to get over, so I can empathise with your uncalled for time at home. Glad you are so much better. I’ll be watching morning style to see what goodies you’ll bring this week, I hope Glenn will be joining you as he is such fun to watch and his fashion knowledge is always welcomed.
    I’ve just received my Grumpy Gardener shovel and have been using in between gales this last weekend. It’s fantastic, highly recommend!
    Take care
    Katie x

  3. Hi Kathy, I have miss you being on screen. Just can’t wait to have you back. I am so happy that you have been given the all clear to return back to work and you are feeling better. Look forward to seeing you. All my love and best wishes. Antoinette x

  4. Hi Kathy , glad to hear that you are now recovered from illness. I am looking forward to having you back on our screens missed you on the morning show. Pleased that you will be presenting the morning style show I will be tuning in. Welcome back.

  5. Kathy I know how you feel I have had the dreaded lurgy for around 6 weeks now, When it goes my hubby gets it then gives it me back, I know they say love is sharing but that takes the biscuit. I will also be flamingoing it with Julia I am about to have a opp on my toes and will be in a cast for 6 weeks, the only good thing about that is that I won’t have to get up at 3 in the morning to go to work.
    Great news for your family and it,s adition hope everything goes well. Cannot wait for the Elemis TSV, I usually buy 3 or 4 at a time but it is not on easy pay which is a bit of a shame.Glad to here your better and will be back with us in no time lots of love Elaine

  6. HOORAH !!!
    So glad you are better, you have been sorely missed by so many,
    but looking forward to seeing you back where you belong.
    Keep well

  7. Hi Kathy. We have missed you, especially on Morning style. Lovely as the other presenters are, you bring an extra something to it. It is your show.
    Exciting news to get you through those dark days.

  8. Dear Kathy, so pleased to see you on my tv again. Take it easy don’t try and do too much to soon. Congrats on the expected new arrival to you & your family. Looking forward to seeing you on the gardening slot, gardening is my passion. Best Wishes Julie Mc x

  9. Nice to hear that you are feeling much better Kathy. Like others have commented, you have been missed! Look after yourself.

  10. Hello Kathy

    So glad to have you back on our screens again, although everyone has done excellent work in your absence, Morning Style is just not the same without you! I do hope that your virus has gone for good, we need you!!

    Best wishes to your family


  11. So glad that your virus is on the way out for you strange things they can leave you so low that you wonder if you will ever get back to your old self and the way is to get back and see how you feel and wonderful news a new little one on its way what a joy..xxpamela

  12. Good to see you back Kathy but your incessant coughing is very annoying, I know it can’t be helped but I wouldn’t come back until it has gone. Take care.

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