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I’m writing this on Sunday evening with a beautiful view in front of me as the sun sets over Bembridge Harbour in the Isle of Wight.

Olley and I have enjoyed a weekend here courtesy of our children, whose special birthday present to their Dad for his 70th earlier this year was a couple of nights in a luxurious houseboat moored on the edge of the harbour.

With a large balcony and uninterrupted views of all the boating activity and bird life that thrives here, it’s been somewhere to just sit in the September sunshine and relax (something I don’t do enough). We were also celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary, so it was the perfect place to enjoy a bottle of champagne together.

You can’t come to this lovely island and not do at least a little exploring, so we’ve enjoyed a couple of brisk beach walks too – some of you will recognise the Bembridge RNLI station on the end of the pier, and we also visited Compton Beach.

As we usually stay in our motor home it was a real treat to have stylish B&B accommodation. Our room was decorated with quirky but elegant and individual pieces of furniture and a luxuriously comfortable bed which I slept really well in. It had classy bedding too, which reminded me of the Today’s Special Value that we’ll be bringing you on Thursday later this week.

From the Alison Cork designer range, it’s a soft and sumptuous bedspread in quality pin-tucked velvet with a soft, smooth satin fabric on the reverse. It’s a generous size (260cm x 250cm), which drapes into soft folds and will suit anything from a double to a Super King-sized bed.  I’ve shown the subtle Eucalyptus colour in my bedroom at home, and there’s also a neutral Khaki. For a bolder splash of colour we will offer Deep Fuchsia, Scorched Ochre and Deep Teal, along with an option of matching pillow shams for a coordinated look.

Try to catch the launch at 9pm on Wednesday, or midnight and 4pm on Thursday, all for full hours of interior designer Alison Cork’s stylish home accessories. The gorgeous bedspread will also feature in the Morning and Lunchtime Shows at 9am and 1pm and Style Your Home at 7pm.

Something else full of functional luxury is our beauty Big Deal this week. It’s something I’ve been fascinated in since I first met founder Katie Brindle when she brought the Hayo’u Method to us on the Morning Show. It draws on treatment rituals that have been renowned for their relaxing and therapeutic qualities in China for millennia.

The technique uses a beautiful piece of natural Xiuyan Jade to gently and firmly stroke, press, rotate and sweep a nourishing beauty face oil across the face. Also great to use on the arms and chest area, it’s an old Chinese Medicine ritual called Gua Sha, which is recognised for helping to nourish the skin, slow the signs of ageing and address stress-related damage.

What is new about the Big Deal is, for the first time, there is an option to receive a gorgeous rose quartz facial tool, as well as the option to purchase the beautiful original jade one. Also, you receive the full-size 30ml De-Stress Facial Oil containing ingredients to help hydrate your skin, lift your spirit and calm your mood.

Cool, smooth and lovely to hold, the curves of the tool are shaped to fit the contours of the face: around the eyes, along the orbital bone that the eyebrows sit on and along the jawline. You can simply hold it against puffy areas or hot skin if you suffer from sensitivity or menopausal flushes, but the rose quartz is especially designed to use with the morning ritual that Katie explains in the accompanying information leaflet. It helps to revitalise your skin, your body and your mind!

That’s quite a claim, but I really enjoy the few moments of peace and breathing that are part of the routine, and my skin definitely loves the Gua Sha treatment and rewards me with an instant and visible radiance.

It’s on Big Deal with a saving of £15 until Sunday at midnight, providing we have enough stock to last the week. Rather than trying to catch it on air, have a look at Katie telling Chloe all about the Hayo’u method here!

But I do hope you can join me on air this week – I’ll be there Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings – I’m especially looking forward to Fashion Day on Friday. Hope to see you there!

All the best,

Take care!

Kathy x

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  1. Happy birthday Olley! I can’t believe your hubby is 70 Kathy! He has a great head of hair! Lovely present from the kids. Glad you enjoyed it x

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