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Another outdoor-based blog this week! We have a pair of boots for Wednesday’s Today’s Special Value from Vionic that could have been tailor made for me (or should that be ‘Tayler’ made…!). The product number is 187340.

Practical and comfy, these hiker-style boots are perfect for walking in the countryside. They’re also very much on-trend fashion-wise, even if you’d never set foot near puddles or mud!

They come in five colour choices: Black and Scotch in smooth leather or Olive, Charcoal and Toffee in soft suede.  All are water-resistant with sealed tape seams, so they’re perfect for a wet British winter. They also feature faux fur on the tongues and ankle cuffs designed to keep the cold droughts out. A side zip fastening also means they’re easy to get in and out of without having to undo the laces to put them on.

I love the look of these boots, but what makes them special for me is the technology of the underfoot. It was developed by a podiatrist, Phillip Vasyli, and is based on his own professional experience of creating thousands of custom orthotics.

As a former athlete, I put in thousands of hours of intense training and exercise during my younger years and now, at times, parts of my body feel a little worn out! I’ve had issues with my feet and knees especially, so nowadays I wear Vionic slippers, shoes, boots or removable insoles most of the time, as they help me to be comfortable when I’m standing and walking.

Thanks to my lovely husband Olley for taking these photos for me!

The boots feature biomechanically-designed orthotic insoles, which help the foot to function properly, realigning the feet into their natural position while creating stability. Your foot is obviously attached to your ankle, which joins to the lower leg and so on, so keeping the foot in the correct position helps the entire leg to work correctly and means you’re less likely to feel discomfort. Even if you don’t have any current problems, it means you’re not storing up issues for the future.

I think it’s a great idea to equip yourself for every chance to get outdoors – it can make you feel so much better. I took this lovely autumn photo while I was in the garden with the boots. Look at the gorgeous holly with acer and beech leaves – colours to lift the spirits!

I think many people would be delighted to receive these Vionic boots as a Christmas gift – they come in full UK sizes 3 – 9 and half sizes 4.5 – 6.5. They’re true to size but you do have a money back guarantee until January 31st, so plenty of time to make sure they fit.

The following day on Thursday, we will be offering something that’s specially designed for giving. It’s a beautiful collection from Shay & Blue in your choice of three fragrances: Black Tulip, Blackberry Woods or English Cherry Blossom. The product number is 240701.

In addition to full sizes of Eau de Parfum, Shower Oil and a matching Hand and Body Lotion, you’ll also receive a 10ml bottle of Tallulah’s Camellia, the newest fragrance from this artisan brand, which won’t be launching officially until next year.

Do try to catch one of the shows at 9pm on Wednesday or through the day on Thursday. Shay & Blue’s founder Dom de Vetta will be with us. He’s a fascinating and inspirational chap who describes the different fine fragrances so eloquently, you’ll almost smell them through the television.

Of course, if you’re after inspiration on gifts for your loved ones, we have so much more to choose from. Check out our line-up of shows on our website here, where you’ll find special gift idea shows at 9am on the weekends right up to Christmas. We’ll do our best to help you make Christmas as easy as possible. Happy Shopping!

Best wishes to you, and do take care.

Kathy x

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  1. You look fantastic Kathy. I’ve ordered the boots in black. After suffering with planter fasciitis I tried Vionic’s and have so many pairs now. Boots, slippers, sandals, trainers & flip flops. Love the look & style of these hiking style boots, so on trend

    1. Hi Jill
      I was lucky enough to be given the olive suede but I must admit to having ordered the black for myself as well! I suffered horribly from plantar fasciitis too and spent so much money trying to find a solution. It eventually went away, after about eighteen months and that was years ago now – Vionic footwear and insoles have helped me keep it from returning. Like you, I rarely wear anything else! Hope the love these boots when they arrive – I can’t imagine you won’t!
      Take care
      Kathy x

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