A night out for a good cause!

The tree is up

Another week, another blog! I know I posted last week but I have a few things to squeeze in before the end of the year. Can you believe I’m saying before the end of the year?! I think this may have been the fasted year in history. Where did it go?

As we were putting up our Christmas tree at the weekend it felt like it had only been a few months since we were taking down last years. Having said that, it is the earliest we have ever put our tree up, only by a few days but as the 1st of Dec landed on a week day we figured it was ok to pull it forward to the last weekend of a November!

I was extra excited this year because I finally bought us a Santa’s Best pre-lit tree and I can’t tell you what a difference it made. No tangled lights! Perfectly laid out pre-lit twinkling branches. It’s fantastic! I got the 7ft Natural and I just love it. The fight is on to which lights we keep it on, the girls like the pastel colours but I love the white. Thankfully it’s easy to flit between them with the remote control to keep us all happy! Who else got a Santa’s Best this year? Have you got yours up too?

Catwalk to a Cure for Parkinson’s UK

I took this week off to use some holiday up and I booked in a few lovely things to do. I’ve had a shopping trip to London, a manicure and pedicure and a proper night out! One of our lovely models Charlotte Evans had an incredible fundraiser night for Parkinson’s UK, ‘Catwalk to a Cure’. It’s a cause very close to her heart as her father sadly had it.

Charlotte pulled together the most incredible night with the help of many colleagues and friends. It was at Proud Cabaret Club in London and was a feast for the eyes. What a turnout too! (I should add we were asked to flow test!) It featured a stunning fashion show including Butler & Wilson evening dresses and jewellery, starring many of our QVC models who we whooped and cheered for! Even some of our backstage team gave their time freely to support the night and run the production. A fire eater, aerialist, comedienne and singers took to the stage all hosted by Vernon Kay and it was fantastic.

There was of course lots of fundraising with a raffle and auction and obviously our ticket cost went to the cause. Charlotte and everyone who helped her managed to raise over £60K which surpassed what they had hoped for. Charities have suffered massively over the last two years, so it was brilliant to be able to support this night. A massive well done to Charlotte, what a superstar! (By the way the fab sequin blazer I wore is Ruth Langsford!)

Coming Up – Today’s Special Value – StylPro Brush Cleaner and Cleaning solution 500ml

This coming Sunday night sees the launch of the StylPro brush cleaning set, an absolute must for the make-up junkies out there. It was invented by ‘The Apprentice’ winner Tom Pellereau. I had a lot of fun using this, it’s incredibly satisfying!

All you have to do is choose the appropriate size of holder for your brush and attach it to the handle. You add just a splash of cleaner to the bowl and then dip the brush into it and turn on the spin switch! In a matter of seconds your brush is clean! It’s brilliant. I’m pretty sure the majority of us aren’t cleaning our brushes as regularly as we should. It can mean bacteria is being spread all over our face and even more worryingly around our eyes. This is an effective and fun way to get the job done! You can see a video of me using this on my Instagram by clicking here.

So there we go, a quick one this week but I will blog again before Christmas. Hope you are all doing OK?

Lots of love

Katy xx

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  1. Well done Charlotte for such a magnificent total raised for a good cause and it looked like such fun too! Christmas tree looking good. I don’t bother as it’s just me and the dog and she would have it down in seconds!

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