A week of birthday celebrations

Hi there, thanks for checking in to my blog. I have been a little absent this month as I used up some holiday over April and took a few weeks off. This week just gone was such a busy one too so just as well I did! The week kicked off in a great way as we accepted an offer on our house!!! It’s felt like a really long time coming, as you may already know we put our house on the market last year but with no luck so took it off in December for a break. We then went back on in March and 4 weeks in, had two different offers, amazing!

Anyone who has tried to move will know it’s not a done deal until you have keys in your hand but at least we are over the first hurdle. We’ve been busy with paperwork and getting solicitors on board and getting the ball rolling. Typical though, that now we are ready to move there’s nothing available to buy! We are keeping everything crossed that our dream home is just about to go on the market.

The rest of the week was all about birthdays! We had a very excited soon-to-be 6-year-old in the house with Ivy practically bouncing off the walls. She had been counting down for weeks and it reached peak excitement right before. I thought she might explode! Obviously, we couldn’t have a normal kids party but that didn’t seem to bother her.

The night before we did our family tradition of going down to the beach to watch the sun go down and wave goodbye to 5 year old Ivy. It was a beautiful sunset and the tide was right out so we were able to walk out into the harbour, it was completely stunning. The next day Ivy burst into our bedroom at 7am and shouted ‘I’m 6’!!!!!!! From that moment we didn’t stop all day.

A whirl of present opening and squeals of delight ensued. We went to the park where a few of her friends met in the playground for a play and then both Tilda and Ivy had a friend back to play in our garden and make pizzas for the pizza oven outside. It ended up being the loveliest of days and didn’t have the craziness of a kids party with entertainer and all the bells and whistles, it was simple and easy and what’s more, a snip of the cost!

If that wasn’t enough for the week, I had a day between Ivy’s birthday to get ready for Fred’s. It wasn’t just any birthday either, it was Fred’s big 5 0 !!! We got ourselves back down to the beach again the night before and were treated to yet another amazing sunset as Fred said goodbye to his 40’s. We couldn’t be luckier having this on our doorstep, it’s worth more than a pot of gold.

The big day started with Fred going for a sea swim and then he came home to a champagne breakfast and a good old fry-up! He opened his presents which were all mainly sports related including a new Garmin watch to track all his stats and a new sea swimming wetsuit! We were very fortunate that Fred’s birthday landed on the week that we are allowed to eat outside at a restaurant. We booked our favourite place, ‘The Pig on the Beach’, over at Studland and took the open top bus over on the chain ferry. That in itself is an adventure for the day!

The Pig looked extra gorgeous having not been able to go there for so long. They had a marquee roof set up outside to keep any bad weather at bay but it was beautifully sunny, although a little windy. It looks out over the sea so the view was stunning, as always. I am gutted that I took quite a few pictures but my phone completely died, never to work again and I lost them all. But the memories are there and we had a gorgeous lunch so that’s what really matters.

We had a bottle of fizz to celebrate along with steaks, the kids had posh sausages and fish goujons and it was the perfect way to enjoy Fred’s birthday but also the perfect first lunch out since restrictions lifted. We took the open top bus back home too and then Fred went to meet a few friends in the pub garden. Once the kids were in bed I got to enjoy the sofa all to myself after a very busy week! PJs on, glass of wine in hand and Netflix all to myself, bliss!

Today’s Special Value – Laura Geller 4 Piece Face It All Collection – Available Now!

This fabulous collection is just in time to kick-start summer with the illuminating Balance-n-Glow and also a beautiful palette of eyeshadows to add some glamour to our look as we emerge into socialising again! It will be live on QVC on air from Saturday night at 9pm and throughout Beauty Day on Sunday, while stocks last.

The full kit is listed for you below. I had a play around with this kit earlier this week and I just loved the glow it gives the skin. If you like a matt finish then this isn’t for you but if you fancy getting a little glow to your skin with the illuminating foundation then give this a try for sure. It’s as easy to use as the favourite Balance-n-Brighten too.

The blush is also a knockout shade of sunset pinks and corals and the slick of colour from the Jelly Balm Lip colour is very wearable for daytime. The eyeshadow palette is a real treat, the pigments are gorgeous and creamy and designed not to sit in the creases. There are the most amazing shimmer options in there to really have some fun with.

I have also done a demo video for you with the kit over on my Instagram page which you can watch by clicking here.


  • 1 x Baked Balance-n-Glow Illuminating Foundation (8g) – 95% pigments, 5% highlighter in your choice of Porcelain, Fair, Light, Medium, Golden Medium, Tan and Deep. This baked formula contains swirls of multi-coloured liquid pigments that have been baked to create a creamy powder foundation, mixed with ribbons of highlighter to deliver weightless, medium coverage and a flawless, luminous finish. Contains centella Asiatica leaf extract and vitamin E. Features a semi-circular mirrored lid for on-the-go applications
  • 1 x Baked Blush-n-Brighten (4.5g) in Starfish Island (light rosy pink with swirls of coral and beige) – a cream-to-powder blush that boasts swirls of brightening pigments that deliver long-wearing, smooth coverage for a natural-looking glow. Enriched with centella Asiatica leaf extract and vitamin E. Features a semi-circular mirrored lid for on-the-go applications
  • 1 x Jelly Balm Lip Color (3g) – in Figger Than Life (neutral mauve). Boasts a unique cushiony texture that coats lips with lipstick-like colour, combined with the hydrating feeling of a lip balm, this lip colour leaves lips looking soft, smooth and plumped. Enriched with squalene and vitamin E
  • 1 x Baked Eyeshadow Palette (0.6g) – featuring the shades Coconut Cluster (light champagne shimmer), Cookie Dough (creamy beige), Almond Nougat (mid-tone neutral matte), Roasted Pecan (light pink champagne shimmer), Caramel Candy (peachy simmer), Hot Pretzel (cool mid-tone matte brown), Chocolate Chip (deep gold shimmer), Peanut Brittle (cool light pink satin), Candied Pistachio (pale pink matter), Brownie (burnt yellow brown matte), Sour Straw (burnt orange shimmer), Cinnamon Bun (rich mid-tone red brown matte), Trail Mix (warm brown base with golden shimmer) and Dark Truffle (brown shimmer). Each eyeshadow boasts a lightweight, crease-resistant cream-to-powder formula. Finished with a brush for application.

Beauty Day – Sunday

This Sunday is Beauty Day at QVC and along with the Laura Gellar TSV we will have so many other great offers for you. I wanted to mention one of the items that will be popping up in one of my shows. It’s the Revamp Progloss Hollywood Curl Rotating Hair Curler. I am so pleased with the result I got with this as I am quite particular about how my hair curls so I don’t just love any old hair styler.

What I like about this is that it does the wrapping of the hair for you which means less chance of touching the heat with your fingers as you don’t have to wrap it onto a wand. I also like that it rotates in two directions which is how I would do my hair with a barrel tong. I would normally wrap one way and then the other because you get a more natural and fuller look to the hair. I would say you definitely need to have chin length hair and beyond for this styler because of how it takes the hair in. You will see full demos on air on Sunday so I hope you will tune in.

Do you want to be part of Beauty Insider?

One more thing to tell you, while we are talking beauty. If you would like to be part of Alison Young’s Beauty Insider Shows and have a beauty story to share with her or a skincare problem you would like her advice on then all you need to do is record a short audio or video clip on your phone of what you want to say or ask and email it to your-stories@qvc.com

Our team will look through them and one of our producers will contact you for a chat if you are selected to hopefully be part of the Wednesday night show. We love to hear from our customers on air so this is a fab way to include you more.

That’s it from me this week. I hope you will check in for my next blog too as I have a really exciting announcement!

Lots of love Katy xx

PS. As always you will find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Hi katy,
    That’s such a lovely blog. There’s so many of you and such little free time to read that I don’t often but you have such a lovely way about you and are so easy to listen to. You’ve a lovely writing style too. It sounds idyllic the way you describe your happy birthdays, your family traditions and your lovely family in general. I’m not naive enough to think it’s all roses especially with your stressful house move but it sounds like a lovely time was had recently anyway. I’ll look forward to more updates x

  2. Hi! Katy such beautiful photos and such a lovely family, Hope you find your dream house soon but how lucky you are to have those beautiful beaches on your doorstep. Take care x

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