Coastal walks at Durdle Door

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while then you will know that I love to get out for long walks either out in the nearby forests or our beautiful Jurassic coastline. As much as I love the seasons, I don’t love the shorter darker days so I make sure we get out the moment I see it’s going to be a clear bright day. The girls will moan and groan every time when they think they are being dragged away from their weekend time with YouTube, they are only allowed to watch it at the weekends, but once we are out that’s forgotten!

Last weekend we bundled them into the van and headed out to my favourite walk, Lulworth to Durdle Door. I missed it so much during the lockdown when we saw so many people descend on it when some of the restrictions were lifted. It wasn’t quite the Durdle Door we know and love. The crowds, the litter, the people jumping off the arch causing the RNLI and emergency services more alerts than they should have had to deal with. So, we stayed away until it was back to the beach we love to visit.


If you ever come down this way, head to Lulworth Cove car park and take the coastal walk to Durdle Door. It’s quite a steep walk but it’s a proper path. When you get to the top of the decent to Durdle Door, there is another car park there for those who don’t want the longer walk, you will need to make sure you are in good grip shoes/boots. The path here is well worn but it’s got a lot of lose stones and people often slip.

You then get down to the steps, of which there are over 150, down to the stony beach. It’s the most incredibly stunning coastal landscape and worth adding to your list if you ever come to Dorset. If you want to see my short video reel from the day then click here for my Instagram vid.

Today’s Special Value – Centigrade

Another day another walk! This time we headed to Moors Valley which is on the edge of the New Forest and I was fully kitted out in the Centigrade Today’s Special Value. It’s the perfect outdoor walking coat, quilted and warm with a faux fur trimmed hood and plenty of pockets to keep phones and keys safe. I am a big fan of Centigrade coats and have ordered several over the years and they are still going strong. This one comes in some fab colour options including the Champagne option that I am wearing plus Navy, Black, Khaki, Charcoal and Burgundy. It launches Friday night at 9pm and all-day Saturday.

Perfect Present 

Can you believe Christmas is so close now?! I haven’t actually done a huge amount of Christmas shopping yet so I will be concentrating on that this week. We have got the kids main presents sorted though and I have made a start on the orders to Santa, let’s hope he comes through! Something that makes it really easy each year is getting an order in for Perfect Present gift bags. I particularly like them for the awkward shaped kids’ toys.

It’s a set of 20 different sizes of bags that have drawstring ribbons and tags included. They are also re-useable so I make sure to gather them up after the presents have been opened on Christmas Day and save them for next time! Your gift wrapping can be done in minutes rather than hours.

I hope you are all getting in the mood for Christmas and have some nice plans in place. We are off outdoor ice-skating this weekend to kick off the fun and we will also be putting up our tree and decorations. Have you got your tree up yet?

I hope you have a fab week!

Lots of love

Katy xx

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  1. Thank you for the photos of Durdle Door, which is one of my favourite places in the World. Unfortunately, we have not been since 2019 because of Covid restrictions and then Dorset being totally booked up. I am originally from Portsmouth but moved to the midlands over 30 years ago. I introduced my family to Dorset and they love it too; I am so envious of you having this so close to you. I agree that visitors do not always treat the beaches as well as they should.
    I have many wonderful memories of durdle-door but one which stays with me when I was standing looking down on the cove during a massive, magnificent thunder storm when I was 15. It was so elemental and powerful.
    Have a lovely life.

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