Corfe Castle and a world record

Hi everyone, sorry that I have missed a few weeks checking in here but I finally got knocked down by the dreaded virus! I was wondering when it would finally get around to me and now I can tick that one off, at least for a while. It wasn’t that fun but thankfully I am back to myself now, although still having tired days.

I lost my sense of smell for a little while too which was very odd. Luckily, I have it back now, but some things still taste a little odd, like a metallic edge to it. Did anyone else have that, it seems very random to who does and doesn’t have that? So I hope you are all doing ok?

Just before I went down with that we did get a lovely family day out to Corfe Castle, my sister came down to visit and we spent the day chasing the girls around the castle ruins and taking in the incredible view from the castle grounds over the village of Corfe. It’s a special place and feels a little frozen in time, in the best way, as the village has kept it’s quintessential Dorset vibe. Stone cottages and country pubs make it a beautiful chocolate box picturesque place to visit so add it to your list of places to visit if you come down this way.

I wanted to give a shout out to a team of brilliant people down here in Poole this week who were raising money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. The Sandbaggers Touch Rugby team attempted and succeeded in smashing a World Record for the longest continuous game of touch rugby.

A group of rugby friends who have been playing together on the beach, just for fun for years, decided to do this due to one of their players sadly being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. The previous record had been 33 hours and 33 minutes. Two squads took on the challenge to smash it and with the support of many local businesses and 1000s of locals they managed to smash the record and raise an incredible amount for charity, over £100K!!!!

We went down to watch them break the record and support by buying raffle tickets. Massive well done to all involved, it was incredible to watch the team pull together even though they must have been exhausted. The local support was also really wonderful to see.

Today’s Special ValueInnovators Santorini single day bed with footrest

Now this really is an excellent offer for those of you who want to make your garden extra special this summer. The most gorgeous Santorini day bed……SWOON! I love it so much, I may have to order one myself. Can you imagine, laying out in the sun, or under the shade, on a balmy sunny afternoon reading magazines or a good book with a cold drink. Heaven!

Super comfortable with extra scatter cushions and additional footrest so you can stretch out. It’s also a very fashionable style in the world of garden design. It’s available now on Pre-Sell and also on Easy Payments! Could this be the final touch to make your garden the only place you want to be this summer?! It launches on air officially on Friday night and throughout Saturday. I wouldn’t be surprised it this is sold out by lunchtime on Saturday!

That’s it from me, I shall be back soon with more great offers. Do make sure you are following me over on Instagram too though as I share lots of our offers there in between blogs.

Lots of love

Katy xx

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  1. Great blog Katy and lovely pictures. Ah bless you i sympathise with you over the dreaded virus. You are so right it is totally random on who seems to catch it and the symptoms that affect them. When i got it in March i had a really painful throat, bad cough and totally lost my sense of smell – which is very weird for me as normally i have a very strong sense of smell! Very strange! Take care and looking forward to seeing you with more great offers xx

  2. That garden bed looks amazing, Katy. Glad you have recovered from the virus – I can second what you say, I had the metallic taste for quite a few weeks, plus the tiredness.
    Corfe Castle looks as lovely as it did when I used to take my class there on school journey to Swanage every year! Fantastic area to visit with children, I have such happy memories. xxx

  3. Hi Katy
    I just wanted to thank you so much for putting me at ease when I was on your morning style show just over a week ago!
    You are every bit as lovely as you come across on the tv😘
    From Trudy in York x

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