Festive food and family fun!

Well here we are again, in another version of lockdown. Obviously for many of you, you are emerging out the other side of a lockdown and I hope you are enjoying being able to do a bit more, that is if you are not having to shield. It’s strange this time, it feels like one foot in and one foot out of it as it doesn’t feel as strict as last time.

The roads are still busy, the kids are at school and this time DIY and garden centres are still open. Let’s hope it is enough to make a difference. We are of course staying home as much as possible, as per the guidelines, I however am still going to the studios at QVC, as before, but Fred is working from home.

We are still making sure to get our fresh air and exercise with plenty of family walks. If you have followed me on here for a while then you will know that this is pretty normal for us anyway as we love to get out in the great outdoors to stretch our legs so thankfully this still feels like before. One of our favourite spots is a place called Moors Valley, a country park and forest. It’s got so much space that you can really keep to yourselves so it’s the perfect place for social distancing.

You can play in dens and make your own. One of my favourite things about Moors Valley is the immense height of the trees, it makes me feel small and I find it very soothing. Is that weird? I guess it helps remind me that there is a big wide world out there and we are just a tiny part of it. I think sometimes life can feel like it’s just your own little bubble so it’s good to remember that there is a bigger picture.

I took the opportunity to break in my new Emu Sharkey boots which are a ‘Big Deal’ at the moment. We have four colours to choose from and they have contrasting soles which is quite different for Emu. They are a really nice ankle height so easy to wear with lots of different trousers or tights. They are obviously super toastie for cold days and they are also water-resistant, so perfect even if you get caught in the odd light rain shower.

I have the Dark Grey with the transparent sole, I have a lot of grey in my wardrobe so these are perfect for me. I wear a size 8 in Emu as they do a proper 42, they feel snug at first because of the sheepskin but that settles down once you have worn them for a bit. I wore mine with my NYDJ Sheri Jeans, which are now on a Clearance price, remember you have to go down a size with NYDJ!

In the kitchen

I’ve started to get baking again as it’s a fun thing to do at home with the kids when we can’t go out, particularly with the amount of rain that we have had. I had a bit of a build-up of the stronger dark chocolate Hotel Chocolat sachets for the Velvetiser as we all prefer the milky ones and salted caramel so I thought it would make the perfect chocolate cake.

I searched for ‘chocolate cake with real chocolate’ and found the BBC Good Food recipe for ‘Ultimate Chocolate Cake’. I had to make a few tweaks though as I didn’t have everything it required and I didn’t want to have to have to go to the big supermarket as it wasn’t essential! So I swapped golden caster for regular caster sugar.

I also didn’t have buttermilk but a quick fix for that is to use the same amount in regular milk (I used semi-skimmed) you then add half a tablespoon of white vinegar. I then used the sachets of dark ‘Hotel Chocolat’ for the cake and the ganache and I can tell you it was absolutely knockout!

I actually brought mine out of the oven 10 mins early as it was starting to look over done on the top and I’m so glad I did as the middle was just perfect. I slice off the crust on the top of the cake before I add the ganache which makes the whole cake seem much lighter and fluffier. My KitchenAid should be arriving soon so I will be doing lots of baking in the near future!

Congratulations to Marie-Francoise!

I wanted to say a huge congratulations to Marie Francoise our much-loved Kipling guest as she has now publicly announced that she and her husband are expecting their second baby! We are all thrilled for her and I’m sure this little one will be just as gorgeous as their first. Some of you eagle-eyed may have spotted the bump hidden behind the desk on our last show together.

November jewellery –

Our lovely presenter stylist is starting to pick some beautiful jewellery items for us each to wear for the month and this November she has chosen two rather gorgeous Diamonique pieces for me. You may have already seen me in them on air as I haven’t really taken them off!

The first one I feel is very appropriate for this year. It is the ‘Hope’ necklace, a collaboration with Lola Rose, which we have in Gold Plating, Rhodium Plating and Rose Gold plating. If this isn’t the time for hope then I don’t know when is. A gorgeous sentiment and a beautiful gift for someone.

I have been wearing it along with the Escape by Melissa Odabash Zodiac pendant, which is also gold-plated. I am a Pisces so obviously have that option and at the moment all the star signs are in stock. The white shirt I’m wearing is Gok Wan’s WULI:LUU painter shirt.

Christmas food

Have you started getting ready for Christmas? I am so tempted to put the tree up this weekend but Fred isn’t having any of it! I have however started ordering our Christmas food. We have booked a lunch out on Christmas Day but just in case it doesn’t happen I have ordered the Althams 3.2kg Premium British meat hamper. Either way it will get used over the festive season. It will only be us and my sister so I didn’t need the bigger one.

I have also ordered the H Forman and Son Salmon Coulibiac, which is one of my favourite food items ever at QVC. It’s a Russian dish of salmon rolled in rice then pancake, then pastry and it’s to die for! We will have this on Christmas Eve or maybe Boxing Day, I haven’t decided yet. That has already arrived and went straight in the freezer.

I have also ordered the Godminster Double Duo Vintage Cheddar and Truffle Cheddar Gift set. A gift for me!!! I am obsessed with anything truffle and this cheese is out of this world. I have been known to spoon it of the wax and eat it straight.

No doubt I will be making plenty more food orders but that’s a start!

Well that’s it from me, thanks for reading my blog. I will be back with another one in time for all our Black Friday offers.

Stay safe, lots of love

Katy xx

PS. As always you’ll find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. xx

8 Responses

  1. Love Reading your Blogs Katy,so lovely to read about you and your beautiful family.
    QVC are like family to me, I don’t always buy things but I love to watch the shows, it takes me away from reality and eases my anxiety and for that I am truly grateful.
    Take care and stay safe. X

    1. Thanks for your message Stella, that’s so nice to hear that we are a source of comfort to you right now. I’m so glad we can be a bit of an escape from everything. Stay safe xx

  2. Hi Katy, I love to read your blogs. Your enthusiasm and zest for life always comes through. I especially like to hear about where you have been as I have a dear friend who lives in Poole. As I am in Yorkshire I haven’t seen her since Boxing Day due to Covid. In normal times we meet up several times a year in London and we’ve had some wonderful days out in the city.
    With your recommendation I am going to order the Coulibiac. I’ve considered it many times but you have sold it to me! My favourite local restaurant is a fish and seafood one where I hope we can go on Christmas Eve but if not this will do nicely. Could I ask what do you normally serve it with?
    Looking forward to trying it.
    Best wishes

    1. I truly hope you get to see your friend really soon as soon as it is safe to do so, lets hope that’s not long away. I hope you love the salmon couliback as much as I do. It’s also good with a creamy sauce over it if you want to take it up a step. I would just have it with a few new potatoes and green veg but it is also a good starter on its own if you were making the slices go that bit further. You could add a rocket salad with it too if you don’t want it to be too heavy as it does have pastry and pancake so carbs are covered!
      Katy xx

  3. Hi Katie glad you like moors valley we live in ringwood and agree its a good place to go. Lovely pictures of you all i really enjoy your blogs about what you have been up to, let’s hope xmas is good and covid settles down best wishes Loraine x

    1. Ahhh how nice that you are so close to Moors Valley, it’s such a lovely place to escape for a few hours isn’t it. Hope you have some nice things to look forward to this Christmas even if scaled down! katy xx

  4. Loved reading your Blog Katie, you are a lovely family,and all of you at QVC have kept me entertained during Lockdown, and thought the Blue faux fur Cetigrade coat you wore on the Style Channel looked fabulous on you xx

    1. Thanks Jean, I ordered that blue faux fur coat and I love it! I may feature it on here if we have any stock left. The kids won’t leave me a lone when I wear it though because it’s so soft they keep stroking me! So pleased we keep you entertained. Thanks for your message, stay safe xx

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