Getting back to beach life

Can you believe it is the end of May already? I have never known a time to feel so slow and yet be speeding by at the same time. As we adjust to life the way it is now, we, I hope, are starting to find our feet. Yes of course life is unsure for many of us and no one knows what is around the corner, but dare I say I am enjoying this slow pace of life. That does, I hope, in no way diminish the cost of what this whole time has been to so many. We have ourselves as a family taken our own knocks during this time but we are adjusting.

So we are spending our time as well as we can, we are making sure to make this family time as special as possible. It’s been a gift to our kids and to us to get this time without the rush, without the crazy ferrying of the girls to school, after school clubs, parties and swimming classes. Fred hasn’t been on the road or away once since this all began, when we are so used to often passing each other on the motorway as one heads to work and the other comes back while the kids are at school.

Since the lockdown has loosened, we have tentatively made our way back to some of the things we love the most. The beach for us is top of that list. It’s the reason why I am happy to live so far away from where I work, because every minute spent barefoot on the sand is worth every minute in the car. The fresh air, the sand between our toes and being able to see across the water to a horizon makes me feel very grounded.

So this week we have been testing the water, metaphorically and literally. You will probably have seen in the press some of the pictures of our UK beach hot spots like Bournemouth and it has indeed been very busy in some places. We have avoided those areas completely and in all honesty never went to those spots before all this anyway. As locals we know where to go to find space. We are also lucky to be able to rent a beach hut on one of the quiet strips of beach and because it is one with a balcony, there is no spilling out onto the promenade or onto anyone else for that matter.

We have either gone down early morning for a bacon sarnie in the beach hut while it’s super quiet or we have gone down towards the end of the day. This week we had a real treat and picked up a Fish and Chip supper and took it to the beach to eat, possibly one of the best dining experiences you can have, in my opinion. There’s something magical about the light at the end of the day, it makes everything look golden and calm.

We took the swimsuits and towels so the kids could paddle, the tide was so far out so we were all able to go right out and splash around till the sun started to go down. Tilda and Ivy were like little sea nymphs darting around getting soaked and squealing chasing each other. Their faces said it all, the grins from ear to ear were a treat to see. The water was so warm too as it was so shallow and had heated up throughout the day so it was the perfect time to be there.

One thing that has been brilliant during this amazing weather has been the Fan U portable and rechargeable fan. It charges with a USB cable so no need for batteries and it’s the handiest thing to have in your handbag. I can see now that I am going to need to get them for Tilda and Ivy too as they keep stealing it off me, they think it’s brilliant. It’s the perfect amount of breeze on these warmer days but I think will also be really handy for the ladies out there who need something instant to help cool during a hot flush.

Like most people though, the place we are spending most of our time is of course at home. I have loved the time I have spent getting our garden looking nice and have more plans for it to come. One of the best things we bought this lockdown though was of course a ‘cheap as chips’ paddling pool which has meant lots of fun in the garden. Again, I know how lucky we are to have our own outdoor space for this. The kids have had plenty of time splashing about in it but I too have used it to cool down when that afternoon sun gets too hot.

I am particularly fond of the new swimsuit I ordered from QVC and our collection from Phase Eight. It’s the Paintbrush Floral option and I love the colour of it, the blue is such a good strong bright colour. What I love about this style is that it is double layered across the tummy area with a little ruching so I feel nicely smoothed down and it’s not showing every lump and bump! It’s incredibly good quality and I definitely give my recommendation on it.

What’s coming up at QVCKorres

We have got a couple of belting skincare TSVs this weekend! I have said in previous blogs that so many of us are taking extra care of our skin lately and perhaps not wearing as much make-up as before so these are a couple of real treats.

Firstly, launching tonight at 9pm it’s the Korres 3pc Anti Ageing Hydrating and Firming Collection. Today’s Special Value. What is great about this collection is that the ingredients are for advanced body skincare so that our bodies can get the same love that we tend to treat our faces to. I will admit that in the past I can take or leave body cream. I don’t always have time for it in the morning but it’s something I have noticed I can’t ignore anymore.

My friends who are older than me, warned me that the change to my skin would come for me eventually and they were right. My arms in particular are starting to get so much dryer. What I have completely fallen in love with from this collection is the fact that I can spray and go with the beautiful formula which unbelievably is a body butter.

I chatted to Liz Folce from Korres yesterday and she explained that the process that they went through for this formula took 3 years. They have to liquefy the shea butter then turn it into crystals that are then liquified again into a finer formula so that you are able to get more absorption of this gorgeous cream. Ordinarily, she tells me, shea butter only gives you up to 3% absorption because of it’s thickness. Well this cream gives up to 3 times more!!! I am completely sold on this body cream and I hope you will be too.

You will be getting two bottles of the supersize shea butter spray and also a supersize of the matching scent shower wash, which is also packed with anti-ageing ingredients. There will be seven scents to choose from tonight, I have the Lily Bouquet which is the newest but there will also be Guava, Vanilla Guava, Cashmere Rose, White Blossom , Sea Lavender and Pure Cotton.

Liz Earle

Your Superskin Today’s Special Value is here!! Even though it officially launches on Saturday night on air it is already available online on a pre-launch! It’s already flying out the door too, unsurprisingly. It contains the new Cleanse & Polish with Neroli and it’s devine!! Below is what is included and you have choice of Superskin Moisturiser in Original or Neroli. I don’t need to tell you too much as most of you already know and love these products but you will hear even more on air over the course of Saturday evening and Sunday.

Both collections contain:

1 x NEW Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser with Neroli (250ml; supersize) – the multi award-winning plant-based hot cloth cleanser now beautifully fragranced with neroli pure essential oil and steam distilled from the white blossom of the bitter orange tree. Its rich, creamy texture helps to quickly remove daily grime and make-up, while the pure muslin cloths gently exfoliate and dislodge dead skin cells to leave your skin feeling clean, soft and looking radiant. Naturally active ingredients include rosemary, chamomile, eucalyptus and cocoa butter

1 x NEW Brightening Eye Cream (15ml; full size) – a new, lightweight eye cream formulated to instantly brighten and hydrate your complexion while working to visibly reducing the appearance of dark circles. Enriched with horse chestnut flower extract, British borage oil, rich in GLA, echinacea extract and a naturally-derived light reflecting pigment suitable for all skin tones that allows the eye contours to look visibly transformed

1 x Instant Boost Skin Tonic (200ml; full size) – a floral-scented, non-drying toner that works to refresh, soothe and brighten the look of your skin. Formulated with aloe vera, calendula, cucumber and vitamin E, plus rose-scented geranium

2 x pure cotton cloths

1 x sleep mask

Plus your choice of:

1 x Superskin Moisturiser Original (50ml) – this rich, indulgent cream helps to smooth and plump the appearance of your skin for a healthy and revitalised-looking complexion. Fragrance-free for sensitive skin, this formula features cranberry seed, rosehip and borage oil with natural vitamin E


1 x Superskin Moisturiser in Natural Neroli (50ml) – a delicious aromatic option, it features the same botanicals as the original with the addition of pomegranate flower, plus neroli, lavandin and chamomile extracts

In the kitchen

Like you, I expect, I am in full summer food mode which means salads galore! We are BBQing up a storm but I am making sure we are balancing out the burgers and chicken kebabs with lots of colour. I am trying to make sure I am bringing in as many different nutrients into our food lately so I have really been getting into seeds. It’s a fantastic way to superpower your meals.

You can get lots of ready bagged mixes at the supermarket but if you want to buy them separately then I would recommend you start with sunflower, pumpkin, flax and chia seeds plus pine nuts. A couple of my favourite side salads are firstly cooked beetroot, feta and pine nuts with a balsamic drizzle. Then mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, avocado and then a mix of seeds scattered all over. I often add a squeeze of fresh lime juice over it plus balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

That’s it for another blog, I hope you are all staying safe and well. Let me know what you’ve been up to and as always you can keep up with me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Lots of love

Katy xx

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  1. Hi Katy, Thank you for your lovely blog. It’s great reading. It’s wonderful to spend time with our love one’s kids grow up so quickly. Love the family outings. I am getting ready to try your recipe as part of our dinner. It looks mouthwatering and yummy. Stay safe. Antoinette

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