Half term and a tasty new recipe!

Half Term

Hi there! How are you? Last week was half term for us and it’s one that we never really plan that much for. Unless you can afford to fly away somewhere hot it’s not really worth trying to go anywhere too far as the weather is always cold and wild so we usually try to juggle it between us and save our holiday from work for all the other school breaks throughout the year.

So instead we fill it with play dates and indoor activities! On one of the days I took the girls to a ceramic cafe along with some other friends. I haven’t done this since Tilda was about one and we printed her tiny hand onto a mug for Father’s Day. The girls were so excited, so I tried not to wince at the surprising cost of all the ceramics, I managed to distract Ivy from a large £18 mermaid that she desperately wanted to paint!

We settled on an owl mug, a penguin ornament and a little pot for me for my salt in the kitchen. Even though the place was packed it was a nice calm activity and Tilda and Ivy were really concentrating on their designs, so it was worth every penny. This week I managed to remember to actually go and pick up our creations as you of course have to leave them behind so the glaze can be fired, the girls are super chuffed with the end result. The problem is they now want to go back again and again…….this could get expensive!

What I’ve been wearingPhase Eight Hiroka Floral Print Wrap Dress

You may have spotted me last week in a rather nice floral print dress from Phase Eight. I love the style of this dress, it fits like a glove and with no awkwardness. What I mean by that is that I wasn’t having to adjust it every five minutes. It sits really elegantly, and it’s got a bit of a 50’s feel which I am often drawn to and I love the way the neckline folds over giving it a smarter finish.

It’s a beautiful viscose and a good thickness so doesn’t cling and hangs just right. The pops of teal are very pretty against the navy and I know this dress is going to get a lot of wear for me not just on air but out and about with trainers and a denim jacket.

Sam Ubhi 

I’m excited that we just took delivery of the latest jewellery collection from Sam Ubhi. The first show went live yesterday afternoon so some of the pieces have already been snapped up but do make sure to check out the new pieces. The cougar designs in particular are my favourites, the earrings are so different, and I got a few messages asking about them after I wore them on air at the weekend.

I love that Sam has continued with her animal theme, you may remember me writing about the first collection last year and the peacock designs were a huge hit. They have a vintage vibe and I think that’s why they have been so popular. If you haven’t looked before do check out her range, you won’t find anything quite like it anywhere else.

The red dress I am wearing with the cougar pendant is the Nina Leonard 3/4 sleeve Wrap Midi Dress and I am wearing a Medium.

Percy & Reed – Today’s Special ValueAvailable now! 

Thrilled to have Percy & Reed as a Today’s Special Value this week. It’s the perfect combination of products all of which I have used many times before but now the brand new ‘Eau My Goodness’ fine fragrance features in three of the products.

You’ll get –

1 x Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Wash Shampoo (250ml; full size) – creates a luscious lather that works to cleanse, moisturise and smooth your hair, while also helping to reduce split ends. Dermatologically-tested and gentle enough even for sensitive scalps.

1 x Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Care Conditioner (250ml; full size) – formulated with aloe vera and works to soothe and restore the pH balance in your hair. Dermatologically-tested and gentle enough even for sensitive scalps.

1 x Eau My Goodness Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm (150ml; supersize) – this lightweight leave-in formula preps and primes your hair in readiness for all styling products and techniques, without weighing it down or leaving any residue. This multi-tasking marvel also helps to provide continuous protection from frizz and humidity.

1 x Eau My Goodness No-Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo (200ml) – formulated to help soak up excess oil, cleanse your scalp and leave your hair looking fresh and glossy. Ideal for all hair types for use between washes as a quick-fix makeover to help revive lacklustre-looking hair.

1 x Eau My Goodness Big Bold & Beautiful Dry Instant Volumising Spray (200ml) – a non-sticky and super lightweight spray designed to add volume and body to limp, fine hair. Quick and easy to use, the weightless, translucent mist works to build body and provide natural-looking, flexible hold.

I particularly love Wonder Balm as it calms down my flyaway hair when it’s curly and when it’s straight. I tend to have to wash my hair every other day but with this dry shampoo I can get an extra day out of it. Along with the dry shampoo I then add the Instant volume spray as well and then it looks like it has the volume of a freshly washed head of hair. There’s nothing in this collection that I won’t use and value wise it’s a brilliant offer!

Just Right Multi Use Cushion – Next week’s Big Deal

I’m not going to lie to you, when I first saw this cushion in the Today’s Special Value meeting a few weeks ago, I thought what on earth is that?! It got passed around the room for people to try and suddenly the ‘what on earths’ became ‘oh my goodness’ as one by one we all tried out the Just Right Cushion.

When I put it behind my back on the hard chair that I was sitting on I went from uncomfortable to aaaaaaaahhhhh in one second. Immediately I thought of my 2hr car journeys to work and knew that this would be amazing and game-changing. I was right too, I have been using it in my car for the past few weeks and I just love it. It’s cosy, supportive and actually keeps my back straight. Now I should say at this point that it’s not something that’s officially designed for backs like mine that get strained easily but it’s definitely made a difference for me on my journeys.

It’s so easy to take in and out too, the problem is once it was in the house Tilda and Ivy ‘claimed it’ straight away! They like to lie on it while watching telly and reading too. I have used it to sit on the floor by their beds with it behind me while I lean against the bed frame and read their bedtime stories. You can use it elevate legs on the bed or to prop you up.

It’s made of 5 different segments so you can turn it into a number of different shapes. I actually have it behind my back right now while I write this! It launches on the 2nd March, I honestly think this is going to be one of those little gems for those who buy it.

In the Kitchen – Pork Chops with Apples and Cider

This is a real winter dinner, perfect for this recent weather when you want to hide away. It’s also very simple.

You’ll need –

Pack of Pork Chops – (I had a pack of 8 and used 4 for this and then used the other 4 another night in a stir fry)
1 medium White Onion
2 Apples, peeled and sliced into slim slices
2 Garlic Cloves, chopped
Chicken Stock (I use those jelly pots)
Fresh Thyme – dry is fine too
1 bottle of dry cider
Double Cream
Salt and Pepper

As always this is not an exact recipe as I always cook by eye and taste, you can add and take away whatever you feel like.

I started on a medium heat with a slug of olive oil in a large frying pan and added the chopped garlic and thyme and let the flavour infuse into the oil. I then added the chops and let them brown up on both sides. I then removed the chops onto a plate. I then added the apple and onion and fried them off. I then put the chops back in the pan and poured in a third of the cider and let simmer. I then added the stock pot directly into the cider and let it melt away.

Add salt and pepper to taste. I then kept topping up the cider until I had used it all. Let the liquid reduce and then add a slug of cream or leave it out if you are being good. It’s great both ways! This can be made earlier and then re-heat later so it’s a good dish when having guests. I served it with mashed potato and cabbage. Yum!

This weekend I will be celebrating my 40th Birthday which is officially on March 2nd, I feel like I’ve been gearing up to this for ages! I am having a party with friends and family along with a hog roast and lots of Prosecco! I found a fantastic gold sequin jumpsuit to wear which screams, it’s my Birthday! So be prepared for lots of Birthday spam on my next blog, you’ve been warned!

Lots of Love
Katy xxx

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  1. Hi Katy

    Just to wish a lovely lovely time at this time in your life and have a tot for me (haha!!)
    I enjoy your blogs and it’s nice of you to spare time to do them as you must have little time for yourself.
    Once again happy birthday and lots of love.

  2. hi katy, have a fabulous 46th birthday same age as me, doesn’t time fly by especially the older we get, enjoy your day and look forward to seeing the photos especially the gold jumpsuit sounds lovely, i love a bit of sparkle too, have a great day.

  3. Happy Birthday Katy hope you have a wonderful day. It’s my husbands Birthday the following day on the 3rd so we shall be celebrating that day. We are going for a nice lunch the two of us and then the family will be round later for cake and fizz …. just perfect!

    1. Hope you managed to have a nice celebration too, it may be a while before we can get to do things like that again, but I am optimistic and know we will get to again some time soon xx

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