Look who’s come to live with us!

It’s been a busy past few weeks in our household as we have been settling in two new members of the family. Two beautiful mini lop-eared bunnies!

This has been a long time coming. Tilda has been begging and pleading her case for about 6 months and after a lot of research and going back and forth we finally agreed. As I’m sure many of you will know taking on any animal is a big decision and one you can’t take lightly. You might think rabbits don’t take much work but you would be very much mistaken. They need a lot of love, time and attention and care.

So, we have cleared our garage to accommodate the most enormous hutch with run. We didn’t want them to be in the garden as we would have worried 24/7 about foxes but we didn’t want them to be entirely house bunnies as they really can take over your home. So, we have settled somewhere in between.

They come into the house every afternoon to play in the living room and they seem to have settled in beautifully. They are sisters which the girls have named… wait for it… Babbity Lavender and Princess Snowdrop!! I have a feeling these bunnies are going to be incredibly spoilt. I have already bought them a selection of Cozee Home pet beds and blankets which they love getting snoozy on.

I look forward to being able to let them play in the garden in their pen once their vaccinations kick in. If any of you have bunnies make sure to pass any of your tips along!

What’s coming at QVC – Elemis

Well unless you are living under a rock you will know that the Elemis Christmas Today’s Special Value has already gone on sale!!! This is the big one that so many of you wait for and then order in your droves for yourselves and family and friends. Already over 70 000 have been ordered which is incredible.

This year it comes in a choice of three gorgeous fragrances, Frangipani Monoi, Skin Nourishing or the brand-new Lime & Ginger. I went Lime & Ginger without a doubt as I love a zingy fragrance with a bit of spice!

Each collection will include:

Pro-Collagen Energising Marine Cleanser 75ml
Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm 50g
Soothing Apricot Toner 200ml
Pro-Collagen Marine Cream 30ml
Pro-Collagen Marine Oil 5ml

Then from your fragrance choice you will get:

Velvet Body Butter
Bath and Shower Milk
Hand and Nail Balm
Velvet vanity bag

The saving, as usual, is outstanding as if you were to buy these items individually it would cost £193 so this offer at £54.96 means a saving of £138.04!!

We are extra excited this year because finally Keeley Aydin will be able to join us here in the UK to tell us all about this fantastic collection and how to get the best out of everything in it. We can’t wait for the weekend when it will officially launch on air on Saturday night and all through Sunday! Get yours before they are all gone.

Alison Cork Set of 3 Pre-Lit 2m Rope strands – Friday

This is a lovely way to add a little festive glitz to your home this Christmas. Alison Cork knows how to do festive, that’s for sure and these rope strands can be a really easy way to make different areas in your home sparkle.

You will get a set of 3 battery-powered rope strands in a choice of 6 colours ranging from Gold and Red to a soft silvery pink. Batteries are included and the pack is hidden in an organza bag. You can put them on your tree, in a glass bowl or jar or even wrap them around a wreath to put on your front door. They will launch on Thursday (11th) night and be on air all day Friday while stocks last.

Tapp’d Cocktails

I had the absolute pleasure of getting to try out the Tapp’d 12 Days of Christmas Cocktail collection this week. It featured in one of the festive food shows on Tuesday and it was very popular so I thought I would mention it here too.

I love a cocktail but I only ever have them on a night out simply because you need to have so many different ingredients stocked to be able to do it at home but the trouble is they are so expensive. You would be lucky to get one for under £10 in London too so it’s not a cheap night out.

I had my reservations of this collection though, I wondered if they would be quite watered down and not have the full body flavour of a fresh cocktail. Thankfully I needn’t have worried! Obviously this is designed to open like an advent calendar, but I wasn’t about to wait until December to give it a try.

I opened it all up to find 12 bottles including 2 x Porn Star Martinis, 2 x Pina Colada, 2 x Sex on the Beach, 2 x French Martini, 1 x Espresso Martini, 1 x Mojito, 1 x Cosmopolitan and 1 x Strawberry Daquiri.

Once you’ve made the hard choice of which one to try first grab yourself a cocktail shaker (use a flask if you don’t have one) add ice to it and give it a good shake! Pour into an appropriate glass and garnish if you so wish.

The funniest thing for me was when I could hear Fred dealing with Tilda and Ivy who were kicking off in the living room over something and he came into the kitchen to find me quietly enjoying a Mojito having a LOVELY time! It was so good, I also tried the Strawberry Daquiri and made an Espresso Martini for Fred!

Really impressed with these, they would make a great present for someone who loves cocktails, but they are also a fun way to get the party started with your friends. Always enjoy responsibly and you must be over 18 years of age to purchase.

Well that’s definitely something to get us in the festive spirit isn’t it?!

I hope you are all really well.

Lots of love

Katy xx

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6 Responses

  1. The bunnies are beyond cute and I love the names 🤍🤍 Ooo, the cocktail advent calendar sounds like the perfect gift for my friend 🍸 Off to make yet another purchase!! xxx

  2. Great blog Katy. Oh boy the bunnies are soOOOO cute and adorable. Love the names! Cant wait for the Elemis TSV and have to go for the Lime and Ginger too as i love citrus with a touch of spicy. Will also go for the mens set although i may just steal the sharp shower for myself! xx

  3. Hi Katy
    The 2 new additions to your family are gorgeous. It sounds like you have created an ideal set up for them – they will be able to enjoy spending play time both indoors and safely in their accommodation, away from the elements and foxes. As a fellow bunny ‘ Mum’, I have found that rabbits like to have lots to keep them occupied, so if I could offer you any tips, toys to play with and that are safe to chew are always good – they are great boredom breakers and help to wear their teeth down too. Wishing you and all your family all the very best 🐰
    Love Jules x

  4. Hi Katy, I have had bunnies for 9 years and your pics really remind me of our first two – a grey mini lop called Chelsea and a white lionhead called Merlin. You have done absolutely the right thing with your huge garage hutch-cum-run. I have sadly had a fox incident when having them run freely in a supposedly secure garden; and when house based, they have destroyed furniture, plants, blankets, rugs – they are natural chewers and highly curious. They really are a much bigger responsibility than most people would ever dream of, as they should never be kept 24/7 in a cage. I wish you and the girls so much joy and fun with your new arrivals! xx

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