Lunch dates, big hair and a new brand!

Lunch date on our own!

Last week as you may have read in my previous blog, the girls went back to school, and it’s been so nice to see them rushing off with their friends at the school gates all excited. We have however had a few days when Tilda in particular has been a little emotional as it’s all so different for them. We are talking it over with her though to try and alleviate any worries she has. I am sure we are not the only ones having these conversations with their kids.

The house has been quiet without them at home on the days I am not at work and Fred and I actually took the opportunity to go out for lunch, just the two of us. Something we haven’t done since the beginning of March! We took advantage of a local restaurant who was continuing with the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ offer and so treated ourselves to steaks and a quiet lunch outside in the sun without having to jump up every 5 minutes to sort the kids out.

It felt like a mini break, I even had a cheeky glass of rose. I also made a bit of an extra effort and wore a new dress from Onjenu, the black floral Joni Short Sleeve Maxi dress. It felt so nice to put a dress on and have a bit of time for just us, as it doesn’t happen very often. I think it’s important to when you get the chance. We were lucky that we were both at home on the same day for a change!

Revamp Pro Gloss Airstyler – launching tonight (Thursday 17th September) on QVC at 9pm

I have been having some fun with my hair this week testing out the Today’s Special Value from Revamp and the Pro Gloss Airstyler. It has ceramic barrels enriched with Keratin, argan and coconut oils to help with smoothness and shine.

I started by blast drying the roots with the concentrator and then I sectioned my hair and used the retractable bristle barrel attachment for the underneath which is perfect as you can’t get tangled in it. On the top layer I swapped to the 19mm tong to get the tighter curls. It works with three different settings of heat and airflow and I found it pretty easy to use.

This is the second time I have used it and I loved the result, big glam hair. I then had some fun trying out a few more hair styles and did an up do with all the volume it had created. The price is going to be really fantastic at under £40! Jackie will be launching it tonight (Thursday 17th September) at 9pm and I will be live on air with it on Friday at 11am.

Ninja Health Grill and Air Fryer AG551UK

My next challenge this week was to try out the Ninja Max Health Grill and Air Fryer. I put it to the test and challenged it to a spatchcock chicken! You can watch how I got on with it in a video I have posted on my Instagram by clicking here.

I did a simple sprinkle of Piri Piri seasoning, a squeeze of lemon and some ground garlic and let the Ninja do the rest. It took about 45 mins in the oven, this will vary depending on size of chicken as the meat probe makes sure it is at the perfect temp at the thickest part of whatever meat you are cooking.

It’s also great for veggies as the roasted vegetables I added came out beautifully. All the fat from the chicken drained away so it was a nice healthy way to cook it and it was simple to follow the instructions. I could have put the chicken straight onto the cooking pot but I used the crisper basket for the chicken so that the fat drained down.

I have also tried it with sausages and salmon fillets and they were perfect too, particularly the sausages which would normally be swimming in their own fat! I cooked these using the grill plate. When you do your research of prices make sure you look for the AG551UK as it’s the larger capacity version. See more when it launches on air at 9pm on Friday and throughout the day on Saturday.

Gary Cockerill – the launch of Make Up Intelligence

I am incredibly excited to get to present the launch show of celebrity make-up artist Gary Cockerill. Even if you haven’t heard his name before you have no doubt seen his work. His client list is extensive and high profile and has graced magazine covers and knockout red carpet looks. I remember his lavish wedding ceremony to TV handy man Phil Turner in OK magazine, it was a very glamorous affair!

Gary’s make-up range is two years in the making and it’s described as an innovative cutting edge brand. It is driven by creating the perfect complexion and wants everyone who uses it to look and feel beautiful and the best versions of themselves. Whether we want to look sophisticated, natural or glamorous Gary has us covered.

The collection itself is so beautiful and the products are to die for. Make sure to be following me on my Instagram as I will be doing some videos with the products. The timeless eyeshadow palette is everything I want from an eyeshadow collection and the liquid lipstick is right up my street. The foundation is so clever as the perfect concealer is built into the lid, genius! I can’t wait to introduce Gary to the live shows at 1pm this Sunday 20th September on Beauty Day. Set the reminders!


I thought I would show you what I treated myself to from Diamonique Day. Last time I had these on a show they sold out and I was so disappointed not to get them, so I made sure I learned my lesson and got in there asap for the Vintage Style Leverback Earrings as we got them back in stock.

It was the simulated emerald ones that caught my eye, I just adore the colour of emerald and I am always drawn to it during jewellery shows. Perhaps it’s the Irish in me! I think they really do have that vintage vibe about them, the sort of thing you would find in a lovely little antique jewellery shop in a side lane somewhere. I just need somewhere to wear them now!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the shows we are bringing you at the moment. Lots of new brands are coming to QVC so make sure to keep an eye out.

Also I wanted to remind you that we are live again over on the Style Channel from 3pm ‘til 7pm and fashion Big Deal is also back! If you watch on Freeview you have to hit the red button via our main channel to watch (channels 16 & 35).

Lots of love Katy xx

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  1. Hi Katie,

    I have just watched your show with Gail it made my day. I was feeling fed up at the thought of maybe more shielding for me and your show was just the tonic I needed. I do hope the two of you didn’t get into trouble I wish more shows were like it.

    1. Hi Katie.I too love your presenting style, so natural and lovely to watch and listen to.I have 2 daughters (grown up now) but your bloggs take me back xxx

    2. Sorry for such a slow reply, I hadn’t seen all the messages on this blog! So pleased we made you laugh on that show, it was soooooo funny! stay safe, lots of love xx

  2. Hi, that new make up range looks good, thanks for the heads up I remember Phil Turner from housey programmes in the early 2000s. Your hair looks lovely done with the styler and I love your earrings, xx

  3. Hi Katie watching you on the boots programme. I, like you need a 42 in shoes and boots. I have been e mailing Moda in Pelle for a couple of years trying to persuade them to do a 42. Please on our behalf, and there are loads of us, keep asking for a 42. When I was in my teens (60s) going into a shoe shop wanting an 8 I use to have a choice of 1 or 2 shoes but now so many of us take this size. By the way I solved the problem by working in a shoe shop on a Saturday and grabbing every shoe in size 8 that was delivered to the shop!!!!!!

    1. I have the same wish for Moda in Pelle, I know that Katie Pemberton who represents the brand does feed that back to them and I am told they are looking into it so lets hope they bring us a size 9 next year! x

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