My 40th birthday celebrations

My 40th Celebrations

Well it finally happened, I turned 40, and you know what, I kinda like it. It’s always been made to be seen as an age to freak out about and that it’s a really big deal. The fact of the matter is, every birthday is a big deal in my book. Still though, it felt good to celebrate the milestone with all my nearest and dearest with a party.

I picked a beautiful local venue that didn’t need much in the way of decorations, booked an incredible Hog Roast which I would love to give a shout out to, Lucy’s BBQs and Hog Roasts from Dorset, as she went out of her way to make it the most incredible spread. I had 12 bottles of Prosecco put on Ice for arrival drinks and let the fun begin.

I had lots of family down to stay which was really lovely and made it all extra special. Friends came down to stay from London too and everyone was on such good form and ready to party with me. When everyone kept asking me what I was going to wear I thought about it and said you know what, I want a gold sequin jumpsuit!! That’s exactly what I managed to track down too, it turned out to be one that Tess Daly had worn on Strictly in a different colour and I figured if it’s good enough for Strictly then it’s perfect for my 40th and I even got it on sale!

I don’t know about you but when I am hosting a party it always takes a while for me to relax into it. So for the first hour and a half I was running around making sure people had drinks and greeting everyone who arrived but after that I finally just let it all happen and started to just enjoy myself. When the hog roast was served everyone was astounded by the amount of food, me included, the crackling was insane! I didn’t have enough room in this blog for all the pictures but I will make sure to add more onto my social media platforms for you to see if you are interested.

Tilda and Ivy were allowed to come for the first hour which I am so pleased about. Originally we weren’t going to have them there as it would be too late but they both started to feel a little left out so we made sure to juggle it so they could be there too. By 8.30 Fred and my mum whizzed them home to get them into bed and greet the babysitter and then came straight back in time for food which all worked out perfectly. Tilda was ready to go by that point but as you may have guessed Ivy wanted to stay to the bitter end! She would have done too if I had let her, she was loving it!

At around 10.30pm I got the most wonderful surprise, my gorgeous friends Emma and Thali had organised the most incredible Birthday cake. I’m not going to lie I was fully expecting a supermarket cake so when the two-tiered, rose gold and cream cake came out complete with decorative roses and ivy to represent Tilda and Ivy and an ‘On Air’ sign made out of icing I was truly lost for words. Emma had gone to a lovely local lady to her who makes cakes under the name Cake Girl London and she had turned this cake around in a week for her. It was Red Velvet, my favourite, and the cream filling was soooooo good!

One more thing to mention, I knew that as I am always the one that takes pictures at other people’s Birthdays that I better get someone in to do mine otherwise there wouldn’t have been any pictures for me to remember it all by. So I booked a local up and coming photographer called Sam Sheldon and it was the best money I could have spent!! I will cherish these pictures forever, thank you Sam!

The night was perfect as far as I was concerned, the room was filled with people I love who had a great night catching up with each other too and I am so pleased I went for it and had a party as I could so easily have let it slip by. Thank you to all my family and friends for making the effort to join me in celebrating.

The Pig on the Beach

On my actual Birthday on the Monday we kept it quite low key unsurprisingly! Fred and I headed over to the Purbecks for a bright blustery walk up at ‘Old Harry’. The sun was shining and it felt so good to get into the great outdoors after all the rain that we had had. After that we headed to one of my favourite places, The Pig on the Beach at Studland where we had a gorgeous lunch of steaks and a cheeky few glasses of wine.

Just after our starters I got a tap on the shoulder and a lovely lady said, “It is you!!! I’m a HUGE fan of QVC and I thought that was you” her name is Jane New and she was so lovely and had just recently ordered the latest Elasticizer she told me. She was there for lunch with a friend. It makes a big difference to get to know lots of you who watch QVC as we just stare at cameras in the studio so it helps to picture you guys. I hope you had a lovely visit to Dorset Jane, if you are reading this! The green top I wore by the way is the Monsoon Viscose Print Blouse and the leopard print coat is Rino & Pelle.

40 has been lots of fun so far, so many people have told me that the 40s are fantastic so I am embracing them. I already feel really good about life in general. I have come to a number of realisations in the last year or so about what is most important and what to prioritise and I think that often comes at this age. So bring it on!

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That’s it from me for another blog, I hope you are all keeping well in this rather unsure time. I have washed my hands so much that I am having to slather on the moisturiser religiously, I’m sure you guys are the same!

Until my next blog you can keep up with me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as usual.

Lots of love

Katy xxx

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  1. Hi Katie,
    Happy Belated Birthday! Wow you look a million dollars in the photos at your party. It looked like you had a fab time. I always think when it comes to those big Birthdays that if you’re a bit apprehensive about them once they arrive it’s all fine and not as bad as thought. Saying that being a good few years older I wish I had my 40s to look forward too 😂😂.

    Best wishes

  2. Hi Katy – looking fabulous at 40. You certainly dont look 40 and i love what you were wearing. Lovely cake too xx

  3. You look amazing Katie not even close to looking 40. I love you Jump suit xx Your party looked incredible you are very lucky lady and I hope you have many more brilliant birthdays to come xx Look forward to seeing you on Qvc xx

  4. What a wonderfully joyous blog, thank you for sharing what looks to have been a great party. Congratulations on your 40th, I remember being relieved to finally hit that milestone and for some reason felt so relaxed about it all. Your forties and (so far) fifties are a great time of life in my opinion, particularly when you have people that you love around you. People really are the most valuable of all ‘things’ in our lives as they are all unique and all ‘unreplaceable’.

    Best wishes,


    1. Hi Katie.
      Thank you for sharing this lovely blog. I love arching QVC and find it su a comfort. You’re my favourite presenter as you’re so enthusiastic and genuine. I find that you have such fun and that shines thy rough. God bless you!
      Rebecca xxx

  5. Hello Katie, happy belated birthday. You look amazing. I personally enjoyed my 40s more. I am nearly 69 but I still feel like 21. Bring it on girl. Thank you for sharing your blogs. God bless you and your lovely family. Antoinette x

  6. Hi Katy, you look fabulous in the jumpsuit, you don’t look 40 at all! Looks like a great party! Keep celebrating for the whole year, xxx

  7. Hi Katie great photos of such a happy time with family and friends. I am a Mum to three daughter’s who are 50,49,41 and celebrations are memories you will never forget. I also have a 3yr old granddaughter Ivy Frances alongside Eve & James.
    I have just returned home after major surgery & as a distraction it is so nice to see happy faces.
    At present the news is so full of doom & gloom and we all need uplifting from it all – what better way than spending happy times with those we love, all good wishes from Julia Smith xx
    P.S. Great fashion too

    1. Hi Julia, I hope you have been recovering well from your surgery. It’s a scary time right now but I hope you and your family are staying safe and well. I’m sure you are missing your grand children. Sending lots of love xx

  8. Happy 40th Birthday Katie, you always come across as a lovely jolly person.
    You look amazing in your photographs.

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