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Wow, 2020 eh? I hope you are all well and managing to take on each day with one foot in front of the other as we adapt to everything going on. So much happening, more change than in any other year I’ve ever lived through. Change can be scary for many but I believe it is a year of metamorphosis and as the saying goes, change is the only constant.

Speaking of change and new, we have a new presenter stylist!! Stine Wintlev has actually been with QVC for a few years now as one of the fashion show stylists but she has now moved into her new role looking after us unruly bunch and helping us pick and choose from the extensive range of QVC fashion brands to hone in on personal style for each and every one of us in the team. This will of course mean that you guys will, I hope, get even more inspiration on what to look for at QVC.

I know from sitting for hours going through our site that there is so much to be found and sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. Stine has also done her first blog on the shoots so you can pop over to find out more about her here.

What it also means is that we are going to be trying out some new ways for us to bring these looks to you, so in the run up to our Fashion event this Friday and Saturday myself and Alex Kramer got to have a mini fashion shoot with some of the key lines coming our way at the moment. Stine pulled together the looks and it was so much fun to get in the photography studio and play dress-up (socially distancing of course!) along with our photographer Luke Novak behind the camera. You can see a behind the scenes video over on my Instagram too if you fancy a nosy.

The looks we did were fresh and summery and perfect for the season. First up the perfect summer daytime outfit. Made up of a Ruth Langsford White Denim jacket, which is a must for your capsule wardrobe. I wear a size 12 and it’s got plenty of stretch in it for movement. The dress is Ronnie Nicole and just available in the coral/white – I think it’s more of a raspberry red but you be the judge from the picture. It’s also a sleeveless dress which is nice and cool for the summer. The sliders are by Marc Fisher and are currently on a Clearance price! The earrings are sparkling hoops from Escape by Melissa Odabash.

Let’s talk about the brilliant Lulu Guinness basket bag though shall we? I just loved this, fun, quirky and so Lulu with the little heart cherry details. It’s still a considered purchase though as you would expect from Lulu Guinness but if it’s in your budget then treat yourself.

The second outfit was hands down my favourite. It is one of those outfits that I think looks incredibly expensive and while some of the pieces are a bit more considered, they are definitely not in the designer price category which I think it looks.

Let’s start with the perfect coat, a cream double breasted check blazer. The black check is what elevates it from simple to timeless and cool. It’s a bit more of an investment piece but without breaking the bank, you will have this coat forever and it will always look great. This is my top pick of all the things I wore.

The rest of the outfit was also super chic. The blouse is the MarlaWynne Curved Hem Tunic in Cloud and is the most beautiful viscose nylon blend and feels super silky. It’s a loose fit and very laid back, other colours available too.

The trousers are Phase Eight Luna cropped Linen and are an ideal summer purchase. They will be great paired with any colour or print top that you want. Great with flip-flops and swimsuit for a beach look but as seen here also great styled in a smart way. The shoes, oh my goodness the shoes!!! Many of you know my eternal struggle to find stylish shoes that fit my size 8/42 feet!!!

Well I was squealing with delight when I realised that the incredible high-end brand of Sam Edelman is the brand for me!!! Yes I’m using lots of exclamation marks because I’m so happy!!! These are the Loraine Loafers and they are to die for. The leather is beautiful and mine are a true size 8 for those that that matters to. They are a close second in my favourite pieces from the shoot.

The accessories are always what makes an outfit something special and we had some great pieces in this look. The rather gorgeous bag is by Radley and the tan colour was so perfect against all the cream and white. But if you want something brighter it also comes in an amazing pink and orange, but also classic black and white.

I loved this necklace and I’m going to order it, it’s a Butler & Wilson faux pearl and three chain necklace and it’s the perfect face-framing length to finish off an outfit. It would be great over a buttoned-up blouse or dress and also over knitwear. Against bare skin is also a winner of course but you can have a bit of fun with this piece too. The bracelet gives a touch of something natural with the Lola Rose Jasper Mix Semi Precious bracelet which pulls together the tan bag. The earrings are as before from Escape by Melissa Odabash.

So what did you think? Do you like any of the pieces that Stine put together for me? I hope you will tune in to the fashion event Friday and Saturday on QVC. There will be plenty of new pieces and lots of offers to be snapped up so make sure to join in the fun.

What I’ve been cooking

Well unsurprisingly our BBQ has been getting a workout lately. As I have also mentioned though I am on a real drive to change the way we eat. Nutrition is key and colour on our plates is my top priority. I still want my food to be exciting though and I won’t pretend that sometimes I will just go for it with a loaded burger stacked with cheese.

So what do you cook on the BBQ when you are trying to avoid the piles of sausages? Well one of my latest favourites is chicken and Mango kebabs. I tried this simply because we had an over ripe mango that was past the ‘acceptable’ stage for the kids!! So I took a pack of chicken breasts and diced them into chunks. I then made a mix of yoghurt, lemon and some garlic powder, salt and pepper and marinated the chicken pieces in the fridge for a few hours.

I then took the mango and cut it up into chunks. Once the marinade had had time to permeate the chicken pieces I then alternated them onto wooden skewers with the mango and popped them on the BBQ. I think they were probably on there for about 20 minutes, but make sure to cut into a piece to see that it is cooked all the way though as everyone’s may vary a little depending on size of chicken pieces and heat of the BBQ.

When I do this again I will make some extra yoghurt mix to use as a dipping sauce. The sweetness of the mango is just gorgeous with the chicken. Give it a try. (If you are vegetarian I think mango and tofu kebabs would work nicely as tofu loves to have flavour added to it)

What’s coming

Set the reminders as next week on QVC we will be pre-launching the Tan-Luxe Today’s Special Value which will go live on Thursday 18th June. It’s the most brilliant Super Glow Hyaluronic self tan serum, one for body and one for face. If you want the most hydrated looking skin and tan then this is perfect.

It’s what I used to give me that just got back from holiday look in the photo shoot above. You don’t get streaks and it is rich in antioxidant rich ingredients to brighten the skin. I’m really impressed with it so it might be one to give a try. I have used the Tan-Luxe tanning drops before but these are even easier as you can put it straight onto the skin without having to add to moisturiser.

On the Friday we will also be launching a Tili 6Pc Skincare Celebration Collection and I for one can’t wait to find out what’s going to be in it!

So other than that, it’s my usual week of work and home schooling to juggle. Ivy has gone back to school which she was so happy about. Yes the social distancing is a little different but honestly she hasn’t even questioned it and comes out at pick-up with a big grin on her face having had a brilliant day which is all I could hope for.

Tilda wishes she could go back too but as we all know that’s not going to happen now this year. Goodness knows how things will be in September but for now it’s up to us to keep her education going along with the help of Google Classroom and her teachers who are working hard to keep the assignments coming.

Sending lots of love to you all

Love from Katy xxx

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  1. Can you please ask Lee weather we can still purchase the necklace that was either Feb or March jeering was the three different colours which also match a ring and bracelet
    of the month

  2. Hi Katie. Just to say I think both outfits suit you absolutely PERFECTLY!!!! The one with the jacket and dress is such a FAB casual summer look. And the one with the blazer and trousers is sooooo elegant and classy looking!!! VERY CHIC!! I would recommend that you buy both outfits in their ENTIRETY, including the shoes and jewellery, because they suit you down to the ground!!!

  3. Hi Katy. Thank you for sharing your lovely blog. I can’t wait to see all the new fashion and tips. My God that food like so yummy. My mouth was watering just looking at it. Thank you for the recipe. That will be my Sunday treat for my birthday. Have a great weekend. Antoinette

  4. Katy you look HEALTHY FRESH and BEAUTIFUL just a joy to see I cant wait to try chicken and mango yummy as my Granddaughters age 9 Sophie and her sister Nyla age4.10months 2weeks 1day a regular reminder that she has a Birthday coming haha a JOY both of them in these strange times confusing for Nyla to understand no cuddles ! What comes to mind after reading your very inspirational also informative Blog a book I read as a child haha What Katy did Next?? xx

  5. Hi Katy,
    Watching on of your fashion show and I saw you wearing a yellow jacket from Kim and Co range. Can you tell me what size did you wear if you can remember?
    Many thanks
    Martine x

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