My lockdown birthday

I was incredibly fortunate last year to get to celebrate my 40th in style with a party at the end of February when Covid was still a news story that wasn’t affecting us yet. A room packed with friends and family drinking, laughing and enjoying a buffet seems like a lifetime ago. Jump forward to last week and I experienced my first, and I hope last, lockdown Birthday turning 41.

Although it wasn’t the usual fun of going out with friends for dinner or having people over it was actually really rather lovely. No pressure to have fun, or worry about who to invite out, it was just a lovely laid-back day. I had lovely presents and cards, a birthday breakfast and a surprise doorstep birthday cake from one of my best friends.

Anna had baked a number of colourful cakes and cut them into KATY and turned up with them displayed on a skate board with candles and glitter. Definitely a memorable cake!!! Don’t worry the skateboard wasn’t for me, thank God.

Fred then took the reins for home schooling and let me just take it easy with a bath to do face and hair mask. I then took a long walk at the beach and then Fred met me down there with Tilda and Ivy to get some fresh air. In the evening we ordered Thai takeaway, drank Prosecco and wine and it was a pretty perfect day.

Dannii Minogue

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this week, you’ll already know that we have a brand new Aussie in the QVC family. Dannii Minogue has launched her brand new Petites range and it’s been a big hit already. I’m seeing the Daytime Disco T-shirt pop up everywhere on Instagram, it’s definitely a favourite amongst our presenting team too. I have the pink one teamed with the colourful pleated skirt.

At 5’8 I am of course not considered petite but we also have a Regular option included in the range too. The important thing about Dannii’s Petites is that it’s not just the length that has been made shorter like in some other collections. She is making sure that arm lengths in tops and the rise in trousers has been tweaked too. They have had special petite mannequins made to make sure they are getting it right. We are all very much looking forward to getting all your feedback from the collection.

Hotel Chocolat

My top pick of the week goes to Hotel Chocolat for the most wonderful 96-Piece Easter Chocolate Selectors, which is currently a Big Deal offer. I mean what chocolate lover wouldn’t want this?! I have been lucky enough to try some during the shows and I can vouch for the Pistachio in particular, which is completely knockout. The City Bunny with runny caramel inside is also a winner. I love how most of the chocolates are shaped as little Easter eggs. Get it while this offer is still on!

Gotham Grill Today’s Special Value – launches 9pm 10th March

We have a very handy Today’s Special Value for you launching tonight at 9pm (Tuesday). The Gotham Smokeless Grill. It’s a counter-top, plug-in grill which can serve as an extra grill when cooking for lots of people or even just for one or two people when you want to get that lovely restaurant-style grill finish, particularly on meat.

It’s called a smokeless grill because of the ceramic coating, which helps reduce burning and a drip tray underneath so that the fat isn’t burning on the grill. I think it’s important to point out that nothing can be completely smokeless but it can certainly smoke less if that makes sense!

I put it to the test this week and grilled up some marinated chicken the other day which turned out beautifully, which we had with a lovely fresh salad. Lovely and healthy. It will also be great for your grilled vegetables and fish too. If you have a power socket out in the garden, then this will be so much fun for alfresco dining. I have done a video on my Instagram of it in action which you can watch it by clicking here.

Skinsense 5 Piece Anti-Ageing Targeted Results Collection Today’s Special Value – launches 9pm 10th March.

Abi Cleeve is back with another fab collection from Skinsense which is designed to promote a brighter, more vibrant complexion. Perfect for the transition from winter (and lockdown) to spring.

It includes Highly Active Day Cream, Firming neck and Decolette Cream, Double Strength Retinol Night Serum, Reinforcing Vitamin Complex (new launch) and Restorative Eye Cream. It’s worth £164 and will be under £45 so incredible value. Make sure to tune in to hear Abi take you through the whole kit.

That’s it from me for this week, I hope you are all doing OK? Tilda and Ivy went back to school this week, happy but also a little wobbly and it was weird coming back to a quiet house. They were all smiles at the end of the day though!

Lots of love

Katy xx

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  1. Glad you had a lovely Birthday Katy, like you my birthday was last week too my 75th, I spent most of the day on my front porch with friends arriving at various times with cards and presents and we also had a delivery of Chinese meal and a nice bottle of wine, and I made sure when I got up to wear something nice and do my hair and make up, Most of my wardrobe is from QVC and I have loved you all keeping your viewers happy during lockdown, so thank you to you all

  2. Hi Katy it sounds like you had a lovely birthday…. Really nice….. It’s my 50th on 20th march… So I’m also having a lockdown birthday…. I’m disappointed cause I’m an Elvis fan so my hubby was treating me on a trip of a lifetime to Graceland Memphis….. Looks like it will be next year now…🙁🙁🙁….. You keep well …. Jane x

  3. Hope by October this year all will be back to normal so I can celebrate my 60th birthday! Hotel chocolate looks lovely but where is the vegan version? Ordered the vegan sleekster. I am dairy, egg and yeast free due to severe food intolerances. Dairy free choc is usually yuk but vegan choc especially from this company is yummy. More vegan choc please!

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