Pulling together

Hi there, as always I’m grateful to you for taking time to read what I’ve been up to. Things have changed so much in the world since I last blogged and like you, I’m sure I’ve been at a loss of what to make of it all. What can any of us do to help? I think everyone is just doing whatever they can even if it’s something small.

A local couple to us decided to organise a fundraising walk for Ukraine and this sounded like something we could absolutely contribute to as a family. It was simply three miles from Bournemouth to Sandbanks and in just a few days of organising it created quite a buzz. Local celebrity Harry Redknapp put his platform to good use, as he often does, and shared about the walk on his social media platforms and it helped to bring 100s of people down to join in, along with him and some of his family.

The couple who organised it were fortunate enough to be able to match the fundraising by £10K and so the total went well over £20K to be donated to Action Aid.

Tilda and Ivy did really well to walk the three miles without too much complaining and it obviously opened up more questions from them which we have answered as best we can. Ivy in particular has come home from school with some mixed up messages and stories from her school friends. They all hear much more than we realise sometimes so you have to make sure you can untangle what they think they have heard and make sure they understand the basics of what’s happening without making them feel worried.

It goes without saying, all our thoughts are with the innocent people who are suffering right now in Ukraine.

Meanwhile at work we are all powering on and I’m sure you will be pleased to know that QVC are donating $100,000 in support to the United Nations Refugee Agency and also have a fundraising banner on our site for us all to be able to donate with ease.

Gardening Today’s Special Value – Plants2Gardens Fuchsia – 27th March

So what else is happening? Well with Spring and Summer on our minds we have some lovely gardening Today’s Special Values coming your way. Including the Plants2Gardens Fuchsia offer. A collection of 10 mini fuchsias of mixed variety that grow to a height and spread of 30cm each. So, you could have 10 x 30cm containers each with a display of fuchsia or you could split them into groups for bigger displays in bigger pots.

They will be coming out to you the beginning of May ready to go into your garden. I love fuchsias as they remind me of my childhood, my dad used to do the most incredible hanging basket displays each year and we dubbed him the ‘Fuchsia King of Hampton’! So, I may well order these to see if I can replicate some of that magic.

What have I been wearing?

I recently ordered the Helene Berman Double Breasted Green Check Blazer. I can’t resist Helene’s jackets as you probably already know. I love her classy timeless styles and this is no different. Although I think the shade of green houndstooth is a bit more modern. I wore it on air in honour of St. Patrick’s Day but will be wearing it many more times to come. It’s a classic that I will have for years to come.

I often take a 12 with Helene but in this I went for a 14 so it would be a little oversize, to be honest though I wonder if the 12 would have been too neat a fit anyway. I styled it with a Dannii Minogue T-shirt, which we still have in the Petite, and jeans for a more casual look but I would also wear it with more tailored pieces too for smart occasions.

Easter is coming!

To get us all ready for Easter we have a fantastic offer launching today from Hotel Chocolat! It’s an extra thick Easter Egg with a selection of chocolates inside which comes in a beautiful gift tin plus 48-piece ‘bunny selectors’!! It’s worth £60 direct from Hotel Chocolat but we have it all for £39.98 as a Big Deal this week. I wonder how long the stock will last?!

The bunnies come in Caramel, St. Clements, Milk Dizzy, Dark Bianduja and Pistachio. It’s such a treat for any chocolate lover. I will also be giving away two bundles over on my Instagram page. One for the winner and one for their friend! All you have to do is head on over there and tag the friend you want to win in the comments. Good luck!

That’s it from me, I shall be back soon with more news of great springtime offers.

Take care of yourselves and sending lots of love to you all.

Katy xx

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  1. Katy, wonderful blog as ever. You must be so proud of your girls. You look so stylish in HB jacket, very Chanel!
    I used to love your food show on Saturdays, any chance it may return?

    Best wishes Ruthx

  2. Such a good idea to do a mass walk in support of Ukraine. I worry so much about the state of the world then I hear about all the good people are trying to do and it helps. Love your jacket, green is my favourite colour so glad it’s in fashion. More green less blue please!

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