Don’t miss our gardening event this weekend!

We have a fantastic gardening event this weekend on Saturday 2nd April and it seems all the gardening fans are absolutely ready for it! I know I am. In fact, I am feeling quite ahead of the game. I have cleared all the winter mess, the spring bulbs are coming up, and some are already out and blooming, like my daffodils from Thompson & Morgan. My Plants2Gardens tulips are getting there too.

I’ve just sanded and re-varnished the wooden garden table and sprayed the plastic wicker table and chairs with a plastic paint spray that had faded with age, I’ve jet washed the patio and everything is looking so good! I’ve planted Dahlias from Hayloft Plants and Peonies from Thompson & Morgan for the first time so I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

My Lily bulbs have just arrived from Richard Jackson so there is still more to plant but I’m running out of space! I think I might be single-handedly keeping the gardening department open. This is the problem presenting so many gardening shows, you end up buying so much of what you are presenting.

I am learning as I go with gardening but I have already learned that it’s not just about the end result of seeing lots of lovely flowers. It’s the things that you can’t really see that can really make the difference to your garden. It’s the prep and what is going on underneath the soil that is really important. As we know, nourishing our bodies is so important and it’s exactly the same for our plants.

This weekend we will be bringing you just what you need to nourish your garden. Richard Jackson’s Today’s Special Value will be a 1.5kg tub of Root Booster along with 2kg of Flower Power to give your plants their best possible start and to keep them so well fed. Root Booster can be added at the time of planting but also you can add it later by digging down the side of your plants root system and adding it in. That’s what I did with the help of my youngest daughter Ivy. She LOVES gardening with me and is a great little helper. If she sees me filling a watering can she immediately shouts are you doing Flower Power? Can I do it?!

So, we got to work retrospectively adding Root Booster to the plants already in our garden and also potting up some new additions. I was given an Azalea for my birthday so that got the Root Booster treatment. This will give your plants the most incredible, strong root system so that your plants can get the best start in life.

After we were done, we filled the watering can and added the right amount of Flower Power and gave all the plants a drink packed with the nutrients they need. It’s made with bio active technology to help plants absorb the nutrients faster. It’s also packed with extra high levels of potash which encourages more flowers and vegetables. We repeated this until everything had been given the Flower Power treatment and then fell into the Cocoon Chair to sit back, relax and admire our hard work.

If you would like to see the video of our hard work (or more Ivy’s) then you can watch it by clicking here to my Instagram.

This Saturday won’t just be about plants though, we will also have lots of other great items for outdoor living. I will be bringing you a BundleBerry show at 9am filled with great furniture and outdoor styling pieces for you too. So even if you aren’t green-fingered there will be lots for you, even if you are simply looking for something colourful for your balcony we’ve got you covered. I hope you’ll tune in and enjoy!

The Richard Jackson Today’s Special Value is already available ahead of the weekend launch so you can get ahead of the game!

Enjoy the gardening event

Love from Katy x

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