Snow days and a mega beauty weekend!

Snow days

Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to read my latest blog. I hope you are all doing ok? I actually took last week off from work to use up some holiday, it may not have been a proper holiday but it was still nice to be at home even if it was filled with helping Tilda and Ivy with their remote learning. I won’t spend the time whinging too much about it as so many of us are trying our best to get our heads around grammar and long division again but boy is it full-on!

So, when the flurry of snow arrived across much of the country it came as a much-needed break from a gloomy January. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t get the massive snow dump that so many areas got. In fact, we didn’t get one single snowflake in our garden!

Thankfully just a few miles from our house there was a light dusting to be found so we did manage to scrape together a few snowballs on a nice family walk. It certainly brought something different to the groundhog days that we’ve all been dealing with!

Beauty weekend!!!

Beauty Preview kicks off tonight 8pm – 11pm and we will have an Easy Pay Voucher for you too.

Beauty weekend

Dyson Supersonic – Red Gift Edition

We have got such a fab weekend lined up for all you beauty fans! It kicks off tonight with a 3-hour preview show with myself and a whole host of great brands and guests. I will be launching the Laura Geller Today’s Special Value at 9pm but first at 8pm Abby Horne and I will get things started with the brand-new latest Dyson Supersonic in the Red Gift Edition, which comes with the gorgeous red case.

It’s the most up to date technology for the Supersonic so things like the thermostat have been updated to keep the hair heat even more consistent than it was before, which is quite a feat! It also includes the newest fine hair attachment, which is the smaller ring attachment in the picture. It helps to keep fine hair from going flyaway and fluffy!

The all-over red finish is just gorgeous and if you want to see me unboxing this one, so you can see exactly how it comes, then you can watch this video on my Instagram, just click here. Tune in to hear more from Abby and why so many of us swear by this hairdryer.

Laura Geller – Today’s Special Value

I am really excited to be launching the Laura Geller Today’s Special Value with Laura herself, live via video link at 9pm. The fabulous kit includes the iconic Balance N Brighten, Split Pan Baked Highlighter in French Vanilla and blush in Pink Buttercream and a gorgeous Italian Marble Lipstick in the pink shade Naples.

Balance N Brighten has to be one of the easiest foundations to use ever, you get great coverage without looking covered in make-up and it is very hard to mess it up when it comes to blending. It is hard to keep it in stock though so you may want to get in early to secure your shade.

You get the perfect Kabuki brush included too! I’m really excited to finally get to chat with Laura too as I have never had the pleasure. I’ve done you a full video of me using it from start to finish over on my Instagram which you can watch by clicking here.

Rio Pore Perfection System – Sunday 31st (Pre-launching Saturday night 9pm)

We are bringing you the most satisfying beauty tool. I won’t lie to you, it’s also quite gross!!! It’s a pore perfecting tool from Rio which vacuums the dirt out of your pores. The tool links to your smart phone and you will get to see it working on your skin as you sweep it over the problem areas. It magnifies it so you can really see what’s coming out. See, told you it was satisfyingly gross!

You have to keep it moving on the skin as you wouldn’t want to leave the vacuum on one area for more than two seconds but the on-screen directions will keep reminding you to keep it moving. It comes with 3 different heads and has 3 different power settings.

It’s really important that you start on low power with the smallest attachment and work your way to the larger head and higher setting, you may not even need to put the power up. Even when you think your skin is looking clear you will be surprised by what comes out. Tune in to see more throughout Sunday when I will be presenting two of the shows at 4pm and 6pm. If you like shows like Dr Pimplepopper you won’t want to miss it!

Dr Nassif MD Dermaceuticals

We are thrilled to have a new brand joining us this weekend. On Sunday at 3pm I will be bringing you the premier show of Dr Nassif MD Dermaceuticals. The world-renowned Facial Plastic Surgeon, and star of the TV show Botched, will be bringing us his incredible skincare system.

I had a lovely video chat with him last night on Zoom where he talked me through is range. What is so exciting about this skincare system is that it has been created by someone who knows our skin literally inside and out. Dr Nassif sees what skin really needs and his patients use his skincare in the run up to any surgeries so that their skin is in the best possible condition it can be, in order to get the best results.

It comes down to incredible hydration and elasticity but also about the appearance and luminosity of the surface of the skin itself. I am particularly excited about the Complexion Perfecting Detox Pads and the Hydro Screen Serum, I think you will also be really impressed with the prices too, they are way more affordable than I expected them to be.

So an exciting weekend on QVC all round, we’ve got so many other great brands too including Doll 10, Estee Lauder, Philip Kingsley, Orly and introducing Lord and Berry make-up too! So make sure to reserve your seat on the sofa.

I look forward to you getting in touch during the preview show too via my social media which is linked below but also Alison Young will be answering any questions you might have on her own Facebook Page too. It should be a fun night!

Lots of Love Katy xxx

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  1. Dear Katy,
    Have you had your front teeth crowned? They look very nice.
    Are you able to name the dentist who did them.

    1. Hi Penelope, no I haven’t had my teeth crowned but I have got braces to straighten them out. I am using a Dentist called Dental on the Banks in Poole. Hope that helps. Katy x

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