Spring fashion and a teeth whitening kit deal

So how are you all feeling this week? Spring is in the air and there is definitely a little more positivity I think, now that we have some sort of idea how things might play out over the next few months. I know it’s all still very much ruled by numbers and stats and it’s not in any way going to be back to normal overnight, but I am hopeful.

Spring always feels like that for me anyway, but this year more so. I am so happy to see the flowers start to come out and the daylight lasting that little bit longer into the evening. I can’t wait till the clocks spring forward! I am excited at the prospect of beach picnics and having a drink with a friend or two in a beer garden.

As a parent I also can’t wait for the kids to get back to something that resembles their old routine. Both Tilda’s and Ivy’s schools have been incredible through all this, like many schools across the country, the teachers have worked so hard to keep their classes going at home and the measures in place for the 8th March fill me with confidence. I can’t wait for them to be back in class again, with their friends and more importantly with a teacher that understands what expanded fractions and prepositional phrases are without having to look it up.

Spring Fashion – Love Your Style

As you may have seen, we have been rolling out the Spring ‘Love Your Style’ Fashion campaign at QVC. Myself, Jackie Kabler, Gemma Sheppard and Jacqui Joseph all took part in the promo shoot at the end of last year and it’s so great to see it all come together. Part of the campaign was to talk about what fashion means to us and also what our first memories of fashion were. There were so many things I could have said as fashion has always been a huge interest for me.

At the age of 12, I was spotted on Oxford Street by a talent scout from a London Agency and it opened up a world of fashion magazines and photo shoots to me. I wasn’t allowed to do that much as I couldn’t miss school for it and so in school holidays, mainly when I got that little bit older, I was allowed to go and do castings for teen magazines and take part in the odd photo shoot. I got to see a glimpse into the fashion world and see the excitement of a photographic studio and the buzz that came with putting a shoot together. The make-up, the hair, the models, photographers, lighting and of course the clothes!

It was so much fun and I just loved discovering designers I had never heard of and it set alight my love of fashion. I thought you might be amused to see my very first modelling shoot, which was in the Daily Express. I got to wear Jean Paul Gaultier kids and I remember thinking it was the BEST outfit, I was 12 here and such a baby face, God I wish I could have those eyebrows back!

When I was about 16 or 17 I got to do work experience for a few weeks on the fashion desk at You Magazine and this time I got to see the real deal when it came to couture fashion. Not just teen brands, this was the fashion cupboard of dreams with loaned dresses and outfits from the biggest designers in the world.

I got to help organise them for shoots and make sure things were labelled correctly to be sent back to the design houses. I also got to do the product and price listings for the items for the fashion spreads and so got to learn about a lot of brands in a short space of time. It wasn’t quite The Devil Wears Prada but it was fun all the same! So for fashion to be such a big part of my job now at QVC it really is such a treat. It’s always been part of my world!

I loved the outfit that our stylist Stine put together for me for the Love Your Style campaign, she chose a few different looks but it was the Helene Berman coat that sold it for me. The two-tone tan and cream was so different in its half and half design and we both thought it was really cool. There was a week or so when we thought we weren’t actually going to be able to get the coat in to stock due to factory issues and we were a little heartbroken. We are thrilled to be able to say now that it will be coming in this April but it will Limited Stock so a case of fastest fingers first. I wanted to give you fair warning as we have had so many enquiries about it.

The rest of the outfit is in stock now though. The stunning handbag is Amanda Wakley and comes in 3 colours. The vest top is MarlaWynne as are the trousers. The loafers are from Vionic, earrings are Lola Rose and so are the bracelets and the ring. Click the highlighted words to take you straight through to them.

I would love to know what your first fashion memories are. Was there an amazing first great pair of shoes that you still remember or a dress that your mum had that you hoped you could one day borrow? What was the first piece that you bought for yourself? Who were your fashion idols growing up? Let me know in the comments.

Today’s Special Value The Spotlight Ultimate Whitening Bundle Available now!

Some of you may have noticed or seen me talking about the fact that I have got braces on my teeth. I have the clear ones that are a bit like a gum shield but neater. It’s something that I have been wanting to do for years to invest in my teeth. I wanted them straighter and to close the gap created from years of thumb sucking in my youth! It’s already made such a difference and made me a lot more confident about my smile.

I had started to smile a lot with my mouth closed as I didn’t want to draw attention to my teeth. Confidence in one’s smile doesn’t always have to be about them being straight though, it can just be about them looking brighter. I am a very heavy tea drinker and so mine can get very stainey, not to mention from red wine too! So the Today’s Special Value from Spotlight Oral Care is the perfect kit for me right now.

Created by dentists and sisters Lisa and Vanessa Creaven, this kit is designed with their patients in mind. It’s created to be kind to sensitive teeth and to be easy to use at home.

You will be getting –

  • 28 x Teeth Whitening Strips (14 for upper and 14 for lower)
  • 1 x Whitening Toothpaste
  • 1 x Whitening Pen
  • 1 x Bamboo Toothbrush


I have used these strips many times before and they are very easy to use. They stay in place and you leave them there for an hour while you get on with other things. Once you are done, you remove the strips and rinse or brush teeth to remove the residual gel.

With the Whitening Pen, you paint on the gel and leave for just 5 minutes. This can be done for touch-ups in between using the strips and along with Whitening toothpaste and the bamboo toothbrush which means you are consistently helping to brighten your smile all from home.

If you are looking to remove stains and help to get a whiter looking smile for your teeth then this could be a great place to start. Remember you get a 60-day money back guarantee with us so you can properly give this a try. Let me know how you get on!

That’s it from me for another blog! I hope you are all keeping well and safe.

Lots of Love Katy xxx

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  1. Isn’t it funny, the things we worry about. The first thing I thought when I first saw you on qvc was “hasn’t that woman got fantastic teeth”! So there you go, beautiful. Have a lovely day and let us know how weird it is to have your house quiet again after all this time!

    1. That’s very kind of you to say. Yes it’s funny how we all see ourselves a little differently to the way others see us. Katy x

  2. Katy
    My mum and I loved watching you and Andi Peters doing food fest, you kept us entertained and made us laugh and we need that what with lickdown we have had many a down day.
    Thank you hope to see you work with Andi again soon.
    Toni X

  3. I know that song Katy.. Micheal finnigan!!!!! Ha ha…. Your not the only one 😀😀😀😀…. Look after yourself xx

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