Spring fashion and great deals

How are you all doing? I hope you are staying warm. I can’t believe how cold it’s been here this week. I went for a walk the other day and it actually hurt my face to be outside, needless to say it was a short walk! I am longing to see spring and have a bit more warmth to put a smile on all of our faces.

Spring Fashion

At work there’s been some lovely shows to be a part of, one of which was the wonderful Helene Berman. You may have noticed that I wear a lot of her pieces. I just love her designs and style. She does the most incredible chic coats, but I love that we also stock a lot more of her shirts, blouses and dresses. I got to do a really fun fashion shoot a while back, which I will share with you next time, but after the shoot, myself and our stylist Stine took advantage of the set and did a quick costume change and took a few extra pictures with another outfit.

I have since ordered the dress by Helene, as it’s right up my street. It’s not too tight for starters, which I hate, in fact, it’s quite a loose fit, which will serve me well in the summer so I don’t feel hot and bothered. The print is gorgeous with lots of palm-like leaves and plants, and the olive base colour is fresh and calming. Stine styled it with an Amanda Wakeley handbag, which I believe is coming into stock soon so keep an eye out for it. We kept it casual with Vionic trainers – I mean, who’s hanging around in heels right now? There are lots of new spring styles arriving at the moment so make sure to keep an eye on the ‘What’s New‘ part of our website.

Diamonique – Escape Melissa Odabash Love Necklace

We have been trialling something new amongst the presenter team recently. The jewellery department and our stylist Stine have been putting together jewellery samples for us to borrow each month so that we are always in current stock on air and can keep up to date with all of our outfits and looks. One piece that I particularly liked this month is this Escape by Melissa Odabash necklace that has four gold-plated discs, spelling out the word ‘love’ in simulated diamonds. It’s so pretty and the perfect Valentine’s gift perhaps, or even Mother’s Day gift. Here I am wearing it with the Joules Elvina Shirt in red. It actually has Dalmatians on it, which is super cute, but it’s selling fast so you will have to be quick.

Today’s Special Value – Blink Indoor Outdoor Mini and One Camera Home Security System – Launching Friday into Saturday

I was loaned a ‘Blink Indoor Outdoor Mini and One Camera Home Security Bundle’ to test out ahead of our Today’s Special Value this Friday/Saturday. I’ve been toying with something like this for a while, so I was really pleased to get to try it out. We have tried the outdoor camera by our gate facing the street, so we can see if anyone unwanted was to come sniffing around our car or front door while we are asleep or if we were out.

The mini is set up in our living room so we can keep an eye on what’s happening inside too. Perfect for when we are eventually able to go on holiday, but as it’s two-way, I have particularly been enjoying checking in on home while I’m at work. I gave Tilda a fright the other day when she suddenly heard my voice from the unit telling her to get off the iPad. She’s got savvy now to the fact that the blue light goes on if someone is watching, so she knows if I’m checking in and haven’t said anything.

Both cameras have two-way sound so if you got an alert and saw someone looking around your property you could say something to them like ‘you are being recorded’ or ‘step away from my car’!!! You can set the app to be ‘armed’ or ‘disarmed’, as to whether or not it saves every clip of every movement. With the indoor, you would only really set it to ‘armed’ when you are away or out and about and the outdoor one, we have just been turning the recording on at night, as otherwise we get an alert every time a car drives past, although I’m pretty sure you can play with the settings to not be so sensitive to things like that. I shall check that with Lee Hohbein this weekend during the shows. We’ve got quite attached to it, so it looks like we will be buying one this weekend along with 1000s of other people! You can add extra cameras too. Who’s got one already? What do you think of it?

I’ve also done a video for you over on my Instagram so that you can hear the quality of the two-way audio and see the colour picture quality in action. You can watch it by clicking here.

So that’s it from me! I will be on air Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week and then I have taken half term off. I honestly can’t wait to get a break from home schooling!!!! We can actually all chill out a bit. We shall be making lots of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and I will be sharing my fail-safe recipe on my social media.

Lots of love, Katy xx

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  1. Hi Katie, I may be dreaming this but I think I saw you on QVC the other day wearing a fab mustard jumper with a bee on it, I assumed it was Joules but can’t find it anywhere. Do you know if it is still in the range?

    1. Hi Jane, I was wearing a navy and white stripe with a bee on the front recently. It was Joules item 173496. I don’t think I’ve had a mustard version before unless my memory is deceiving me. Hope that’s the one! Katy x

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