Spring forward

Well spring is well and truly here, isn’t it? It makes me so happy to see blue skies and blossom on the trees. The clocks going forward has also been the tonic I needed. I know we lost an hour but I don’t care. Sunshine in the evening is the best! We made the most of the weather this weekend at our local park and went to feed the ducks, play in the playground and treat ourselves to ice cream. After such a rough start to the year it definitely feels like we are turning a corner, even if we do still have a way to go.

From the park we headed straight to the vaccination centre because Fred got his jab on Saturday a day ahead of mine. It’s amazing the system they have to make it such a quick process. They have so many nurses doing the jabs that they flew through everyone. In and out, job, or should I say jab, done!

I was interested to see how Fred would react to it as mine was the following day but thankfully he didn’t seem to have any issues with it. A few days after and he has had some dizzy moments but that seems to be it for him. I however, wasn’t so lucky!

So on Sunday I went for mine, again hardly any wait, line up, in you go, jab done and out. I admit it stung a little but other than that it was fine. I was fine all evening and went to bed and then about 2am I woke up with full hot and cold sweats and a temp. I put on a jumper and extra blankets and more Paracetamol and tried to get back to sleep.

I was pretty pathetic the next day as I was completely wiped out, just as well I took the week off work to use up some holiday. Anyway, I am out the other side now and I’m feeling much better. It did make me think about how having the real thing must be horrendous, I had one night of it mildly. Imagine what it’s like for people who have had the real thing?! I hope those of you who are having the vaccine managed to get away without any issues.

The green jumper I am wearing is Joules.

Tan-Luxe Today’s Special Value – launches 9pm 7th April.

Now that the weather is improving, it means I will be unpacking my spring/summer wardrobe and getting my limbs out! I have been avoiding the faux tan because I knew I would be blogging about the Tan-Luxe Today’s Special Value so I have been looking particularly pasty!

Tan-Luxe has always been my go-to tanning product. I have a few others that I like too, like the Gatineau gradual tan moisturiser but when I want a full all-over tan and a glow to my face I usually go to Tan-Luxe. This kit is everything you need for top-to-toe, it includes:

  • The Face – Anti Ageing Rejuvenating Self Tan Drops 30ml
  • The Body – Illuminating Self Tan Drops
  • Pepta-Glow – Peptide 360 Gradual Self Tan

What I love about Tan-Luxe face and body drops is that you are in charge of your colour. I don’t like to look unrealistically tanned; I just want to have that healthy summer glow that evens everything out. Of course, if you do want to go deep with the colour then you can.

Being brand new, this was obviously the first time I have used the Peptide Pepta-Glow product and I can tell you it’s a really gorgeous moisturiser but obviously with the added benefit of the gradual tan. It combines 2 tripeptides and 5 amino acids so it’s anti-ageing along with the added colour. I added 3-4 extra face drops to this, mixed in my hands and applied to face and neck. I then took one of my body creams and added a whole pipet squeeze of The Body Drops to a couple of pumps of body cream and again mixed and applied to my legs. I repeated this for all over my body.

The before and after is from Saturday midday to Sunday morning. I took the after pictures in the morning but the colour, I think, got even deeper as the day went on. You can see in my picture of me with my vaccine card that I definitely look even more tanned in that picture, which was taken in the afternoon. Over the next few days, I have carried on with the Pepta-Glow in the mornings to help maintain the colour.

In the before and after pictures, I am not wearing any skin make-up in either picture and no filters. I am wearing mascara and lipstick in both pictures. What I really like is that it is a natural-looking finish which has evened out my skin tone and looks like I have had a weekend away somewhere lovely and warm. Look how the redness on my cheeks has been balanced out.

I haven’t worn foundation since doing it as I don’t feel the need which is a definite bonus. If I wanted to get a stronger look, I would add more drops to the first application or I could just add a few drops the next day to my face moisturiser and build it. I think I look refreshed, like I have actually had a lovely relaxing holiday!

I went a bit stronger on the body as my legs in particular looked really pale. I hate to point out things like this, and I nearly didn’t include the picture but I will do it for you, look at my green vein on the back of my leg! The appearance has really been improved from using the Tan-Luxe as it’s balanced out the all-over colour of my skin. I HATE that vein but now I won’t feel so bad about wearing a skirt or shorts this summer. The Tan-Luxe TSV is on pre-sell now and you can buy it here.

Monsoon – Rachel Pretty Lace Top – Ivory

I thought I should share the top which I wore for my before and after pictures above because it’s such a pretty top, as the name suggests. It’s from Monsoon and it has that lovely Broidery Anglaise look which is so romantic and fresh-looking.

I am size 12 and wearing the 12. It’s 100% cotton. You may want to wear a slip underneath as it’s a little see-through, I am wearing a flesh toned vest so that it doesn’t distract from the top. I just wore it with jeans but I will be styling this tucked into skirts this summer for sure. It will look really pretty layered with jumpers too because of the high neck which will show the little ruffle above a round neck jumper. It will pair beautifully with a smart blazer too for a chic French look.

That’s it from me, I hope you are getting some lovely weather where you are and you manage to spend some time in it!

Hope you’re all doing OK.

Lots of love
Katy x

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  1. Hi Katy glad your better I also had the Oxford Jab and wasn’t great same symptoms you had ,yet hubby was ok we went in together as we are the same age but as you said better than having covid. Glad your making the most of living down here we are lucky we are in rIngwood I think I’ve told you before a stone’s throw from moors valley. Take care Loraine xx

  2. Hi Katy, Glad you feeling better. I had Oxford vaccine, same reaction as you I felt very nauses as well. My husband was fine.Will be pleased to get next jab. Have herd you shouldn’t get a reaction to next one😊You always look so stylish and have great sense oh humour.Have a lovely Easter.Lindaxx

  3. Hi Katy, glad you’re feeling better. I had my injection about 12 weeks ago, the Astra Zeneca one. I was ok for first 24 hours and thought I was going to be ok. However, 24 hours later I felt really poorly and was ill for 10 days. I have my 2nd injection tomorrow (Good Friday) so it will be interesting for see if I have any reaction to this one! I will write again after Easter and let you know. I had my jab early because of a weekend immune system so perhaps my underlying health problems made my reaction worse? Have a lovely Easter and enjoy some chocolate eggs? Gillian xx

  4. hi my wife and i had the astra zeneca jab about 5 weeks ago with no ill effects we had the jab at home as were unable to get out .now able to visit poole park and view the sunsets accroos the hills and poole harbour from sea view which were smashing this where we have recently moved to from kent enjoy the rest of th year regards r&b

  5. I was poorly for two weeks after my jab!!! Imagine what would have had
    happened if I had had covid. Still looking forward to my second one I urge everyone to have theirs.

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