Sunshine on a rainy day

Katy and Glen

Hey there! Thanks for checking in on what I’ve been up to. Like everyone we’ve been playing a game of ‘get out while you can before it absolutely buckets down’. So tired of checking the weather report only to see more and more rain. We have managed to get the best of the day when we can though.

I finally managed to land a slot at one of our favourite National Trust venues, Kingston Lacy. Like most places they have strict time slots and maximum capacity numbers for each session and if you don’t book well ahead of the weekend then you’ll be lucky to get a slot. So, I took a gamble on the weather and booked in for Saturday. Boy did we luck out too, you should have seen the weather when we got there, it was so hot we were stripping off the layers of clothes we had on and the kids were even starting to complain about the heat.

Kingston Lacy

The grounds looked incredible, the benefit to the lower numbers of people being there also meant you could take it all in without any crowds. The lawns were beautifully manicured and the flowers were all out, the alliums were gorgeous. We walked through the woody forest which was filled with a carpet of wild garlic which had now flowered and looked so beautiful and the bluebells were just about hanging on in there and still looked really pretty.

Our luck, however, ran out after about an hour. The blue skies and sun disappeared like a scene change in a movie and the wildest rain came and engulfed us. You may have seen the video I put of it on my Instagram. At first it was actually really good fun, we hid in dens of trees and bushes and the kids thought it was the best. In the end we had to make a run for it as it was completely uncovered to get back to the van.

We were soaked to the skin and if you’ve ever had soaking wet jeans then you know how uncomfortable it is! Poor Ivy actually started to panic that we were going to get washed away and was crying asking if we would carry her if it started to flood. Poor thing, but of course we got her back to the van safe and sound and stripped them off and put them in our own spare jumpers to get them warm.

I had to wear one of Fred’s spare coats and I started to envisage what would happen if we broke down and had to stand on the side of the road like we had just walked out of a jumble sale. It was one of those days that I’m sure the kids will remember, probably more so than if it hadn’t rained.

Morning Style with Katy

As you may have seen, I have now had two fun-packed shows of Morning Style with Katy. I am loving doing this show so far and I’ve had lots of lovely messages from you guys who have been enjoying it too. There is so much to cram in with so many outfit items to talk about so the show really flies by.

My favourite part so far is the ‘Your Style’ segment when we show one of you lovely lot in your favourite QVC outfits. I really hope it’s something that you like too and that you might consider sending me in a picture to show.

At the moment you can send me a message on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with your photo and a quick line on who/what you are wearing. It doesn’t have to be a full photo shoot, just a clear picture of you in your outfit. Here are our first two lovely viewers Jean and Lynn who were featured in the first two shows. Jean is in Coco Bianco and Lynn is wearing Ruth Langsford.

I have also been answering your style questions. So far, I have picked items for Loreley who asked about dresses for those with larger busts but small waists and also outfits for going back to work post lockdown with fluctuating weight for Kimberley. It’s been fun to help find solutions to their requests. So, if you have a question then comment below and I will try to help in the upcoming shows.

You can also see the full line-up to the show each week on the ‘Morning Style with Katy’ page by clicking here.

Today’s Special Value – Skechers

It’s slider season and we have the perfect pair for you! They’re called the On The Go Slide Sandal but I would definitely say they’re more slider than sandal. We have them in Grey, Lavender, White, Taupe and Black. The black is the only option that is all one colour and the rest are mainly white soles with a colour on the insole.

They are incredibly comfortable due to the 5-gen cushioning technology with Goga Mat Footbed. They are very lightweight and they have adjustability due to the velcro fastening. I am in the size 8 and they are perfect for me (a true 42). They are available today at this price so get them while the stocks last! I teamed them with my Monsoon Layla Lounge joggers and white shirt.


One more offer to tell you about before I go. The Dyson V11 Animal Today’s Special Value Offer is already available to buy ahead of the official on-air launch! This is the one with up to 60 minutes of run time and fade-free power. It even has a screen on the back which shows your power mode and remaining run time. (I have the previous model which doesn’t have this feature but I wish it did as it’s really annoying when you think you have more power left than you do so you know to charge it!)

It also tells you filter maintenance and reports blockages. It can pick up animal hair, debris and has 3 modes for different floor surfaces. It gives you the freedom to move around your house cord free and even out to the car. The offer price is fantastic and there are Easy Payments so click through and have a look.

Well I hope you are managing to stay warm and dry in this ridiculous excuse for May and let’s hope it gets its act together and redeems itself for the bank holiday weekend.

Lots of love

Katy xx

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  1. Hi Katy, lovely pics of you and your daughters – they are adorable. What a trip for you with the rain too! Poor little Ivy, bless her heart! Well done on your new role hosting the Morning Style – you are a perfect choice. You always look so well dressed and stylish xx

  2. Hi Katy.

    Hope you’ve settled into your new show.

    Really enjoyed the blog, as always.

    Take care.

    Graham x

  3. Hi Katy. Hope your well. Glad you had a fun week with your adorable family. You look lovely as ever. Hoping to plan a little holiday getaway soon with my two boys after being indoor for most of my two year olds life and my 9 year old being bored on school holidays be nice to try get somewhere nice for them. Loved reading your story. Stay safe and take care sarah x

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