A big week of Diamonique, Big Deals plus meditation and grounding


I hope you’re keeping well, and all is good! I’m settling into my amazing life as a QVC presenter – I’m thankful, loving every minute and being introduced to so many amazing people and brands.

I learned so much about the Wynne Layers collection from our fabulous fashionista Evey Amery. My favourite combination was this oversized blouse in the colour Monument, layered with a blue vest.

My cousin has always raved about Skechers, but I’d never worn a pair before joining QVC and I love them! If you love them too or want to try them, we have a Today’s Special Value offer (24th August) on the Skechers Arch Fit Refine Trainer (189669). They are super trendy and so comfortable, so much so that I’ve been running around the studios wearing them. I’m still getting lost in the QVC HQ building! I’m so bad with directions, I literally walked past the studio twice without realising and felt quite embarrassed when I lapped the floor manager twice, haha.

If having a lovely deal on the 24th wasn’t enough, the amazing deal energy rolls over into the next day 25th August, with this stunning Kipling Europa Large Shoulder Bag.

Kipling bags have a special place in my heart as I worked with the bags on my second audition. I was blown away by the colour options and compartments. Honestly, my bag is a mess and I love the fact we can organise our lives nicely, securely, and neatly with these Kipling bags which are full of character, that we can stylishly take from season to season.

It’s been like a whole new wonderful season for me in my life too, as I debuted on the QVC’s Lunchtime Show with Katy Pullinger who I refer to as my presenter big sister. She has been there for me since the moment she knew that I got the job. Katy has a massive heart, helps, listens, reassures me and is just beautiful inside and out.

A week of firsts

I love beauty so I was in my element to present Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Skin Smoothing Hydrating Duo and Ultrasun Face & Scalp Spray SPF 50 75ml Duo. It was the first time that I felt the lovely texture of an Elemis cream and the first time I used any Ultrasun – the spray felt really refreshing on my face. I also had the absolute pleasure of meeting Judith Williams who is so beautiful and glamourous!

Speaking of beauty and of course skincare, I had a chat with our gorgeous Elemis ambassador Keeley Aydin. I’m so keen to learn about skincare and I had such fun learning about Elemis, and she just radiated positivity.

Another special moment this week was presenting my first Diamonique show. I love sparkle and glitter and wanted to order every single thing from that hour – there were so many beautiful pieces. It was the first time I’d been up, close, and personal with our simulated diamonds range and I was blown away with the amazing quality. I fell in love with the daisy pendant and chain and charm friendship bracelet as I love symbols and sentiments.

Something I don’t love is my eyelashes! They are short and damaged through years of individual lashes, so I was absolutely thrilled with the launch of UK Lash Eyelash and Eyebrow Conditioning Serum Set. I was so thrilled – if you saw the show you’ll know I was so excited as I couldn’t pronounce the word eyebrow, literally stumbled over the word – it’s live TV and I’m new haha.

It’s a 3-month course working to add hydration to promote your natural look and hopefully achieve the wow look – I want wow! I am giving this a go but I’m so impatient and want results now, but I need to give it time and stick at it! I will keep you updated with my lash journey over the 90 days. Also, it’s fantastic that there’s s a 90-day money back guarantee instead of the 60 days on this set.

I’m having the best time, but I felt I needed a little grounding as I wasn’t sleeping in excitement! So, I got my crystals out – a mixture of rose quartz, citrine, clear quartz, red jasper and more.

I spoke to my Reiki Master teacher and friend Paul Miles for a bit of guidance. We spoke about meditations, grounding, mirroring – it was great! Paul taught me Reiki One, it was a beautiful emotional experience and we also discussed me doing Reiki 2.

I’d neglected my Muay Thai a bit as was so busy focusing on auditioning, getting this amazing job, leaving my old channel, training, and going live on QVC, so last week I went back. I missed the guys – I’m the only female in the class most weeks but the guys are all lovely and very protective.

To be honest, I hate working out, but I enjoyed being back. Apart from being great self-defence, it helps me focus in life, is good for my mind, body and soul.

Health and wellbeing are so important for us all! On that note, I’m off to do a guided meditation.

I wish you all so much love and light

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  1. Lovely blog, Ophelia, it’s so nice to learn more about you. I also love Kipling – thinking about getting a Fairfax bag while they are on such a good offer. Glad you are settling in well at QVC and look forward to seeing more of you.

    1. Hi Cherry

      Thank you so much! I hope you’re good 🙂

      Oh I literally can’t decide on which Kipling bag, want a purse too!

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