Summer at QVC, always discovering new pieces & Julien Macdonald’s TSV

Ophelia with a bottle of gin and a jar of chocolate buttons


I hope my blog finds you well. What a lovely few weeks we’ve had, from the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations to the glorious weather. I hope you enjoyed the Jubilee weekend; there was so much positivity and and so many parties all around the country and QVC was no exception, but the offers and Today’s Special Values didn’t stop there.

Julien Macdonald brings us his beautiful set of two tall lotus flower candle holders as Today’s Special Value deal. Julien is an award-winning fashion designer, and his home range is a tribute to the iconic high-end fashion that he’s famed for.

The lotus flower is his most iconic crystal item and features a lovely faceted gorgeous design set on a smooth glass pillar, in a choice of two-colour options: Clear or Smoke. They also come presented in a luxurious gift box.

They give off a stunning sparkling effect when they catch the light and will look beautiful on your dining table, mantelpiece or wherever you choose to place them.

Julien Macdonald crystal candle holders

I thoroughly enjoy working with Julien on both his fashion and home shows; he’s so passionate about everything that he brings us.

I also loved working over the jubilee weekend as I discovered some little gems and treats that we have at QVC! Chocolate and cocktails with gin – I was in my element.

Ophelia with a bottle of gin and a jar of chocolate buttons

I wasn’t really a fan of gin but enter 6 O’Clock Gin.

I tasted the 6 O’Clock Gin Romy Gill Mango, Ginger & Lime Gin and those flavours were so mouth-watering, refreshing, and strong! I don’t know how I stayed sober enough the present the rest of the hour, I totally paced myself, ha. You either get it as part of the 6 O’Clock Gin set of 2 Summer Bundle or with Romy Gill’s cookbook.

I love chocolate buttons, so I was in my element to be able taste…well, it was more than just a taste…I ate so much of the Cocoba chocolate buttons in giant jars. These giant Belgian buttons were so delicious, with the smoothest texture and filled right up to the top of jar. I tried and loved each option available: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, salt chocolate and white chocolate.

Whilst presenting all these shows, we get to wear some fab clothing and shoes. You might have heard me say that I struggle with wearing bright colours confidently, but I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

A way that I like to do it is with accessories and footwear and how lovely are these Moda in Pelle Dinella Point Slingback Court Shoes?

Moda in Pelle shoes in a box

I wore them recently for three hours on air and they are so comfortable, as well as super stylish. Nearly a year in at QVC, I have, and continue to learn so much about the wonderful brands, people and I’m learning so much about myself too.

It’s a brilliant journey and thank you for being part of it.

Lots of love,



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  1. This year has flown by so quickly and it’s because you are so good! Carry on doing what you are doing in your special Ophelia way. You have been a breath of glorious fresh air. Tan x

  2. Hi Ophelia,
    Congratulations on being at QVC for nearly a year. My family and friends all enjoy your presentations. You stay focused on the product being presented and your presentation is professional. Must admit I’m not a great fan of presentations which go off on a tangent – presenter’s families, their holidays………….
    Carry on as you are.
    Love the Moda shoes!

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