All I want for Christmas…

Well, there are so many ways that sentence can be finished to be honest and when it comes to things from QVC, there’s something for everyone and we still have some more up our sleeves with a few more days of gift shows for you. We are, however, on the final stretch. The last day to do your shopping with us in order to get items sent out in time for Christmas is Monday 20th December, so make sure to get your orders in by 8pm on that day.

We’ve been having loads of fun gift shows throughout the festive season, this last weekend we had our final tech Today’s Special Value of the year and this weekend coming is our final gift weekend with more exciting shows and TSVs from Liz Earle and Shark so if you’re not yet done, there’s still plenty coming your way.

I know many of you are super organised and already have your gifts all wrapped and under the tree and then there’s some of us who are a little behind! In fact, I’ve only just about got our tree up, which I think is the latest I’ve done in years. We went for a real tree this time around for the first time in 20 years and it turns out that decorating a real tree is a wholly different ball game to a faux one as the branches are not nearly as strong, half the baubles fell straight off again!

It’s actually decorated differently on the other side as it goes into the dining room so theming it front and back was fun, rather handy too as our lights from our faux tree (being narrower) only went half way up when we put them all the way around, so we did the coloured lights on one side and white on the other. I’ve never done a two-sided tree before, it worked a treat! Anyhoo, off to write my Christmas card list, good luck with the rest of your preparations.

Much love as always,

Pipa xx

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