And what a happy birthday it was!

This year for my birthday I decided to ask for presence instead of presents, and the children really took it on board! We went out, we stayed in, we went into town, we walked in the countryside, we ate Vietnamese food, we ate cake, we played chess, started a jigsaw, watched TV… it was just divine, a whole three days of doing things together, which is not always the case now they are older!

My birthday was on Monday, but we began on Friday after Beely had finished school. We went into Stratford upon Avon to mooch around the Christmas market, which was bustling with activity, almost nuclear with lights and as always, dotted around were the fabulous grumpy townsmen… this one literally photobombed me! Don’t be fooled by his face, he was a seriously cheeky chap!! After we had walked our feet off, we made our way to the RSC, where we watched David Walliams’ new production of The Boy in the Dress, which was absolutely wonderful – as was a night out with my girl! I have to say every stage of parenthood exceeds the next and I always think it can’t be possible to get better, yet it does!

On Saturday, I went for breakfast with 15 of my girlfriends, followed by a trip to Oxford with Brian and the children where we had a fab mooch, Vietnamese for a late lunch and ticked off a few names on the Christmas list. It was a super chilled day, despite packing loads in – it’s amazing when screens are ditched, life becomes oh so much simpler again! So much so, that there is a huge lack of photos for the weekend, which I think is a good thing, despite the fact I’m struggling to show you much!

I have to say, the Kim & Co pleather trousers have been my absolute go to this year and they worked really well with the Bronx hiking boots, which keep your feet REALLY warm – perfect attire for Christmas shopping!!

Sunday was similar, more mooching and smooching, and finally on Monday, the children went to school so Brian and I went out for breakfast and had a long walk with Whizz. Then, I went to pick up Mum so she could take me out for lunch and we finished the day when the kids were home, playing games and eating more food – what a joy! They did sneak some presents in, which was a bit naughty and very lovely, but for me, it was all about the presence – top weekend!!

And of course, now that all the birthdays are done and dusted, we are full steam ahead for Christmas! The end of my birthday gives everyone the green light to go go go!! To be honest, I think we are quite well organised already this year, which is quite a surprise. It’s going to be a bit smaller than previous years, which definitely helps manage the chaos and panic. I know at QVC, Christmas starts really early and so many of you are already wrapped and ready – if not, I’ll race you to the counter for the wrapping paper!!

Have a fun week… Next blog is my top QVC products of 2019!

Much love as always,

Pipa xx


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  1. Oh so good to have had such a great time with the family mine live in Devon and I live 300 miles away in St. Helens I wish I could have shared mine with them in September a belated happy birthday you make smile when ever your on air all the best to you and the family caz

  2. Hi Pips,

    Happy belated birthday. : )

    What a lovely way to spend your birthday. Sounds wonderful, will try it myself next year.

    Big hugs, Joanna xx

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