Autumn is the season for Goldilocks

There are so many things I love about autumn. The first thing, of course, is the leaves turning gold and red and long walks with the family, but I don’t have a picture to share with you, as its still a tad early for the leaves to turn. It is, however, the change of wardrobe too. There’s something about autumn fashion that seems to strike the right balance. The weather’s not too hot and not too cold, so we get to enjoy a bit of everything without having to layer up incessantly or wear as little as possible in order to remain cool. We’ve got some great fashion coming your way for this season, so our stylist Stine and I put some looks together that I will share in the next blog, photographed by my fabulously talented daughter!

I have to say, it was rather windy and chilly despite the sunshine, as expected. I thought autumn had started a few weeks ago, I put all my summer bits away and then surprise surprise, we had that glorious few days of warmth! Typical! I think I’m safe to put them away this time though. I will give you all the links to all the outfits next time but here, I have no doubt you’ll notice my boots – they are from Dune, which we are thrilled to have come to QVC, I’m also wearing Attitudes by Renee pleather leggings and a Phase Eight top… none of which are in stock YET! But watch this space!

What IS in stock though is the Lakeland Dry:Soon Airer as a Today’s Special Value. It’s been raining on and off, so rather than fling things in the tumble dryer, I was sent it to try and not a day too soon, I have to say it’s wonderful! I thought it would weigh a tonne, but it’s light as a feather and warms up beautifully. In fact, the room was very toasty without the heating on so that was an added bonus, along with dry clothing. It’s a funny old mix, summer tops and winter socks, but on the very top, a jumper that needs to lie flat. I LOVE the two mesh trays it comes with! (see if you can spot my Mum’s Carole Hochman PJ bottoms!)

So, wherever you are in the UK, I know our weather varies from top to bottom, but I hope you get to enjoy some glorious autumnal sunshine and colour while staying healthy and safe too.

Much love as always

Pipa x

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Suffice to say it didn’t last long and I’d put most of the summer things away and then last week happened, the final blast of summer


This week it’s freezing – and with our kitchen being redone, we were without heating for a couple of nights so whil

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  1. Pippa, the blue top/jumper you are wearing this morning on the shows is lovely. Please can you mention which brand it is from if from qvc pls. You always look trendy and stylish.

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