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You know me, always love to bring my whole outfit together and with two days of fashion ahead, there’s loads in store! However, when Brian saw this mask, he couldn’t resist – it makes me chuckle every time I wear it!

As I mentioned last time, we were just getting ready for our annual camping trip to the Isle of Wight. With all the Covid restrictions in place, it was slightly different to other years, but nevertheless, inflatable sofa included in our “pop-up hotel” (tent), we had a fabulous time and the weather, despite two days of rain, was generally beautiful. It never ceases to amaze me that even though we go back every year, we always find new places to explore. This daft pic was taken at a cute little reptillarium place we found at an old fort, which was stunning!

For those of you who ask about full family pictures, Myles doesn’t tend to like me sharing his gorgeous face however, on this occasion, he kindly posed just so I could include him in the blog… sort of. 🙂 He’s currently awaiting GCSE results, fingers crossed!!

The sound of the sea was super therapeutic as always, we spent ages just throwing our eyes out across the water and watching the nautical world go by. It’s such a wonderful way to reset and recharge those batteries, which I think for all of us are pretty weathered at the moment! Here’s a view of my hair au naturelle – neither curly nor straight, which is why I LOVE my Dyson Corrale!!!!

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I ordered this when we launched it at the start of lockdown and have been pretty evangelical about it since, so was asked to do a quick video about why. It is definitely an investment, but it really saved my bacon during those months without going to the salon!

Back to camping though, and I have to say I was glad to get back. With all the Covid restrictions in place, it meant everything was that little bit harder, took a bit longer and definitely involved a lot more planning, which is all fine, but I think I came home more tired than when we left (to be fair, that isn’t hard when camping!) I’m off to Wales in a couple of days, it was meant to be a second camping trip but I’ve bottled it and booked a B&B instead!

What I do love to do when visiting anywhere is walk! So, this is me in my trusty “trailSkechers on the Isle of Wight coastal path. Next week it will be me in my trusty Skechers again, somewhere in Snowdonia!

In the meantime, I hope the crazy weather doesn’t do you in too much!

Much love as always and I hope you continue to stay well,

Pipa x

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