Black is the new black!

It’s my birthday in a couple of weeks and I have been itching for bone conducting headphones for ages. It’s a long story, but normal ones don’t fit in my ears, so it’s either big chunky over ears that block out everyone else or nothing at all.

Myles was convinced that I just didn’t know how to put them in and tried to prove it to me the other day by proceeding to fit his Airpods in my ears and then shrieked “you’re ears are so weird.” They aren’t weird, they are just not very conducive to earphones, buds, pods or anything else they might be called!

Anyway, I was blown away when I first tried bone conducting ones in a running shop, so I was thrilled to bits to see that we’ve got some of the super lightweight Aftershokz in amongst all the other fabulous deals. I’ve umm-ed and ahh-ed about them so many times, but with being a Black Friday deal, they slipped into my basket! I mean, it’s my birthday after all! They will be brilliant for when I’m pottering around the house listening to podcasts or walking the dog, but still want to hear what’s going on in the world around me. By the way, the black suit? It’s the Ruth Langsford Tuxedo trousers and jacket… in black!

The other thing that slipped in my basket alongside the headphones is the whacking great supersize L’Occitane Almond Oil Bodywash – again, tooooo good a deal to miss. Besides, I’m sure the dog wants to give me a birthday present, particularly as I take him on such lovely walks. We have had such a gorgeous autumn, haven’t we?

It’s funny because people often think it’s rubbish having a birthday so close to Christmas, but of course, firstly I don’t know anything else, but secondly, it means all the best stuff at the best prices appears!

The other thing that’s new to me that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying using is the Korres range. I love the entire story, homeopathic pharmacology, women scientists, biological research and all using pure botanicals – real state of the art stuff married with some ancient know-how, brilliant!

So we’ve got some great things coming to you on Friday in the shows, but one that is already selling like hotcakes is the Black Friday Today’s Special Value, which I love so much that I’ve had to come back for more so I can be stocked up for next year. The Peach option is utterly divine. Don’t ask me how, but smelling it just makes me feel happy – and don’t we all need a bit of extra help with that right now?!

Even better with all these Black Friday deals, you don’t have to go anywhere but instead, we bring them to you!

I hope that you and your loved ones continue to stay well.

Much love

Pipa x

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  1. Was nice to see you on qvc this morning i always get a me to me present Christmas and birthday I was wondering i hadn’t seen you on twitter and Instagram

    1. Hi Linda, yes having been on Instagram every day pretty much since the beginning of first lockdown I’ve needed a wee break recently – back on now xx

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