Change is in the air

Well, what a wonderful way to embrace spring! The sun is out, the weather is improving every day and we’ve just had a wonderful two-day fashion event highlighting loads of wonderful new pieces for our spring wardrobes.

I wore the fabulous Denim & Co. blazer/cardiganMr Max white shirt, (on a Clearance price, so grab it while you can) and the White Stuff  cropped jeans with my ankles out!!!! Oh, how excited have I been about getting my ankles out – not because they’re anything special, but because it means I’m not cold!

To be fair, change is something I tend to enjoy, particularly seasonal changes. I know some people really struggle when autumn comes along and I understand that, but to me it means cosy evenings and Strictly Come Dancing, boots and coats, muddy dog walks and soon to be Christmas… although let’s not go there quite yet! Summer is currently my focus, relaxing in the sunshine and seeing friends – oh, the simple pleasures! I have to say one change I’m NOT so good at is skincare, and being a cleansing balm fan, I’ve got a couple of favourites – Elemis being one and the new balm fragrance gets 10/10 from me! (Launching soon, so keep your eyes peeled!)

Already launched though is the Orly Today’s Special Value and it’s a real must have! No one has been able to get their nails done professionally in such a long time, so cuticles are all over the place! In this collection, we have the fantastic cuticle serum and metal pusher, which makes ALL the difference to a mani or pedi, and then topping it off with these gorgeous nude shades, you can’t go wrong for that lovely spring-fresh look. There’s also an Auto Delivery option with brighter summer colours too – I’d definitely go for that!

Finally, before I go, Beely and I went to the garden centre this weekend to get some fresh veg and bits and the woman who served me my fresh veg was also a QVC viewer and despite the hat and mask, instantly recognised  my voice so we had a good chat. It’s always lovely bumping into you guys when we are out and about! Once we got home, we unloaded the box and put it by the back door to go to recycling, guess who adopted it? Whizz now has a bed in every room downstairs including the box, his new favourite. Clearly, he’s comfortable with change too!

Roll on March 8th, more change is coming!

Much love as always,

Pipa x

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