Christmas is coming so it’s competition time!

I don’t know what marks the season for you, but for me it’s when my daughter puts Maria Carey on – and it happened this week so that’s it, the ball is officially rolling!

To mark the occasion, I saw this sparkle and just couldn’t resist to offer it to you as a prize. Did you know that for one in five people, their Christmas season begins when they first see the Coca Cola advert?

The question is this:

The Christmas season starts in different ways for different folks. Which tradition has been around the longest?

A) The Coca Cola ad
B) QVC putting trees in the studios
C) Advent beginning the fourth Sunday before Christmas
D) Switching on the town centre lights

Your prize is this wonderful set of Benefit goodies.

You have in here the award-winning Roller Lash Mascara, They’re Real Double the Lip and Gimme Brow+, complete with a mirror and all wrapped up in this sparkly make-up bag.

The question is, are you going to wrap it up for someone else or keep it for you?

The closing date is 12pm Friday 8th November. The winner will be chosen at random, click here to read our full terms and conditions.

Good luck to everyone!

Much love as always

Pipa x

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  1. Hi Pippa, the answer is Advent beginning the first Sunday before Christmas. I would give this prize to my daughter in law who looks after my disabled grandson. I’m sure she would love it. X

  2. The answer is C) Advent beginning the fourth Sunday before Christmas. If I win I will share it with my daughter in law.

  3. Hi Pipa,
    The answer to your question in C) Advent beginning the fourth Sunday before Christmas.
    Love reading your blogs.
    Thank you.

  4. Hello Pipa
    The answer to the question is c Advent beginning the fourth Sunday before Christmas
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter
    Take care & happy Christmas

  5. Hi Pipa

    The answer is c; advent has been around much longer than the others.
    Love the benefit products as they really do work- all the other girls in the famliy love benfit too so would really appreciate the goodies . Who doesn’t love a bit of extra sparkle especially at this glorious time of year. Have a wonderful CHristmas.

  6. C – and keep it for sure although my boyfriends daughter would probably like it too… Maybe I could split it and wrap some?!

  7. Great queston…it’s the wonderful Coca Cola commercial. Now Christmas has arrived. I would like to wish you and yours a wonderful and Blessed Christmas.

  8. Hi Pipa, I would definitely wrap it up for my daughter Laura, she would absolutely love it (as would I but she deserves it more than me!)

  9. the answer is C – advent beginning the fourth Sunday before Christmas. Although there’s also the day the John Lewis ad appears on the TV!

  10. Hi pippa Is this the correct place to enter your competition? The answer is C. Thank you for the opportunity to win some benefit I have always wanted to try it . JillTx

  11. I think I might be your eldest competitor. I will be 93 in. January.
    I cannot get out much these days and use my I pad to make sure I have enough presents for Christmas for my Grandchildren and children. This would be perfect for Olivia who has the longest eye lashes I have ever seen.

  12. C) Advent beginning the fourth Sunday before Christmas. I always buy Benefit for gifts… but might keep this one…

  13. Hi Pipa, the answer is C. I must admit I started Christmas shopping very early in the year to make it easier on the budget. My granddaughter likes Liz Earle as does my grandson, a lot of Molton Brown has also been purchased from Q, only the younger grandchildren to sort and then i’m done. Just something for myself now. Take care x

  14. Hiya Pippa, the answer is C Advent beginning the fourth Sunday before Christmas. I honestly would keep this for myself, don’t get to have much luxury these days. Let me be the first to wish you a happy Christmas!!!!!! Xxx

  15. The answer is C advent. I would love to win this for my daughter so she could benefit from benefit she works so hard for her family and this would be a treat for her x

  16. Hi pipa the answer for me is b )when qvc put the trees up in the studio that’s when I start buying my gifts I think I would have to keep it as I love benefit all the best caz

  17. Hi Pipa, The answer is C. Advent beginning the fourth Sunday before Christmas. I love QVC & the presenters. I would share gifts amongst family & friends xx

  18. The answer is C advent. But for me the first sign of Christmas is marked by the first Christmas song i hear on the radio. X

  19. Hi Pippa. The answer is C. I could do with some new makeup for my son’s wedding and I could hopefully persuade my mum to let me use it on her too so she feels as glam as the bride xx

  20. Hi Pipa, the answer is C) Advent beginning the fourth Sunday before Christmas – but I look forward to them all!

  21. Hi Pipa – caught the end of Perricone MD and bought the no make up lipstick in cognac. Looked great on you. You may already know that actor Gal Gadot wore the original in Wonder Woman! Having watched the movie with my son a while ago – he’s now 24 – on the drive home I asked ‘I wonder what lipstick she was wearing?’ He looked on-line and I ordered it from QVC when I got home. I have been a customer for eons and love you all! Thanks for everything you do.

    1. Hi Kathy, I didn’t know that, thank you – definitely more than happy to wear the same lippy as Wonder Woman!! xx

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