Date nights, back to school and hair tricks!

Having everyone at home all the time has meant lots of conversations and time together, which has been amazing. It has, however, also meant that Brian and I have had to steal away our time together, which has turned out to be lovely as we have discovered all kinds of beautiful walks with various new views, plants and animals along the way. These donkeys last week were so friendly, we could have stayed with them all evening…

Even Whizz was curious about them. He’s used to horses, but donkeys are a whole new beast to encounter, and when he decided to chase one, it gave chase back! You can imagine his surprise!

While Beely and I have really enjoyed stealing away for lunchtime picnics in between our school at home days, she is now back in school here and there, which she has been very grateful for. They’ve all done so well (teachers too!) at figuring out new ways of learning, new technology platforms etc, I think the familiar surroundings are proving to be quite comforting… not to mention faces other than ours to look at every day!

I think everyone has done remarkably well at adjusting and making things work. On the hair front, I’ve been managing to hide the majority of my grey roots by wearing a middle parting. It’s quite incredible how different my hair colour is there, as opposed to everywhere else. I’ve got well over two inches of regrowth now and I think most of the time I’ve managed to get away with it – to be honest, I rather like the odd silver streak that pokes through. I have leant on my Color Wow Root Cover Up in Dark Blonde a couple of times, however despite that, I have to say I’m really looking forward to my hair appointment on July 6th! (By the way, this is the Lola Rose paisley scarf.)

The other thing, probably for the majority of us, with not going to the hair salon for so long is that our hair is getting a bit tired! I have just used the Tweak’d Hair Restore Treatment for the first time this morning and was amazed at how my hair felt afterwards. Definitely a good stop gap in between salon trips, even when everything is back up and running!

Have a fabulous week wherever you are and I hope that you and your loved ones continue to stay safe and well.

Much love as always,

Pipa x

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  1. hi pipa i know what you mean my hair appointment is on the 8h cant wait color wow has been great but it does not beat the saon experience keep well maria

  2. Hi Pips, Thank you for your lovely blog. Color wow as been my best friend during the last few months. Can’t wait for the 8th to come to have my hair done. Have a great week. Antoinette

  3. Ho Pipa can’t wait to get my hair done it’s February last time got it done Color wow brilliant. Just love donkeys there have beautiful faces.

    Take Care x

  4. Why does everyone want to colour their hair. I am now 72 and have never coloured or indeed messed with my hair in all these years. My hair is now a glorious steel grey and people have stopped me in the street and shops and asked about my hair colour. I’m no beauty however my hair is my “crowning glory” and I’m proud of the colour. Just try not to mess too much with nature and you may find you enjoy it. Thank you for all your beautiful blogs, they are wonderful. It’s lovely to keep up to date with all your wonderful family news. Do take care. Denise x

  5. So lucky to be getting your hair done appointment was booked for 6th July ..but as I live in Leicester..the scapegoat city that’s not going to happen now ! 😫X

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