Dear Santa…

Well, that was a year, wasn’t it?! We kicked off with lots of exciting plans afoot, as with many a year, and had no idea of what was lying just around the corner. I think we’ve all coped pretty well, if I’m honest. It’s been long and hard, with ups and downs, silver linings and rusty nails, a year of devastating lows and surprising highs.

Who would have thought that our new fashion accessory would be masks? While I really don’t love wearing them, I don’t have to wear one all day, every day, so that’s a bonus!  I think the longest I have had to wear one is when I get my hair done – hardly a chore!!

I’ve amassed quite the collection, most of which are hanging beside my steering wheel, and I’ve recently added more to the collection with the printed ones from Smug… we’ve all become quite the experts on what we like/don’t like, haven’t we? Although, I’ve still not mastered seeing where my feet are!

Something we’ve all mastered a little more than previously is communicating digitally, haven’t we? We’ve done sixth form open evenings and parent-teachers meetings via Zoom, Alexa’s ability to “drop in” on my Mum has been invaluable, and there have been plenty of QVC meetings this way too, as so many of our team members have spent the majority of the year working from home. In the picture above, I’m on a Zoom call with the Elemis team ahead of a Today’s Special Value launch and below, doing a QVC fashion photo shoot at home, as we were having to isolate at the time.

We’ve done haircuts in the kitchen, vet visits in the car park, VE Day in the garden and dog walks galore. As a carer for my Mum, I’ve obviously continued to do that and despite a couple of ambulance calls, she has remained safe and well, which is great. Amazingly, we managed to get away camping both to the Isle of Wight AND to Wales, and even managed to squeeze in fitting the new kitchen – which had it’s own nightmares but now is not the time for that! All in all, I cannot complain!

So Santa, it’s not a wish list of presents, instead it’s a wish list for presence – that we are all able to have a peaceful Christmas with those we love, be it face-to-face or via a screen or chats on the phone. There’s no denying that it’s been a tough year for many. We have been so fortunate at QVC in being able to keep broadcasting and seeing each other, while keeping all our lovely customers company at home. So, sending heaps of love all round and hoping that your festive season, probably different and likely difficult, will also delight you in surprising ways!

Much love as always,

Pipa xx

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