Endings and beginnings

It’s usually beginnings and endings isn’t it? Not today! I have just waved Myles off to school for the very last time, other than sitting his A Levels, that is now it. I remember back when he first started school and I wondered how on earth with all the late shifts etc I would manage to get him to school every morning at 8.30. At the end of his first half term, I congratulated myself as I walked back through the playground for a job well done – and then the realisation of another 15 years of school routine hit me! I still have one year to go with Beely but today seems significant.

Pipa hugging her son

I’m so proud of who Myles has become during his school years, he’s a caring and confident young man now and I’m so looking forward to seeing him live through this next chapter. He’s going to take a year out and then head off to university to study International Development with French. Exciting times and a new beginning ahead!

Pipa being interviewed in her dressing room

The endings don’t stop though do they? We are talking a lot about menopause now – thankfully! And with that comes a whole host of awareness that helps us embrace ‘the change’ as it was elusively referred to in the past. It is a change though and a pretty rough one at times! We are doing loads on QVC this year so keep your eyes open for new shows coming your way. This picture is of me being interviewed earlier this week about my menopause journey, which started in my early 40s. That’s the other thing we now know, it starts way earlier than we ever realised.

Health & Her products

We are also bringing in more products to help with the hormonal transition. I have found HRT and testosterone to be life-changing and whether or not we are on medication, changes to our diet and some of our habits are also crucial to supporting ourselves during these years. We have a range called ‘Health and Her’ launching this week, which contains supplements and a beautiful sleep balm – don’t get me started on how my sleep has changed, HRT doesn’t help a huge amount with that so I’ve always got my eyes open for additional options!

The other thing that I’ve found therapeutic of late is my garden – I never thought I’d be one to say that either so it just goes to show, never say never: anything could happen!

Have a great weekend

Love as always

Pipa x

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  1. Great blog Pipa and what a lovely picture of you and your son. You really dont look old enough to be his mum. The new Health and Her range sounds very interesting. You are so right about change in sleep patterns. No two nights sleep are the same – is a nightmare. I shall have a look at this range especially the sleep balm. Take care xx

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