Family round up

Let’s start with animals this time – I think our pets have so appreciated the extra cuddles and walks, haven’t they? When we all start leaving the house more frequently, I think they might be quite sad, or maybe not? I know Whizz definitely will miss having at least four walks a day, he’s as fit as a fiddle right now and sleeping like a log in his Silentnight bed!

And beautiful Beth, well what can I say? There were a few weeks that we couldn’t go to the yard and a few more that we couldn’t ride, however, that restriction was lifted a couple of weeks ago, which was not a moment too soon as I have been struggling for the last year with the decision as to whether she would do better if I were to put her on loan for a while. I have struggled finding enough time to give her all she deserves over the last couple of years, and the children are no longer young and happy to run around in wellies while I ride, so I finally made the decision just ahead of lockdown.

The GREAT thing is that the family I bought her from is where she has gone, they are not far from me and have said I can ride and visit whenever I like, so what was a VERY hard and teary decision was made a lot easier by that fact alone! I will miss her terribly in between the visits, but I know it’s the right thing for now.

Then there’s the cats – who I have to say are rather illusive at the moment with all this lovely weather! They seem to like going off on trips and coming back to top up on cuddles and food a couple of days later. I think they are secretly loving everyone around although, of course, they remain cool as cucumbers about it. 🙂

Like many others, we have had LOTS of extra family time over the last couple of months, which has been a real treat! We’ve done movie nights, dinner parties, picnics in the garden, had lots of time to chat, played games inside and out, although we are still yet to finish the jigsaw, however while the weather is as glorious as this, it might just have to wait a little longer!

Speaking of glorious weather, we have an Ultrasun TSV coming up on June 1st, which is going to be great value. It is my morning routine these days. To make sure my skin is protected from the sun, I apply head to toe, without fail. I’m way past my days of burning my skin just for the sake of a tan. There’s no excuse anymore as we can still get a good colour, but safely and with SUCH clear air right now, we want to be enjoying every bit of it and soaking up that Vitamin D, as much as anything else.

I’m off to have a Zoom session with the Elemis team as they have lots of exciting things happening for their 30th anniversary in June, but in the meantime, I hope you and your loved ones continue to stay well and manage to enjoy some of this beautiful weather.

Much love as always,

Pipa x

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  1. Hi pipa,
    I just had to write to say how beautiful your daughter is. She’s really becoming an adult which may not be what you want to hear! I love her hair and skin tone. She should model for you. There’s not enough red heads. In fact I think it’s quite offensive when so many of your presenters talk about being pale and pasty. It should be embraced as for goodness sake we are white! I think it’s a bit of a con saying we’ll all get deep tans coz we’re all different shades but it’s great to have safer tanning yes. You change the hair and skin colour and you’re the double of each other! You look stunning yourself too.
    Hope you’re all well but sounds like it. Hope your mum is also.
    Susan x

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for your message and yes I wholeheartedly agree, she is really becoming an adult and I love every minute of it! Since the moment the children were born I have thoroughly enjoyed every single step and stage, naturally some have been harder than others, however its a real joy to see them blossom into wonderful young adults, a real privilege!
      I know what you mean about pale skin, for Beely, as much as she likes a bit of a tan, she is very proud of her “milk skin” as she calls it and her red hair too.
      Mum is doing well thank you, getting stronger again which is great! All the very best to you and your family xx

  2. Hi Pips. Thank for sharing your lovely blog great reading. Even though I have never seen your lovely horse. I am a real animal lover. She is a beautiful horse. Thank you for three great tips. qvc has been keeping me busy. I have bought lots for myself, home and family members. Stay safe. Antoinette

    1. Hi Antoinette – you’re welcome and thank you for commenting!! I’m glad that you’ve been keeping busy and hope that you and your family continue to stay safe and well xx

  3. Hi I think you are doing the right thing for Beth things change in life you will miss her. What a lovely view is it near where you stay?
    Things been hard for everyone but just hope it will ease a little.

    Take Care x

    1. Hi Christine, yes we live on the edge of the Cotswolds so have beautiful countryside around us for miles, we are indeed very lucky – particularly so during lockdown, we’ve had some lovely walks! I hope you are doing ok and that lockdown slowly easing is giving you some light at the end of the tunnel! Very best wishes, Pipa x

    1. Hi Joi, I have to say, that unless I have specifically been asked to use a faux tan for demonstration purposes, it’s not something I choose to use. I have so far this year been using the Ultrasun spf 30 with the tan activator in it which I definitely think speeds up the natural tan – does that helps? I hope so, much love xx

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