Farewell to summer and hello to sniffles!

Who else has been caught out by this stinking cold? It seems to have got so many of us this year and while I’m not a fan of cold weather, I’m ready for a cold snap to kill all the germs… well that’s what they say happens at least, and I reckon the proof is in the pudding!

So, sneezes and sore throats aside, life goes on and I have to say September has flown by for me this year. Usually, I find it a long month with the strains of back to school routine always being a bit of a bummer after a lovely summer break, but this year it’s whizzing by… we did however, in that final snap of beautiful weather, manage to slip in our traditional back to school row along the river Avon!

It seems we have been ticking off all the lasts of summer, my last bunch of sunflowers, my last swing in the hammock, (oh it was super easy to Frogsuit the wood ahead of this rain!!) and my last morning coffee in my Miami bistro set before taking the cushions into the garage for their winter snooze ready for all of this rain we are now having! The perks of being a QVC Presenter are many (for example, I would never have otherwise come across Frogsuit!), another being that we are given products to road test, not just for on air purposes, but also for our blogs and it’s NEVER a chore when a box of something like L’Occitane shows up in my dressing room with the request for testing and writing about… oh if I must then 😉

So here we are, this is the upcoming L’Occitane Today’s Special Value with a simple choice between male and female – I am super impressed at the sophistication of the women’s fragrance, it’s neither flowery nor fruity, nor fresh, nor spicy – it’s a wonderfully modern mix of it all, giving a breeze of green under the nose, with the warmth of something romantic slightly further back… really fabulous and just what the doctor ordered this morning for my stinking cold, I ran the shower gel in the bath and had beautiful bubbles instead!

I hope you keep dry and avoid the sniffles as best you can!

Much love as always,

Pipa xx

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