Getting September-ready

So here we go again, the second new year for me is September and quite frankly, so far this year has been a complete bag of surprises. What’s in store next I wonder? Beely has been at home every day for the last six months, like so many other children, and I will miss her and our videoing antics terribly when she goes back to school. We have had so much fun creating IGTVs together!

After our camping trip to the Isle of Wight, I joined Brian and his boys with Beely over in Wales. Initially Beely and I were going to camp too, but we decided to book a B&B, which turned out to be a stroke of genius as Barmouth had flash floods the day before we went up! Suffice to say, poor old Brian and his boys were pretty wet for a few days!

On coming home, my body sent me to bed, literally. As I walked in the front door, every bone in my body began to hurt and some virus came along and knocked me out for days. I have spent the last eight days dosing up and drinking all kinds of concoctions, often including turmeric, which is my new found superfood! I’m glad to say I’m on the mend though and slowly getting back to things. As always, there’s loads to do at this time of year, Myles is starting sixth form and Beely goes into year 11, so it’s all go! Equally, my head is itching to get September-ready, so I’ve started planning for the next season of my podcast and getting the house sorted ahead of the big return to routine!

Thankfully, just in time we have a Shark Today’s Special Value, so I was sent it to road test and feedback to you guys on my blog about how I got on with it. It’s a beast that can take on everything, so I was more than delighted to! With two stepsons who are very asthmatic, two cats, one dog and two females with long hair that sheds everywhere, I am always at the end of a vacuum cleaner, so we are the perfect household to put new ones to the test! …Oh, and also a good excuse to wear my new Kim & Co jumpsuit that arrived just as the weather changed! (By the way, it doesn’t have great reviews but I love mine, you just have to change your bra style to make the neckline work!)

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The thing I love the most about this one, is the headlight!! Nothing can hide from you and I mean, NOTHING!! Even the detachable wand shines a light onto where you’re going, I’ve never seen that before. Plus, it has the anti-hair wrap bar so there’s no having to get the scissors out either, happy days!!

So, is your September head on and ready? I’ll be back podcasting soon too so remember to subscribe to Inside My Wardrobe on all podcasting platforms or I will see you back on QVC soon!

Much love

Pipa x

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  1. Hi pipa,
    Your daughter is so you! She has your mannerisms and personality shining through the photos! Such a shame you got so sick. Not surprising if you were out camping in bad weather but still miserable. We’re all running on empty this year too. Hope it wasn’t covid but sure it would have spread if it was.
    Good luck for sept and the kids. It’s crazy we’re heading into winter again after most of us not having had good weather in the summer and after our year. Still we’re still here.
    Take care x

  2. Pippa, love your white/ cream loose top ( Worn with white pants) during shay and blue. Is it a qvc top if not whose.
    Love your blogs and podcasts.
    Stay safe and well.

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